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Gbc: Hey Tyler… as fun as it is watching
this mental breakdown take place I have to ask… What the hell are you doing? Tyler: I’m … I’m trying to uh get my
hat to… you know, float and spin in mid air. Gbc: alright then, proceed. Switch: He knows he can’t actually do that
right? Gbc: I’d give him another 5 seconds. Tyler: hmm you think it’s the hat? I think it might be the hat… *Switch glares at gbc* Gbc: Fine maybe another 10. Super Mario Odyssey begins as Mario is already
facing off against Bowser who is kidnapping Princess Peach with the intent to marry her. Before Mario has time to realize it he’s
flung off of Bowsers ship so hard he’s knocked into another kingdom… hey wait a minute. *JoJo reference* Tyler: I knew it, it is the hat. I gotta have a top hat around here somewhere. *Idea face pulls out phone* Classy: By Jove what an interesting read. *phone ringing* Classy: Hello? Tyler: classy, buddy, pal, muchacho, broski Classy: What do you want? Tyler: Can I borrow your top hat? Classy: No *hangs up* Tyler: well time for plan B… Now then here we meet cappy our traveling
companion and hat for the rest of the game. His reasoning for joining mario is to rescue
his sister Tiara who was kidnapped by bowser. Cappy also gives us the ability to capture
various creatures and things to aid us on this journey with their own various powers. From here we travel from kingdom to kingdom
chasing bowser and trying to stop him to little avail. Past that there isn’t really much story,
I mean it’s a Mario game it takes some very basic motivation to get the game going. So moving right along I feel odyssey is the most agile mario has
ever been, of course you have your standard triple jump and ground pound but on top of
that the dive from 64 and sunshine is back, along with the crouch jump, ground pound jump,
and the long jump. On top of that mario now has access to a roll
allowing him to move the fastest he ever has before, that’s right, you too can experience
all the fun of playing a sonic game without having to play a sonic game. Cappy also allows mario more options when
it comes to gameplay, not only can cappy capture enemies allowing the mustachioed man himself
to become a wide spectrum of other creatures but, throwing cappy and having him stay in
place allows mario to jump off of his hat. This giving mario the ability to combo and
string together different movements to not only get around but, possibly break levels. Capturing enemies adds new methods of movement
into the game and while a lot of these were interesting the first hour or so into the
game most ended up being really boring in the long run as most just allow you to get
from point A to point B, something one would be able to do shortly after learning the controls. I’m sure most people will find it fun but,
it loses its charm fast. Now I hesitate to call this game a Collect-A-Thon
I mean there are a lot of moons to collect throughout the game and you have the kingdom
specific coins but, that’s really it. I guess it’s as much of a collect-a-thon
as mario 64 and sunshine are but, i’d have to say to a lesser extent as more often than
not the game leaves moons just out in plain sight. Whereas others are completely hidden with
no context clues to help find them. It’s the equivalent of telling someone to
complete a puzzle and only giving them 1/3rd of the puzzle pieces. That’s all I can really say, the game is
just kinda repetitive with not a lot of variety. Overall it was an average game, nothing really
special here. If I had to give it a score I’d give it a 7/10 Gbc: Tyler how long have you been wearing
that hat? Tyler: what hat? Do you mean… This hat! *Throws hat at Gbc* Gbc: Did you honestly expect that to do anything? Tyler: I mean, kinda.


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