Tekken 7 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

SID: I’m gonna to get ya. DALTON: Gotta get that
death fist in there. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. SID: Oh god. Here we go again. [INTRO MUSIC
PLAYING] SID: Hey, guys. It’s Sid Shuman
from PlayStation Blog. I have been looking forward
to this for quite some time. Joining us, Dalton
Link from Bandai Namco. Thank you so much. DALTON: Hey, everybody. It’s community manager,
Dalton Link, here. Super excited to show Sid
some rounds of Tekken 7, some new modes, story mode. We’re here for you, man. SID: That’s right. And we got the one, the
only, “Markman,” Mark Julio. Thank you so much
for joining us. MARK: No problem. Happy to be here. I’m the branding community
advisor for the Tekken franchise so I’m happy to be here
again with you Sid talking about Tekken, something
that we both love. SID: I love it. I love it. Been playing it for 22 years. Let’s dive in here. MARK: Let’s go
right into versus mode. I have the
tournament settings on, so this is
actually really cool for, like, the people that
like competitive settings. You go right into the same
settings that people use while in tournaments. SID: Okay, cool. MARK: So you can really showdown
and have a battle just like the pros would. DALTON: You know, eSports and
the tournament scene are huge for us, for Tekken, so we wanted
to add in some features that really help the
TOs and the players, you know, make it a little
easier for them to set up tournaments on their own. Here’s a good example. You can actually change your
settings and test your buttons right in the
character selection screen. SID: This is huge. DALTON: Yeah. So really
eliminate button checks, save some time for the
commentators or the tournament operators so they
don’t have to chitchat. MARK: It’s really cool and not
just for setting your buttons. If you want to check if your
controller is actually working, there’s a virtual on screen
controller that shows you everything that works there. I see you’re
already set up there. SID: I’m already set up. And just for those listening who
are maybe curious about Tekken, I’ve been playing 22 years, I’m
not as good as probably either of these guys, but I
know what I’m doing. And a lot of it on the DualShock
is customizing your shoulder buttons, customizing L1,
R1, R2, L2 if you want to, just making easy throws,
combining the punch buttons, combining the kick buttons
allows for — just gives you a little bit of an edge if
you’re not as technical, which I certainly am not. DALTON: Got it. SID: I think I
screwed myself up here. Yeah. Look at that. DALTON: Mark’s
going to go with Eliza. She’s the DLC preorder bonus. So if you preorder the game
before launch on June 2nd, you will get Eliza on day one. It’s a great value proposition. I mean, you get to add a
new character to the roster. She’s an awesome character. So, yeah. Get out there and preorder. SID: Very nice. This is coming out I
want to say June 2nd. DALTON: June 2nd
on PlayStation 4. SID: This is right
around the corner. DALTON: Yeah. MARK: One month away. DALTON: Today we’re recording
is one month away, so. SID: All right. So I’ve been playing
this series forever. So what is somebody like me
who’s kind of a veteran of the series, what are they going to
maybe notice first and foremost with Tekken 7? MARK: First and foremost,
you’ll probably notice, like, right at the
character selection screen, right when you
load into the match, there’s two new things here;
there’s the Rage Art and the Rage Drive. So you see it as you’re
going into the match, Rage Art with Paul, once you get
down to where your life bar is flashing red, you’re able to
do a super powerful attack with both punches. And once we get there,
I’ll call it out so you can kind of try
it out. But he has access
to the Rage Art and just a number
of options now. When you are close to dying,
there’s way more stuff that you can do,
and it’s really cool. DALTON: Yeah. So when your
character glows red, below health, you
actually do more damage, so you have a higher
chance of coming back. And as Mark mentioned, there’s
two particular types of moves: a Rage Art and a Rage Drive. A Rage Art, as
you can see there, now your in Rage. MARK: Just hit both punches
together at the same time, and it does this
ultra powerful attack. DALTON: So that’s the Rage Art. So that will
start an auto combo, super powerful move obviously. SID: Interesting. DALTON: But once you
use your rage move, you don’t get it back. But I think you’re
going to get hit there. And Eliza’s got a
really awesome one. SID: (Laughter) This is cool. Like, Tekken can be
famous for some blowouts, so this is like a little bit
