Super Mario Odyssey – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 – Bowser Fight in Cloud Kingdom! (Nintendo Switch)

Yeah, yeah yeah i laugh all you want oh gosh mercy no go away what does a guy zach scott here playing super mario odyssey and up next is metro kingdom let’s confirm let’s jump right on in We’re setting sail on the odyssey i’m leaving behind lake kingdom and as we do i want to thank you guys so much for your continued support on this series i am thrilled, to say that the first episode has over 400,000 views all thanks to you guys leaving over 13,000 likes that’s incredible probably a record so thanks so much for your support Here we go a record in terms of like how much how short of a period of time it took so thank you guys So incredibly much we are settling oh? I do have a stat i do have it okay yeah yeah anyway whoever heard of a wedding with a stolen dress let’s get after that tactless fiend seeing as, how we’ve got, some time to kill let’s review okay we we know how this works cap throw and hold wanna break a whole stack of boxes and hit a question mark block a bunch of times of course we do we just press and hold the y button we’ve done that before Let’s see what there is to see in the metro kingdom? goodness what was that you tell me what am i looking at Oh, a big ship mario is mad they gonna get married And it’s not, to you mario To bowser wow wows or bowser’s oh? my gosh here he is looking on And here i am with all the sass in the world i’m coming for you bowser mm-hmm, okay this is cloud kingdom what we we’re not hitting up metro first okay we’re in cloud kingdom sure let’s do cloud kingdom first let’s see what it’s all about this place lots of white little doves anything in the back sometimes they might You, know i always think to myself like what if they’re hiding something in the back they got, some three coins that’s worth it right So glad wait three more okay six total i’m so glad i went back here alright here we go oh yeah, big big mattresses these are tempur-pedic my friends here we go lisak looks like i got a fight coming up i Think i don’t know for sure but it sure seems like it Yeah, yeah yeah i laugh all you want oh? gosh rosie no go wait He’s, so big mario i don’t have time for you i’m busy planning my wedding don’t you know how stressful that is all right i’m still wearing my swim gear i Put on my head my my snorkel we’re ready to tackle bowser whoa he’s gonna boxing hat All right let’s do this let’s fight him okay Sorry if i don’t do this perfectly my first time oh? Nice what do i do do i get in his hat i wear the hat watch out for the fire come here now bowser bowser doh Yeah, oh! as a spike spike ropes they should introduce those into boxing that would be terrible they, wouldn’t even put those in ufc There we go let me wear the hat i could be a boxer What the heck is this oh you dork? you can’t block every hit got, him nice again on the spikes watch out for him He’s, so mad oh my gosh Come on dude i’m not i’m not living here i’m tying To kill alright excuse me i need a heart dang it these these blocks are very bad for me Bouncer here you are i like your hair oh? gosh, why i did not expect that you cannot hold that against me i Lost a handful of coins thanks to bowser’s antics come on don’t make me restart this? okay perfect okay yeah, yeah yeah yeah count them down we lost a few more coins it’s fine all right we’re gonna be a little more patient than with these uh these sleep number mattresses all right come on we can skip this right it says we can i understand how this game works throw your little fancy hat at me got it i just go into the first parts easier just walk up to him what okay hold on jesus a triple wave There we go now now we got to worry about the rest of this it’s a little hard to dodge that thing that he shoots at us All right we got like a trio of paths to dodge what the hat itself actually hit me that time okay come on Come on you’ve got, to be joking kidding me all right all right sure? got it i can do some hearts though come on bowser alright let me try again i’m having some difficulty here it’s okay though i just keep losing coins over and over bowser There’s some coins over there for me just waiting like it’s like hey i know you’ve been missing some coins I’m like thank you oh wait hold on we did a cutscene we know what you are like bowser you’re terrible you Don’t need to show us each and every time i’m in the hat i’m walking up i’m gonna box you bowser even if you got a triple wave going on Alright that’ll teach you for sure two more waves i don’t know what was with me last time i had some difficulty beating, him Got it there you go how’s that now we gotta make bowser jump bowser’s gonna jump Here we go i haven’t been hurt yet That’s you know wishful i mean don’t don’t think it’s gonna be the same each and every time you Have five hats sure? No i totally hit it alright alright it’s okay There we go how’s that i even healed Here we go bowser gonna punch you several times but then he does the tail thing right then i miss him Oh, then he’s on the ground again There we go boom into your ship