Super Mario Maker: Can’t Get Enough of That Sugar Crisp – PART 143 – Game Grumps

[Arin] Hey I’m Grump [Dan] I’m not so Grump [Together] And we’re the Game Grumps [Arin] Welcome to fucking game grumps. [Dan] Welcome back, and look at Mario’s puffy little cheeks–well, never mind. It’s over. [Dan] Oh no–and he’s got his face in front–now he can’t–OH-kaay there it– [Arin] (in high pitched nasally voice) PUFFY LITTLE CHEEKS [Dan] (copying Arin) EUEUHUUUH SHINY PUFFY OILY LITTLE CHEEKIES [Arin] (same voice) WHEN I — WHEN IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I WANNA BLOW OUT THE CANDLES, I PUFF UP MY CHEEKS AND I… BLBLBLBLLOOOWW [Dan] (same voice) Sometimes when I sw–wanna store nuts for ([Arin]) the long winter..hmheugghgrg [Arin] (same voice) WHEN I WANNA STORE LASAGNA FOR THE LONG ([Dan]) WINTER I LIKE PUFF UP ([Dan] (normal voice) I st–) MY CHEEKS [Dan] (normal voice) Yeah. … ([Arin] (nasal voice) P–) Around month three, the lasagna gets…quite dope. [Arin] (nasal voice) put a little marinara sauce in there, bububububub, makes it tasty. [Dan] (enunciating the syllables) duuude. (emphasized enunciation) Duuude-uh. [Arin] (away from the mic, copying Dan’s tone) Dude! (closer to the mic, with a stereotypical accent) Dude. I’m doing my best, dude. [Dan] No, I was doing my Jason impression. [Dan] Our buddy, Jason. … Uhh. [Dan] Like wh–when–when he’s trying to convince you to do something, and you don’t want to do it, he’s like, (enunciated emphasis) “uh, duude? Duuuude-uh??” (laughs) [Arin] (amused) Who? [Dan] Sirato. [Arin] (slight recognition) Oh. [Dan] Yeah. (Arin laughing) [Dan] Totally. It cracks me up. [Arin] (distracted) Can’t even–can’t even think about that… [Arin] I’m tryin’ to–tryin’ to imagine it, but uh… [Dan] (enunciated emphasis) Duuuude-uh. [Dan] (same voice) I’m telling you, duude. [Both] Come on, come on, come on, come on… [Dan] Heuh! [Both] Yes! [Dan] (Exhales) [Arin] This is a really clever idea. [Dan] Yes. [Arin] Real– it took a real know-how of the mechanics of Mario. [Arin] (whispered) yes I got it [Arin] (speaking) No, oh, it didn’t work! [Dan] Aww! [Dan] But you’re right, you’re in a good– aww. [Arin] (singing with the game soundtrack) suck – my – fu – ckin – dick… [Arin] (still singing) suck myyyyy… (groans in anger and frustration) [Dan] Yeah, no just be patient, it’s worth it [Arin] (still singing) fuckin’ diiick… [Arin] (speaking) All right. I’m gonna wait for it to come on, and– right now! Right now. [Arin] Dammit! [Dan] (sympathy frustrated) Ohhh. [Dan] (solemnly) Fiddle dee dee… [Arin] (nasal voice) FIDDLE DEE DEE, FIDDLE DEE DOO, HEOH I GOTTA DIDDLE MY POO (chuckles) [Dan] Yes! There you go. [Arin] Oh, shit. [Dan] Oh–oh!!! [Arin] oh.. [Dan] Oh–OH!!! [Arin] OH–OH!!! [Dan] WHOA WHAT’S HAPPENING [Arin] Wh–where am I–where am I going??? [Dan] Uhh, I don’t know [Dan] (confused) What the fuck? Start flowering shit! [Arin] Oh, I–Oh I gotta–I gotta kill them. [Dan] (slowly) Yeah. [Arin] Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me right now? [Dan] Grab that flower… [Arin] This fucking Boo is here. [Dan] (disappointed) Oh… [Arin] (frustated) Oh, my God– yay! Oh my God! Gimme the flower! [Arin] (yells in frustration) [Arin] Stop! [Arin] Yes! I’m good. [Dan] (strained) Go! [Arin] Yes, thank you. [Dan] Go-ohgghhh, my God. [Arin] (laughing faux-maniacally) [Dan] Oh, shit. [Arin] Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh! OHH! Whooaa– [Dan] That wasn’t a checkpoint, either. [Arin] (chuckles nervously) Oh-whoa, heh, whoa… [Dan] (chuckles nervously] Whoa–hey, whoa– [Arin] WHOA–hey, heh– [Dan] ohh-whoa, hey [Arin] (relieved) There we go [Both] Whoa–hey, whoa, whoa hey [Arin] Oh, gosh. He–oh! My goodness, heh. [Arin] (dropping the bit, amused) Oh, jeez, now THEY’RE goin’ “oh, hey, whoa” [Dan] Ye-ye-yeah… [Arin] Oh, yes! [Dan] Ohh!! [Arin] I–is that it, or? [Dan] Yeah, you just gotta you just gotta hop in that. Nonsense and get outta there. [Dan] (amused) O-ohh. (laughing) Jeez. [Arin] Fuck outta here, guys! [Dan] (mimicking the sound effect of the clown cars colliding) [Dan] Uh-ouuhh!!! [Both] (laughing) [Arin] (devastated) NO!!!!!! [Both] (continue laughing) [Arin] (mimics clown horn) [Dan] (joyful laughter) [Both] (still laughing) [Dan] Ross!!! [Dan] ohhh, it’s– [Arin] Fuckin’– dammit, get away! [Arin] (groans in frustration) [Dan] Boy, it’s funny, you really– you gotta swing ’em elsewhere. [Arin] (mimics clown horn) [Arin] (frustrated) Oh, come on!!! [Dan] Oh, boy… [Arin] God, that really sucks, it’s so hard to get through. It’s so thin. [Dan] D– (drunk voice) I got a thin dick. [Arin] (laughing) [Dan] (speaking normally) All right. (laughing) [Dan] There you go… [Arin] (drunk voice) ALL RIGHT, I’M SORRY. [Dan] Yeahh!!! [Arin] Woof! [Dan] Oh please, God, let that be it. [Arin] … (begrudgingly) No. [Dan] Nope. [Dan] Start murdering. Fuck fuck what am I doing trying to kill this cheap cheapy? I can’t now yeah, you might be boned You want you all you want to let the bomb light the bomb with with the cheep cheeps yeah, or those fiery swingers gotcha What oh yeah, there wasn’t any checkpoint