My Thoughts on Sweeteners Use

My Thoughts on Sweetener Use

I don’t use sweeteners often and when I do, it’s always in a lower quantity than most people would use.  

Why Not?  

We’ve been so conditioned to sweet through the traditional low-fat diet where sugar is added to everything.  By continuing to sweeten our foods in this manner it makes it harder to break those sweet cravings.  Sugar is addictive and mimicking this with artificial sweeteners only prolongs the brains desire to consume it.  

Why Use Sweetener?

  1. Some recipes need some sweetness.  It’s just a fact.  There is no point in not enjoying what you eat and if a little stevia helps make a recipe better, and stevia doesnt affect you negatively, go for it.
  2. As I said in why not to use sweetener… we’ve been conditioned by food makers for most of our lives to the taste of sugar.   If some stevia in a recipe helps crush a craving for sugar, then do it.   

I tend to think of sweeteners like Nicorette Gum or a nicotine patch.  If it stops you from doing the bad thing, use it as a tool and work yourself off of it that way.

My 2 Cents.

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