now peach doesn’t want to marry a guy like you now who could be beaten up by mario i Don’t know if it’s true Alright what you’re gonna do fire no don’t fire oh geez i’m hit my swimsuit still alright ouch ouch oh my gosh no the odyssey i know it’s scary right Don’t laugh at me bowser see what you’re up against mario yeah right go one-on-one again with me you’ll see where this ends up you will see where this ends up bowser you do not want a mess of me He might Well now can we be on our way or the lost kingdom now what the heck i wanted to go see new dog city we are in the lost kingdom interesting indeed well what an interesting start get up mario Alright uh oh where are we now oh? No, the odyssey is all busted up We need some power moves to fix it let’s get looking alright yeah i get it dude we don’t need that money though compared to what we’ve needed in the past so There’s one way over there? There’s some coins over there there’s a key right here? We’re trying to get leaves oh? yeah, yeah wait what yeah i know okay Let’s do it, oh oh that’s a Sorry i think i know it’s okay here we go start starting new Let’s see what that while we’re in the mood for we’re we’re in the mood to win some more power coins Some power moons i’m sorry and some regular coins i don’t know what the purple coins are called leaf coins All right there you go oh Gross a bird well he took my hat you’ve got, to be kidding me that’s my hat? that’s my hat That’s my hat oh he doesn’t care it does he he does not care alright i go they go save it sure is it this way I know you got my hat i know you do yeah yeah yeah! okay well back here is a moon that’s one of several inside the stone cage i know but i gotta go get the hat the hat said be like the the most important part to get probably i know guys you guys are not wrong that is nothing oh whoa what about this all right look the reversal of fortunes hold on No like has a spike on them wait wait these are just they’re not purple actually Okay that’s fine we know which way we need to go all right swamp hill i’m not, so sure what we need weed to do what am i saying my words are slurring i Mean this is one way to do it right all right i had six of those coins now good for me Back here now i don’t know how to get these things taken care of swamp hills sure Come on don’t you dare? what What the heck is happening All right i don’t think this is the way to do it all right can you can you a smack him from underneath somehow well yeah i could do that i get ready here we go get ready here we go gotcha you dumb bird got my hat back Oh-ho thanks for the rescue that was unpleasant and rather pokey i sure hope it doesn’t happen again Now, to pluck up our spirits let’s go collect some power moons sure absolutely can i can i be part of you i Am one of you i can stretch? that’s pretty cool how do i get down there though cuz that looks important too There’s a moon over there? got it atop a propeller pillar i Mean i see all these moons i mean all these coins i’m not really sure like How to go about this other than oh crap no, no, oh my god i’m alive somehow, oh? hi I’m your friend or whatever you want to call me no, okay i’m okay i’m fine There’s a room let’s go in no wait this is a yeah 2d mario stage look at me my swimwear yeah, yeah we’re fine oh god wait what alright hold on there’s a moon here obviously avoiding fuzzies in the wall okay Nice where to now my friends alright here i am this is a truly sandbox stage Moon shards are over here so if i can be part of you that we can get ourselves some moon shards nice two three really alright great there’s one more moon somewhere There’s a whole moon up there a lot of whole moons around here? at what rude We’re trying to find one more moon shard you got, to be kidding me why would you do that to me What do you guys think it is i found a life i’m four of five so far all right come on here, we go there we go we found it the fifth moon shard and now it’s over there i look insane There we go got it nice moon shards in the jungle This almost seems like this is a stage where i need to just you know do this and find things To there nothing over here Come on so rude? we’re kind of back in the beginning a little bit So there is a moon over there which shouldn’t be so hard to find alright here we go this i should get this right now got it nice Okay i got another moon peeking out from under the bridge oh? Yeah under the bridge Come on dudes come on dudes? All right let’s see what we can do now i don’t know what’s next you know i really don’t but i’m gonna try to go about this in the in a natural way i Think it’s gonna be as simple as going over here we’re sure getting a lot of moons just from just from oh my god okay we’re moving here we go hahaha that was cool Another mood we’ve gotten so many moons this is no problem at all oh this is a problem woman hi just, taking a peek all right hold on hold on hold that we know Not sure where to go next i guess i’ll keep looking for more moons of course all right there’s some stuff i don’t know how to get up there i mean obviously there’s gonna be some sort of a a little bit of a puzzle in