SUPER MARIO MAKER (Teens React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – Super Mario Maker! – Oh, okay. Super Mario Maker. – Kinda sounds self-explanatory, like you make your own Super Mario course. – It’s every Mario game. You can create your own levels,
do whatever you want. – I wanted to get this game. I knew if I got it, I wouldn’t
have any time for school. – (Finebros) Super Mario
Maker is a new game where players can design
their own Super Mario levels. – Oh, that’s cool. – (Finebros) Today
you’re getting a few lives on these user-design levels, each one with varying
difficulty and objectives. – Oh, so it’s kind of like
Minecraft/LittleBigPlanet, where you make your own levels
and you get to enjoy them. – Let’s go! Let’s a-go!
How does he say it? – (Mario) Let’s a-go! – WarioWare, Inc. by Steve!
All right, Steve. – Gosh, this looks hard. (spawning blips)
– Oh, that’s not Mario anymore. – Oh cool! I get to play
as Wario. Let’s go up here. Nope. – All right, I don’t know
what those skulls are. Oh god, oh god.
(menacing sounds) – Okay. See if I remember the controls. – Okay. Oh my god, what is– Aah, I think I was just killed.
♪ (game over music) ♪ – No. ♪ (game over music) ♪
– It’s okay. Never mind, it’s not okay. – Oh, Jesus. Okay. Oh god. Oh man.
♪ (game over music) ♪ I know I’m supposed to get past this,
but I don’t know how. (high-pitched blipping) ♪ (game over music) ♪
I’m not gonna get past these guys. – So the X’s are all the people
that died right there, right? (spawning blips) – The giant caterpillar got in the way. I think I’m gonna try and crouch…
right? That makes sense. – Crouch. Oh my god, Jasser. – Okay, duck. Don’t touch that. That thing’s bad. Bye. (blipping) – Aah. That is angry.
♪ (game over music) ♪ Where am I supposed to go
if it’s right there? (spawning blips)
No, from the beginning? – That’s right. – Okay. I need to go over there,
and I’m afraid to touch those. Unless it’s like I can touch ’em but only for a short period of time. You know what? I’m just gonna go with it. (blip)
Dang it! So I do have to jump over it. Carefully, we need to jump
over there to get to the coin. And…
(blip) (ding)
Aah. (blipping) – Let’s go! – All right. Gotta break
the blocks but not get hit. – (nervously) Aah! Who’s the man? Dang it! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don’t win. You don’t win. (blipping) (dinging) – (gasps) No.
♪ (game over music) ♪ How do you even run from that? – Oh god. Oh god. (frantically) Oh god, oh god… no! (laughing) No! Oh my god! Okay. – You get all this–
(dinging) (laughs) Take that, shell.
How do you like me now? Oh no. No, no, no! No, no! I knew that was going to happen! – No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no. This is like Indiana Jones
and the big rock. Avoid. – I’m gonna celebrate
right here. I’m so happy. And I beat it! Let’s go! – Oh, okay. That wasn’t too bad. – It was really hard. – Okay, I feel like
I should have gotten it past that way earlier. – (amused) “Sacrificial Yoshis.” – Oh, this is messed up.
Do I have to sacrifice a Yoshi? ♪ (eerie transitional music) ♪ – Yoshi! ♪ (menacing music) ♪ (in game: sinister laughter) – Pew. Oh! ♪ (dark futuristic music) ♪
Oh, thanks for the coins. – It’s Super Mario World,
so now I have different moves. – All right. So we can go on this.
How do I get up there? Let’s just go with it. (stutters) What am I
supposed to do with Yoshi? ♪ (game over music) ♪ – Can I jump in– yeah, I can. Oh my god, I’m gonna have to do that. – Oh, I didn’t even make it.