really yeah? [Arin] Awww shiiiiit [Dan] Well the good news is it wasn’t that hard once you figured it out yeah I know okay It’ll kill your soul though in the meantime. Yeah a little bit just a little bit of soul killing Just it’s just a touch just a just a flavor a touch of the death of the soul It’s okay, though As long as I’m not being diddled right now My friend doesn’t like it shoot me mister, and I’m like yes my friends like Oh there you go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no no I’m a banana influence. It’s really just patient just sweet patient I’m a long green banana. I haven’t weapons yet, but that’s okay. I’m still a good choice of starch, it’s Reorganizing No Yes That’s the one okay? Shit, oh, I got them. Yeah want that Whatever good luck. Okay. Good great job great job so far oh Stop Boy that’s gonna make it harder Yes, okay cool and up like oh Okay now a lot of jump driving and dodging jump driving and whaling yeah I’m cool. I’m cool. I’m cool Hey, I’m cool. Don’t worry about me. I’m cool. Yeah. Yeah, I’m way cool shit, baby. Hey, I’m cool. I’m sugar bear Can’t get enough of that sugar Fuck Can’t get enough of that sugar Chris keeps me going strong back to this fucking shit Sugar bears not gonna get any of my sugar Cruz. I’m gonna lock it in my safe gun closet Right hey granny. You lock it in the gun closet Why don’t you give me some of that sure Can’t keep it from me granny I’ll fuckin shoot you in the head Please do the bed. Don’t don’t sugar bear. Oh, sorry the Congress didn’t pass any common sense gun laws Wow way to get political sugar bear dance Maybe you should have thought of that before you hid you sugar crisp away in a gun locker. Okay, that sugar Chris listen I’m not trying to get political. I’m just saying I can’t keep away for that sugar And I’ll do anything anything to get Do anything to get gun reform, if it means getting some sugar Chris that sugar Can’t get into that sugar Chris even if hundreds down Sugar bear thinks he can get my sugar crisp, but not right now, Shh I Don’t have to pry it from my cold dead hands Well granny looks like I’m gonna have to fight fire with fire. Yeah You know it is granny. Yeah, can’t get enough of that sugar creek looks like I’ve got lobbyists in Congress – *Laughs* I didn’t count on the tank Lobby keeps me going strong Thanks for joining us on this outdated bit. Yeah, yeah, I like how we Even when we make vaguely political statements they’re nonsensical and indecipherable oh yeah, it’s pretty, it’s pretty fun Nice dude, oh shit, dude, dude I Don’t know. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t remember. I can’t picture that that Impression that’s okay, we gonna maybe gonna Like have a lunch just to like listen for that yeah like hey, man. We haven’t seen each other in a while let’s Like so what are you excited about nowadays that you would want me involved in? Can you convince me a little better oh? Okay well at least I got rid of the problem one The big cheap cheap is typical even though. I think I died on the small cheap job Yeah Yeah, you just can’t lose any life on the screen before it What? Fucking lower sugar bear and granny. Yeah, are they’re the best I could watch old sugar crisps commercials like On loop endlessly that put me asleep Because there’s like no music or anything. It’s just the show And it’s all recorded on 50s mic so it has that kind of quality to it where you can hear let’s sort of like It’s almost like a record Here, you’d sir that warm like Crisp anymore on account of Complications for my diabetes that’s ok granny. That’s ok granny. I mean, I wish I could help you but Congress oppose the redistribution And it’s trying very hard to throw Millions of people off health care can’t get in a van Sugar bear you really change since the last time I’ve seen you. Yeah, well. I got verified on Twitter. Yeah I’m fit as a fiddle That’s his change Anyone can get verified on Twitter these days can’t get enough of that sugar Chris keeps me going strong I Was watching Infowars without it’s junk Did you know they’re turning the frogs kick can’t get after that sugar sugar Chris that man is clearly not a lunatic The best way to keep guns out of children’s hands is to put guns and teachers hands can’t get another that should be Chris I Know I won’t sleep at night until every home economics teacher has the helicopter gun Jesse Ventura used in predator I Was gonna wall jump. I was gonna. Wall jump to get some height every time It worked last times it’s not worth it did work That just I can’t get height when I’m in the middle I Need to wall jumps in order to fucking because I don’t have my fire flower anymore, so I have to I know It’s a fucking trade-off. I know and you’re never gonna beat this next around now. You don’t know that you’re right I don’t know that but let’s see what happens anyway And you know I can’t get enough of that shit either keeps me going strong God I wish there was something that I couldn’t get enough of I can sing about a little bit One more time, baby With more vague political comment area in there. I just try