a way and how to add it in how to get everything done that we need to do this guy’s gonna be a minute i can tell you that right now here we go all right let’s go up here and again there’s gonna be a point where it’s gonna be kind of like i’m not, so sure what i needed to do He caught me i can’t get a what wow The heck was that that was crazy So yeah it did catch you All right here we go here we go all right if i ever find a store i could totally You know get away with whatever there is that needs to happen so i can buy Whatever cool gear i need to so we’ve been there We’ve been over here and now there’s a moon up over here? all right let’s think about this All right here we go maybe just maybe yes I don’t know how to break these blocks yet but they it seems like an important thing to try to do No, no mario oh i tried to make the jump it did not work out for me i keep losing coins Great what the heck man come on all the way back here? okay alright let’s be cool about this i Don’t know what happened but it really stalled me out i mean four more moons again there’s gonna be way more moons than That here but i just need i know i need at least four more so that’s what i’ve been aim for Come on ugh? So i’ve already got this come on dude really? all right what’s happening now i think this guy move here right i Don’t know what else to do i’m i’m feeling like i’m being in a way left behind yeah, i’m fine everything’s great All right boy do you up here i need to find another power move but it’s gonna be so impossible oh Jeez, how do i get way over there i don’t know i feel like i’m gonna die soon oh i overshot it i thought i thought i was gonna make it man Well this is a really intriguing stage for sure i feel like i’m doing a great job i don’t know what to do though okay i feel like i’m like i feel lost a little bit like i’m like i found a bunch of moons Now what happens you know what i mean like like now that i’ve come this far what needs to happen next That’s all i’m saying? all right hold on we’re gonna we’re gonna abandon mario right now i mean i get it’s a lost kingdom right we got to face our fears And we got to discover new things both but what the heck is happening for real like Come on no stop spotting me so far away Every time this happens i’m like okay i got a spawn all the way over here that’s fine Let’s take a look at the map how many things are there even in this world There are 25 moons i found six it’s gonna be quite the hassle and again most of these are gonna wait there’s a cap up to how do i get up top i So want, to get up top you don’t even know Do you know you don’t know you don’t know me? All right how do we get up there hey you’re my friend help me out all right there are some coins over here i don’t know what they’re good, to go you know but i want to get up there for real No, come on get up here? Now, come on? there we go twenty nine a beautiful number And now i got to figure out, how to keep moving on i’m sorry i keep backtracking it i don’t know what’s wrong with me? All right excuse me we know how this is gonna work All right here i am Okay yeah we got it we gotta go this way it’s not a big deal this is the only thing like we don’t know okay hold on let’s just stretch it out a Couple point we haven’t been this way okay perfect what am i what’s wrong with me okay i was just exploring everything else it’s fine What do i do how do i unlock you yeah send me that one no, no, no, no, no no no okay okay i get it hold on Here we go nice nice dude wonderful How do you think i okay anyway doesn’t matter ow how did how do you think i get those purple leaf coins underneath that platform great here we go sure what, okay that was much quicker than i thought dang it come on Huh, i’m trying, to jump over these things and it keeps restarting me come on no no, no one wants to be over here oh? yeah hold on a fast travel somewhere else what’s up ears never work there who cares Send me up there it’s bound to be better than down there why you starting me down there? This is where i want to be come on dude ah? you’ll be joking kidding me come on i Come over here? perfect easy right next one not so much this one’s a little bit difficult oh wow, okay i didn’t know i could hold on to that never mind a little bit easier than huh come get me never mind leave me alone now a moon All right on the mountain road fantastic i love this i love this game all right what does this say We’ll all jump okay i know how to walk jump leave me alone i know it’ll jump, oh? mario veteran i know how to wall jump Alright here comes a lot of wall jumping this is where i prove it this is where i prove i know how to wall jump hey toad hold on let me save mice my progress here what’s up dude How do hey mario i didn’t i didn’t expect, to see you here? Exploring now i came here to open a store nothing tops is location right Step on inside take a look around yeah what do we got – look what we got, to see here in this? probably another power mode shouldn’t your ships you’re selling another power moon Absolutely lasting to power moon yeah that’s exactly what it wanted? fantastic you’re welcome So