of an equalizer for folks. DALTON: Exactly. So we wanted to give an option
for players that maybe aren’t quite as good or just getting
slammed up against the side, getting hit into a
really big combo. It allows you to kind of
turn the tables and come back. SID: Nice. DALTON: And then there’s also
another rage move called a Rage Drive. And that’s actually
more of a technical input, but it’s good to put
in between a combo. It’s also a good combo starter. It’s for a higher level play,
but if you can link it in the right way, it can
be devastating. SID: I’m gonna to get ya. MARK: Oh, maybe. DALTON: Gotta get that
death fist in there. Uh-oh, uh-oh. SID: Ha, ha, ha. Here we go again. DALTON: So Eliza is a
pretty interesting character. As you can see,
she has a EX meter. There’s only two characters in
the game that have an EX meter, that’s Akuma and Eliza. So Eliza has an interesting way
that she builds her EX meter. Mark can show you. She actually has this option
where she can go to sleep. MARK: Yeah. So she’s really weird. The way her meter works is
just like a lot of things, like if you’re doing
attacks, it will slowly go up. But if she can go to sleep,
she’s a narcoleptic vampire, she builds up meter way faster. So you’ll notice there — SID:
She’s a narcoleptic vampire? MARK: Correct. She tends to have conversations
with a lot of the characters and interacts with them and then
she will just fall asleep out of nowhere. SID: That’s incredible. DALTON: So you see as
she’s falling asleep, she’s vulnerable. So you can actually hit me while
I’m falling asleep and kind of interrupt me from
building that meter. SID: Interesting. Okay. MARK: So her blood
gauge with fill over time, and she becomes much more
dangerous when she has the blood gauge. But she has fireballs. And then she cancel her
fireballs and do even EX moves. So she has EX dive kick
that goes right into combo. She has EX kind of like
similar — SID: Interesting, huh. You guys have been busy. BOTH: Yeah. SID: I’m doing all the,
like, Tekken 3 stuff here. DALTON: Yeah. Yeah. MARK: It still works, trust me. Good counter hit there. SID: Bam. DALTON: You know, a lot of the
combos from the older games, you know,
translate to some degree. There’s obviously new combos. And in actually
the training mode, you can actually go in
and see some of the combos, some of the more
technical combos, some of the beginner combos. So if you’re just starting out
there’s a lot of ways to kind of get into the more
competitive play. Obviously if you play online,
you’re going to run into a lot of combos. MARK: So we have your
life bar flashing now. So once you have flashing life,
you actually do more damage. But we mentioned
earlier, you did the Rage Art, but you also have
the Rage Drive, which Dalton mentioned. You know, his Phoenix
Smasher is Quarter, Circle, Forward, Right, Punch? SID: Yep. MARK: He has an ultra powerful
version of that if you do both punches. SID: Oh. Okay. MARK: When he sparks blue,
and it just knocks the opponent across the stage. A great comeback mechanic
really if you’re going right into the match. SID: I needed that one. DALTON: So you can use that
and start a combo to follow up on that. Or if you could actually put
that in the middle of a combo, you know, you could really
link that into something huge. So, yeah. As we said, we wanted to give
players an option to come back. We didn’t want someone to
get steamrolled in one combo, so the rage mechanics really
offer that option for players that maybe aren’t quite as good. Or if you’re playing
at a really high level, if you just get
bodied in the beginning, you can kind of turn it around. It adds a really interesting
cinematic mechanic to it. There’s also slo-mo finishes. Hopefully we’ll see some here. But if two players at the end
of a match hit each other at the same time, it will zoom in
and go into slo-mo and you can actually see who landed
the hit, which is awesome. SID: So I actually bested you. You were playing at
full capability there; right? MARK: Yeah. A hundred percent. I feel really sad now because
this is probably your first time really touching it too. SID: Let’s try out some
different characters here. Yeah. I can just feel
him toying with me, which is — I mean you got to do
that sometimes when you’re the veteran in the room, you know. DALTON: So, yeah. Once we get back to
the roster, you know, it’s 35 plus
characters at launch, so there’s a really diverse
group of types of characters. I mean, you can be anything from
a bear to Eliza who’s a pink haired robot with chainsaw arms. SID: That’s right. DALTON: You know, we got
the new Tekken 7 Yoshimitsu. He’s got kind of this
tentacle thing going on. SID: Oh, interesting. DALTON: Yeah.