to think of a scenario like I’m in court now because sugar bear squatted in my house while I was on vacation And according to squatter’s rights the house technically belongs to him now even though the deed is in my name. That’s right Granny, I just couldn’t get it for that sugar crisp is that right oh? Yeah, what yeah, you never read up on squatter’s rights? You just break into someone’s house, and then it’ll be your house if you stay there long enough hmm Wow cool I know it’s the coolest Great job everybody, I I can’t be right. No it’s absolutely right Even if it’s someone else’s property yeah It’s it’s a super antiquated law that hasn’t been Repealed as either right word or just yeah? It was meant to protect Like I’m probably like way off on the details of this, but it was it was meant to protect like banks or like Like renters who People would sell a property to an owner And they like wouldn’t use it and then like there would be some kind of clerical error and the bank would like sell it to A renter or something or like another owner, and they would live in it for years and then like You know seven years later the actual owner of it would come back and be like whoa what the fuck This is my property and now there’s a house and people living in it So it was meant to protect people to not like get kicked out of their house their homes that they’ve been living in So I was like it was get had good intentions. Yeah, but it’s it’s too vague Right oh, I say Yeah, yeah, I could see how that would happen I Can’t get enough of that sugar created Sugar bear I can’t afford Sugar Chris because it would seem that these new tax cuts Basically help large corporations in the extremely wealthy I mean I get a few tax breaks, but they’re only temporary and they disappear after a few years can’t get enough of that sugar Well granny looks like you better get a better job, so you can afford that sugar Chris yes I can’t get enough of that sugar yeah Looks like you better be the CEO of Kellogg’s They keep me going strong see if you can light it yourself dicks It sucks. I can’t destroy these guys. Yeah, I’m damn it Wow It’s just it’s such a fucking gauntlet. Yeah, oh, I’m so close though. Oh, it’s so close. Oh, it’s tantalizingly close oh My god I Know my rights granny jesus fucking christ, I’m losing my shoe I Have the right to bear arms, and I am a bear can’t get enough of that sugar What another absurd law I’m going to be homeless because I can’t afford to keep my house because I can no longer write it off as a tax deduction under these new laws Well granny It seems like that’s just another thing that sucks for you doesn’t it yeah Well granny, you know what you could do you could give up your possessions to me Including that delicious box of sugar crisp can’t get enough of that sugar keeps me going strong Maybe you should have a big heaping bowl of sugar Christmas to keep you going strong I feel like there’s no Administration is not on my side, but to be honest I didn’t fully feel like the previous administration was on my side either with certain things Well granny. I think you might just have to learn to accept it in a two-party system There’s a strong possibility that neither party really has your best interests at heart here get enough of that sugar with all the essential vitamins and minerals Sugar Chris will keep you going strong great. We’re all pretty much fucked, but anything In these hard times drown your sorrows in a bowl of sugar Chris I can’t get enough of that shit could be worse. Did you see Putin’s re-election that was a fucking total sham? You want to know why I’m so obsessed with sugar Chris granny because it’s the only thing that gives me any sense of joy in This goddamn political can’t get enough of that sugar Chris, okay? Here we go Here we fucking go I’m gonna lose my mind if you don’t beat it on this turn iron You think you think you’re the only one who’s in pain Dan you think you’re the only one who’s suffering Not just today. There are a few hundred thousand people actually suffering right there with me Yeah, well you know what they keep watching the show Yeah, so do I? Don’t take em as add gamey groans, okay, well, you know I still got a hit. I still got a hit oh There goes there it is there it is there it is can’t get enough of that sugar oh Oh, that’s a checkpoint long as this fucking God damn it. Can’t get enough of that sugar crisp (and with this last sugar crisp, the song along with the grump’s sanity has come to an end. He no longer craves sugar crisp, nor can he crave anything, not even life. He only wishes for sugar crisps to take him from these trying times, to a Heavenly loving snack. But now, he is left crispless…) He’s big Go on I’m going I’m going I’m going Well oh no, it’s one of the Geez I think I got a big just gotta kill him. Oh that next time. I get grubs. Oh Mercy Me How that’s a sweet mercy


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    However, I don't have to like the childish people in the comments section turning a joke into a comment war.
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