i got another path i like how you just buy one per level that’s really cool i need two more Not, from you though um rest is all great these are all great uses of coins But i want to see what they have on sale over here? Hi-yah! Oh! pilot stuff okay aviator cap nice sure i’ll take this you’re welcome aviator cap is mine changed now sure And then we also got a aviator outfit sure And then what else do we have i mean we have a lot we have a butterfly a mobile they were a potted palm tree we have a a lost kingdom sticker i Don’t know what the stickers are all about but i go and buy this one, see what happens oh? we’ll stick this on the odyssey for you okay awesome i had no idea that would do that but thank you so much i could definitely use some graffiti on the side of you of the odyssey i’m now a pilot everyone will love me i’m gonna fly away all right what happens next i Only need like one more moon iii mean two more moons oh? My gosh i’m a crazy monster here we go So yeah there’s gonna be some things that are gonna be hard to get it’ll be glide over to them oh god okay Here we go over here we’re almost there absolutely great All right we got a moon on a tree in the swamp if we get back to a high place we can fly again now you’re not happy about this place here How do you think we get this open i don’t even know all right the only way i know how to do this what we can’t teleport, come on what up top my friends we need one more moon and then we can do whatever we want oh yes i Think and anything else to note there’s a moon up there i can’t believe it Got it well we have gotten so many moons here not all 25 but we got enough to continue onwards And there’s also one We can fix the odyssey now great yeah but hold on there’s one way way over here? You, know i don’t know maybe i did this wrong i don’t know while we’re gliding for real holy gosh we got it great another moon soaring over forgotten we got an extra i Just, say we got an extra right cuz we did get an extra and i’m happy about it can we use this to launch ourselves use what oh wow a slingshot i i don’t know what this means okay god okay i Don’t know how to use that So yeah maybe in theory we can use that to launch ourselves but we’ve already gotten a lot of stuff here haven’t we absolutely Probably some purple coins over there we can go get really quick all right nailed it nailed it this is exactly how we wanted to do it all right one more try like that because i mean that was miserable sorry for throwing you the lava dude or whatever this purple gunk is Nice yeah how do you use these oh? launches just mean okay well i i guess i’ll be okay with that So yeah there’s probably a lot more perfect coins it’s probably a lot more moons here But, we can’t get them now at least i don’t think we can so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to come on i just walked up the edge you gotta be joking kidding me i keep losing like ten coins at a time come on dude oh yeah sure and you put me over here sure anyway alright We know what we’re doing we’re going to go back, to the odyssey and fix it and everything’s gonna be alright soraka bye No, we’ll be fine oh here we go We got like what eleven moons i don’t know how many we got but we did it we came here we’re doing exactly what we want to do The odyssey is repaired Fantastic so we found this realm it was great a fun little excursion But man did we get to go to the metro kingdom next cuz i want to see new dog city if we can if not then you know we’ll do whatever we can do I’m out of here i didn’t even get to choose i don’t think But i’m happy imapilot Had to have a little miniature bowser fight but we’re all good we just found enough power moves to fix up the odyssey thank goodness Seeing as how we’ve guess okay yeah useful skills role we know how to do that sure Well there it is now then where were we ah yes we were on our way to the metro kingdom the whole kingdom is one vast city filled with skyscrapers it seems it was built using the energy from power moons Well here we go that’s a very powerful force so we are going to metro city Or metro kingdom which i hope is home to new dog city yes it is new dunk city coming up manly are really advertising the bowser wedding here so jealous But, we made it to the outskirts on this guy what the heck? We made it to new donc city which i’m happy about Lots of businessmen from the 50s are here alright we finally made it things don’t look, so good though no, they don’t no they don’t things look terrible in fact it’s bowser ship let’s go So yeah we’ll be exploring the rainy new dunk city next episode i do appreciate you guys stopping by we got to get a lot more coins i’m sorry power moons next episode we’ll do exactly that So i’ll see you next time for more good bye thank you so much for watching i’m zack scott Subscribe if you have not if you liked this video and want to help this channel grow all you gotta do is click the like Button below thanks so much for watching follow me on facebook twitter and instagram this is otto egon and i’ll see you next time for more you


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