Yeah. And the amount of
stages is awesome. And you can see here, Sid, there’s different types
of stages. So these icons represent
kind of what the stages have. So for instance, that
stage has no walls, so that’s wide open. Some stages have
two different platforms where you can knock’em in. SID: I get it. DALTON: Some have areas where
they can get knocked down into the middle of the stage. SID: That’s awesome. DALTON: Yeah. SID: I like the little icons. The icons are super helpful. DALTON: Yeah.
Exactly. And, you know, Tekken’s always
been really popular for how there’s a lot of
different types of arenas. SID: Yep. DALTON: I mean obviously it’s an
8-way 3D fighter so that allows you to create 3D
space, which is awesome. MARK: So let’s pick random. We got the Arctic Snowfall. SID: I tend to do
better on these levels, I’ll be honest with you. MARK: Yeah. DALTON: So Mark and I have been
going out to the tournaments, and for a long time we were
playing with some of the earlier builds so it didn’t have
the full roster of stages. So I know we’ve seen
this stage a few times, and this song, I think, is
ingrained into our memories. MARK: I just hear it
when I’m sleeping. SID: So Dragunov introduced in
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Probably my all time
favorite Tekken character. MARK: Oh, wow. DALTON: Probably the creepiest
character in a fighting game. SID: I love him. MARK: Oh.
Have you seen his Rage Art yet? SID: No.
I haven’t seen anything. DALTON: His Rage Art is great. MARK: It’s super cool. SID: And then Akuma
needs no introduction. MARK: Special guest from
the Street Fighter series. DALTON: So you know Akuma —
MARK: That’s actually pretty different, having to
deal with fireballs. SID: Yeah. DALTON: So that’s a really
interesting point to bring up there because obviously Akuma,
famous from the Street Fighter franchise, famous for
playing on a 2D platform, so to be in a 3D
fighter is a bit different. You know, most of the characters
in Tekken aren’t used to dealing with a fireball character, a
character that can jump so high. So it’s a really
interesting addition. I personally think
they did a really, really good job adding
him into the Tekken series. He’s been
definitely a fan favorite, and it’s great to see some of
the pro players start to pick him up and play him in
a different setting. SID: So The Bound seems like
it’s gotten reworked a little bit from — MARK: Yeah.
It’s actually a bit different from what you’re probably used
to from the Tekken 6. So Bound was really the
combo ender in that game. But in Tekken 7, it’s now
known as the Screw Attack. So if certain properties, moves
that kind of knock away with The Screw. And for example like
for Dragunov it’s back,
right, kick, left, kick. He’ll do these two kicks and
then if he lands it in the air, it will actually knock me away,
and that will let you extend your combo. Similar to how The Bound
works in previous games. Oh. You know the moves. DALTON: Dragunov
combo is coming out. Sid knows what he’s doing. MARK: Okay.
Okay. So I’m going to be towards Rage. So I have access to
the Rage Art here. Let’s see if I can land it. I think he’s too much of a —
he’s not going to let me land the Raging Demon here. SID: I can’t or I’m done. MARK: Yeah.
That’s what it does. Okay so I got to launch. Now that’s an example of
The Screw right there. I’m able to extend
my combo further. SID: Back, back, both kicks
seems like it doesn’t do the Vault Up anymore.
