Super Mario Maker 2: Week 1 Highlights

I played myself! It’s impossible? Heck no!
Oh no, oops… Hello everybody, and welcome to Super
Mario Maker 2! I am so excited right now. The start of a brand new adventure, today.
I can’t wait to die five times on this… I am not good at Mario yet… Ow. Right in the bum! How do I get up here?
Oh wait, I can wall jump. I’m dumb. I forgot you can wall jump because I’ve
been playing classic Mario this whole time. Press and hold? I’m not gonna do
that. I’m gonna die like a… Like a i- dumbo. Nice checkpoint! It doesn’t matter because this is my last life but Hoo! Rip.
Well that ends my adventure. Let’s see what my high score was… Oh wait, zero! K, we’re gonna go to easy… okay… Now this is my kind of speed of level h- okay…
Why does easy have Bowser boss fights?!? How is this easy? Come back I want to hit
you! Whatever. I beat a level, go me! That’s an interesting username… *claps* Congrats, you made a Mario Maker 2 level, good job! Thanks! Okay whatever. I don’t care I don’t even want to look at the top of
your level I just yeah okay I missed it Oh doesn’t matter apparently with your
cat Mario you can miss whatever the hell you want cool
I’m a good player hmm what okay well I I played myself okay I’m gonna go try out
normal again I need a key wow I just got crushed what uh
checkpoint nice where does this take me do I have to complete the clear
condition we none of us have anything to defeat Bowser huh oh no oops I knocked
over my switch sorry it’s not over okay no holy cow the lag you hear that sound
that’s the sound of the modem dying right there should I go and try super
expert just once okay good start good start why did I get clapping when I died I
jumped on them come on do that sassy clapping of good job you done killed
yourself hey I did it that wasn’t that bad top 10,000 that’s not that bad
it’s gonna end soon but slow and steady bye there we go progress okay all right lots of progress okay
ah can you get that coin I want that coin we got it
this is an interesting platform design it’s very pretty
you know I would not recommend dying Evon personally it’s not my preferred
method of playing I know I do with a lot but it’s not my preferred method of play
it’s impossible who I don’t know about impossible I mean I I saw a clear I
don’t know how much I trust that this level is impossible I have suspicions
that it may be possible it may be improbable for someone of my skill level
to pass this level but impossible heck now I’m my millionth try I could do it the cheese oh that was dumb
I should gone the mushroom first oops okay there we go
the end whew let’s just go in the pipe I can’t go in the pipe I can’t go in the
pipe oh my god there’s a checkpoint No
okay I can still make it through he right I can’t make it through a red
power I believe these can break blocks oh that’s it okay YC meowing he’s not even what what is that this is gonna be a
little tricky I don’t I’m not sure that’s a stable foundation damn it I’m
screwed how did that work I think I just need to
walk through and not get squished by the swamp those fun all right what all right I think we did it why am I
doing this about the power up oh thank you
holy cow the lag actually part of this is just the no it’s definitely lagging
because the slow numbers lagging in low gravity is not my preferred way to play
what is this this is like the slowest race ever but on the bright side that
gives me a lot of time to think about my actions do oh no I’m not gonna make it
there’s no way there’s no way maybe oh my god so close I’m there’s no way
there’s no way oh my god maybe it’s like the fact that I’m going three frames a
second makes it hard to tell I think I think I made it I think I made it he’s
trying to pick me up screw him screw you there’s so much time No no you jerk jerk alert that’s the only
good thing about this is I don’t have to deal with low grab lag
I thought lag was bad but in really what low gravlax was like I can always blame
Nintendo intend them more like Nintendo ahaha no Luigi slow down
Luigi slow down you mad lad no I was right there I was so close what is this
good start I have a feeling those are a trap I’m not gonna get any of them softlocks the pinnacle the pinnacle of
level design okay I am using my brain cells all three of them to figure out
this puzzle can I call this a puzzle this is
probably means nothing but when they go all the way up here no and I don’t fall
off I know there’s this statue I see the same statue right here oh my god good
level this is a horrible level but in a weird way I feel like I’m making
progress like it’s almost exciting as bad as the level as this is solved your
jink level let me win No I’m so close it’s right there this is
done hmm beat your jink level thank you very
much whoo rekt I wrecked I played myself with a lack in
skill I make up for in determination and an inability to give up when I’m should
give up oh come on come here I don’t know why I kept moving then I
where I got hit I was in the car that was a near death those two that was a
death that was a Kuna oh this is cool I don’t need to kill all of the the
goombas really and you hit one more Goomba no whew I did wait


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