Tākaro card game makes learning Māori words fun

There’s a new card game that aims
to introduce a variety of te reo Maori words
to New Zealanders. As Hania Douglas reports, Takaro aims to encourage the use
of te reo Maori in everyday life. Takaro! The new card game that aims to
encourage the use of te reo Maori. Eliot Jessup, director of NZ game
company Game Kings says a Maori game like this has been
on the cards for a long time to help make learning Maori easy. At the moment, the game can only
be bought at Kickstarter as they are raising funds
for a proper launch, and Jessup says the launch date
is also special for another reason. Presales of the game are
at Kickstarter until 5 July. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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  • HC PunkRockhxx

    Wat a good idea 👍🏼 one can learn easier/faster with card games like this. I'm also learning a bit of Te Reo Maori here on Youtube (initially to sing along with those beautiful Maori songs, but I love the language, sounds so good and if I would live in NZ i would definitely would like to study Te Reo , take classes and buy your card game 😊 Good luck and succes.
    Blessings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands 🙏🏽


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