Does that work differently now? MARK: No.
It’s actually different. So they reworked some of his
moves and some of his move set. SID: Got it. MARK: The Vault Up
now for everybody, the quick get up is both
kicks while you’re on floor. SID: Oh.
Got it. MARK: So if I knock you
down in that position. And it’s much faster
this time around so you no longer feel
helpless. I know in some situations in
Tekken where you’re attacking you’re opponent and you’re just
getting mauled on the floor, and you can’t get upright. That Spring Kick action gets you
out of jail pretty easily now. SID: Awesome. MARK: So I’m going to see if I
can hurt — DALTON: Nice work. MARK: You like that? Let me see if I can
get some revenge here. DALTON: There we go.
Die a thousand deaths. SID: Uh-oh. MARK: If I still
had my other meter, I could do my super hopefully. Oh no.
DALTON: Oh no. Punished. MARK: I whiffed. I got hurt. SID: You want to
do a rematch there? MARK: Yeah. You know what, I
wasn’t focusing enough. Let me see if we could do this. SID: Let’s go for this. MARK: But it looks like
you’re pretty comfortable with Dragunov. SID: Yeah. Yeah.
I can put up a fight. DALTON: So obviously the team
did a lot of work to make sure that Akuma was
really well modeled, has all the same move sets from
— actually that’s kind of the ultra Street Fighter 4
maneuver where you can kind of — it’s his Power Crush. MARK: Yeah. His focus attack,
kind of implemented from the
Street Fighter 4 series. SID: I see. MARK: Oh nice. And the pressure.
He knows the tools. See a lot of the legacy
skill actually carries over. So if you played the
past Tekken games, you could really easily go
into it in just a matter of, like, kind of learning the
new combo system as well. But now you have to
deal with fireballs. Oh nice. Able to kind of
pick a spot there. So you have access
to the Rage Art now. So if you want to try it, I
believe it’s back both punches. Oh wait. It’s not back
both punches is it? SID: Down both punches. MARK: Oh, there you go. SID: Whiff. DALTON: So as you can see,
you lost your Rage because you whiffed it, so you don’t get
the damage boost anymore and you don’t have the option
to do that Rage Art. SID: So you can just
stick to the damage boost? DALTON: Yeah.
You can. Actually the
lower life you have, the more damage you do. SID: Oh interesting. DALTON: So you can actually kind
of play this cat-and-mouse game. You know, like maybe I should
get my life down real low and — SID: Oh nice. MARK: Oh no. Dragon Punch is
not working there. DALTON: I like the forward
pressure you’re putting on. MARK: Oh he’s doing the strings.
He almost got me there. I was like how do
you block that? DALTON: Good blocks
from Mark though. SID: Heating up. MARK: Okay.
Let’s see what we can do. Is it the Pressure? ALL: Whoa! DALTON: All right.
Both in Rage. MARK: The slow motion! ALL: Oh! MARK: I can’t believe you
snatched me out f the air. That was really cool. DALTON: So that’s the slo-mo
finish I was mentioning earlier. So lots of real
cinematic moments. MARK: I need to
build some options here. I’m down by a lot here. SID: I’m going to get ya. MARK: Okay. SID: Oh, man. DALTON: He’s reading you
like a book right now. SID: Terrible, terrible. DALTON: Mark just turned up
the gauge a little bit right there I think. SID: I can get him. MARK: Oh nice.
Good block. Wow that was a good punch. Okay. Maybe play a bit more
cautious on my side. Building up. Now that I have my meter,
I’m feeling pretty confident. Let’s see. SID: You made me believe I
could do something here. MARK: You might. Once you have Rage,
you have an opportunity. Let’s see if you can land
that Rage Art this time again. Uh-oh.
I was pressing a button. SID: Ugh. DALTON: Oh, yeah.