He died for nothing! (stressed) No. No. Pew! Pew! (satisfied) Oh, okay. – No, my gosh! This game is evil. – Sac-ri-fice. Sac-ri-fice. Hi, Yoshi. – (whispering) Yes! I did it. Now what? (coins tinkling) ♪ (game over music) ♪ – Okay. Pew, pew. Oh, he can just handle
the saw blades just fine though. – Go. We’re making this way too hard. Yes! Okay. Was Yoshi supposed to live? Um… sacrificial Mario? No. I think I was supposed to keep Yoshi. Can I just walk over it, or is that dumb? Let’s just do it. (blades rattle) Okay. – Oh wait, what? – Sorry, Yosh– oh, I was
supposed to make it with him. But I don’t– oh my god. Yeah, I was supposed to make it with him. – Sprint, jump. Jump! Yes! Oh, I made it. – Don’t mess this up. Don’t mess this up. (gasps, whimpers) No! Aah! Man! – Okay, we’re gonna run-jump this. (blade rattles) Oh my god, I can’t get the controls down. Oh my god, okay. ♪ (game over music) ♪
Messed up. – Follow the red arrows. Or just sprint off a cliff.
That’s cool too. All right, land on
the second half like that. And I didn’t make it. ♪ (game over music) ♪ (coins tinkling) – Wh–oh! I was so close! (coins tinkling) Oh! I made it! My Yoshi didn’t make it, but I made it. Oh wait, what? If I hold B, then I think I’ll go faster. Hold A. So not fair. No-ho-ho-ho!!! I got so close and then died. – I did not like it at all, because Yoshi was dying,
and that’s not okay. – “Dont touch the shrooms” by molly. – Does the feet mean
how many people have tried it and the star mean
how many people have beat it? Well, I’m gonna be a star, not a foot. – Oh my god! Why not
touch the ‘shrooms? I’m so much awesomer now. – It says “don’t touch the ‘shrooms,” but the ‘shrooms are giving me power. – I want to touch them though. They don’t do anything, so why
am I not supposed to touch them? – These are my ‘shrooms.
I’m gonna touch them. ♪ (funky music) ♪ This is not– ohhh, I see now. – It’s not letting me get down. – I don’t understand. (gasps) It’s ’cause I’m too big! – (regretfully) I touched the ‘shrooms! I shoulda listened! – “Don’t touch the ‘shrooms.”
I touched all the ‘shrooms. I touched every single ‘shroom. I even chased some ‘shrooms. – Oh, I kinda get it now. Can I restart? Okay. – Okay, I understand why
you don’t touch the ‘shrooms. (power-up chimes) – Aah! (whimpers) – How do you not touch the ‘shrooms? – (singsong) Don’t touch the ‘shrooms. Should I try to jump it? Okay, that works. Okay, I should’ve jumped that one. This one’s, like– (gasps) (power-up chime)
– No!! What? What is this?! It’s a trap! It’s a trap. – This is really hard
because you start off right away with the ‘shrooms right behind you. (shakily) Ooh! (power-up chime) (giggling) I swear I’m trying so hard
not to touch the ‘shrooms. I’m trying so hard!
You guys don’t understand! (power-up chimes) Okay. I’m ready for the next game. – (grunts loudly)
Don’t touch the ‘shrooms. We gotta go down this one. Okay, yes. We made good decision. – Please don’t kill me. Aha! ♪ (game over music) ♪
Oh. (chuckles) – Pew! ♪ (game over music) ♪
Or not. – Well, we’re just gonna
long-jump into death because I got nothing better to do. Hwee! (gasps) ♪ (game over music) ♪
Oh, I was so close! (blipping) – Yes. I need that. Oh god! Okay. Here we go. – Let’s go! Now I’m ready! Let’s go! – Shoot! No-no-no-no-no-no-no. How do I get up though? (gasps) I need that one, don’t I? (power-up chime) I was supposed to get the mushroom
right when it was open for me AND THEN get past it. (power-up chime)
Oh god, no. Why’d I do that? Okay, whatever. Let’s see what this does. Oh no, I did it! Oh my god! Okay. (power-up chime) – You need it! ‘Cause I am… the best… ever! Let’s go!!! – (Mario) Party time!
– Get rekt. – (slowly) “Don’t press anything.” – “Don’t press anything” by Niramou. ♪ (fanfare) ♪
I’m gonna land on a– Wait, wait. What? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. ♪ (game over music) ♪
Um… – Oh god! Oh god! Oh god, oh god, oh god. Oh god. Okay. All right. ♪ (game over music) ♪
Yeah, no, I’m not gonna beat this. I’m telling you right now. – (Finebros) What is
the name of this level? – “Don’t”– “Don’t”– What was it? “Don’t press anything.” Wait. ♪ (game over music) ♪
(mischievously) Wait. ♪ (fanfare) ♪ ♪ (playful music) ♪ Oh my god. ♪ (playful music) ♪ – So it turns out that you’re
not supposed to do anything at the very beginning of the game. – But I like pressing things. Wait. What? Oh. “Don’t press anything”! – I’m not pressing anything. – Oh… oh my god, this is
so complex and intense. – I freaking love this level.
This is amazing! – Wow, they literally mean,
“Don’t touch anything.” You touch something,
you’re gonna mess it up. – I think this is the one level that I can guarantee that I’m gonna win. But I have the biggest urge
to mess something up right now. – Like– was that a catapult?
Like, okay. Ten outta ten. – Oh, so that’s what it’s like
to actually complete something? ♪ (rousing chime) ♪
– Ooh! That was my favorite. – “Pit of Panga: P-Break.” – By Panga. Oh, okay. I like that he put
his own name in the title, ’cause it’s kind of like
a “I know I’m cool,” and “I know I made this level.” ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Nope. – Oh, okay. ♪ (game over music) ♪ I didn’t hit Jump. – All right, so I gotta…
get on this thing. (scoffs) What did you expect me to do? – I’m gonna jump, sprint,
jump into the spring. Missed it.
♪ (game over music) ♪ Hit a wall along with, like,
a thousand other people. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ ♪ (game over music) ♪
– Wait, what? You can’t go past it. ♪ (game over music) ♪ – Not good! Aah! ♪ (game over music) ♪
It keeps messing me up too! I keep falling into lava! Like… ♪ (game over music) ♪ – No! ♪ (game over music) ♪ What do you want from me, Panga? – I’m frustrated and
I’m angry. And I want… ♪ (eerie music) ♪ …to punch the monitor. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ ♪ (game over music) ♪ ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Okay. ♪ (game over music) ♪
You– you can’t do anything. This is dumb. ♪ (game over music) ♪
Okay, I’m done. I’m done. – I have to jump on him, grab his shell,
throw it at the bumper, have the bumper bounce his shell back. And then I have to jump
on his shell to get over the spikes. And then I have to jump on Yoshi.
I’m not gonna do that. – (Finebros) So Super Mario Maker
won’t let anyone share a level without completing it themselves first. – (gasps) So that means that guy beat it? – (Finebros) Now we’re
going to show you the video of them beating the level.
– Okay, I’m ready. – I want to see this.
I need to see how he did it. – Okay. – (gasps) You can grab the shell? ♪ (synthesizer music) ♪ – Wait. What? – He’s, like, waiting. You have to wait at exactly
the right time or something. – It’s impossible. You can’t do that. – How is it doing the thing? It’s like… Oh my. Oh my. Oh my god. – Oh my– dude’s a legend. Oh my gosh. – Are you kidding me? Did this guy get a trophy or something? – It’s, like, perfect timing. – (laughs in disbelief) The timing
that it takes to do this. And it’s like you only
get one shot to do it too. – I didn’t know people
were this hardcore about Mario. I wonder if Shigeru Miyamoto played this. – I really want to shake this guy’s hand. – Oh my gosh. – This is a joke, and there’s
no way that this is real. – That was the craziest thing
that I have ever seen. – I love, LOVE, Super Mario Maker. – That was– it was so hard. – It was a terrible experience for me. I mean, I’m sure other
people have tons of fun. But it was bad. – I think it’s really cool
how it’s still kind of like that appeal of, “Oh, it’s Mario.” But there’s more creativity to it, ’cause other people created it. – I would totally create my own level… nothing like that one. – Glad I didn’t buy it yet. I would’ve failed all my classes and probably not showed up to work. – Thanks for watching us
play Super Mario Maker on the React channel. – Want more Super Mario Maker?
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See you next time, everyone! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


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