So watch this. This is awesome. MARK: So just like so bad. SID: Amazing. MARK: Nice. ALL: Oh! MARK: See that’s another thing
that happens is that when you create blows, it kind of zooms
in and gets more focused on the action. SID: That’s super cool. MARK: A nice visual cue. SID: A lot of
good fit and finish. Let’s try a couple more here. I might give you my Nina.
See how I do there. MARK: She actually looks
really different in this game. SID: Does she? MARK: I don’t know
if you’ve seen her? SID: No. MARK: Okay. You’ll see once you get to
the character select screen. DALTON: You haven’t
seen wife Nina yet? MARK: Oh yeah. SID: Interesting. Yeah.
She’s another classic. Tekken’s just been part of
my gaming life for decades. I have so many fond
memories playing Tekken 1, 2, 3. Five was a huge resurgence. DALTON: Yeah. SID: Look at this. A little bit Kill Bill. DALTON: Yeah, the Bride. MARK: So I picked one of
my favorite characters, King. And I wanted to
do the throwback. I believe it’s a
PlayStation exclusive costume. It’s the classic Tekken 2 King. SID: The polka dot tie? DALTON: Yeah. SID: Love it. MARK: We’re going
to go right into it. I had to dress formal. I mean, if you were wearing
the wedding dress I got to put on the tie,
the suspenders. I got to look good,
nice and spiffy here. SID: There’s a dress
code for this fight. MARK: Yep. Oh and we’re in the
Infinite Azure stage. DALTON: Mark’s favorite. MARK: That is my favorite. SID: That plays well
to Nina’s strengths. Yeah.
There we go. DALTON: I love that costume. SID: Checkered tie. MARK: All right. We’ll see what — all right. Right out of the gates. DALTON: This stage kind
of reminds me of another PlayStation game, Bloodborne. SID: Oh.
It does. Yeah. DALTON: — spider fight, huh? SID: Right.
That’s good. Oh, yeah. You’re just making me want
to play this game for like eight hours straight. Doing all my King
moves on me here. MARK: Combo.
Went for the elbow there. Using this Spring Kick
there gets you out of a lot of
situations. So you now have
access to her Rage Drive. I believe her’s is
down both punches, similar to Dragunov’s. Oh.
Here’s the commando roll. DALTON: Nice. MARK: Oh. That should kill me because of
the — you have such low life, it’s going to do extra damage. DALTON: Oh, nice. SID: Beautiful. MARK: Really cool. And you’ll probably notice,
she had a veil on her head, but throughout the fight some of
the elements of her clothing get knocked off. Whoa.
Nice. I like the stage
for the scenery. It makes me feel pretty good. DALTON: Yeah. The team did a great job making
the stages really beautiful. There’s a lot of awesome stages
and a really wide repertoire of different types of stages as we
talked about earlier: Wide open stages, stages
with breakable walls, breakable ground, and some of
the stages actually have dynamic changes, so once you
get to a final round, the weather
conditions will change, the time of day will
change, the music will change. MARK: Oh!
That was so cool. Slow motion. SID: Oh, brother.
I thought I had you. MARK: Nina actually
has a Power Crush. So a Power Crush in this
game is like an armored move. SID: I was just going to say. MARK: Her’s is the Blonde
Bomb is forward both punches. And if I do that
while you’re doing it, you’ll absorb the move and kind
of change the momentum of the match. DALTON: Yeah. So if you’re just
getting pummeled, you know, somebody’s putting
a lot of aggression on you, and you kind of know how to
telegraph some of their attacks, you can time that. You absorb one attack and you’re
knocked in the back and you kind of get back in the fight. SID: Nice.
Good to know. DALTON: Mark’s played
this a few times I think. SID: Devastating. MARK: And then she also has a
special version of — whoa. If you do forward, right punch
and left kick at the same time, she has a Rage Drive which
is actually really cool. It comes out so fast. It’s like an instant
running Blonde Bomb. SID: Nice. MARK: And it just, like,
pushes King across the stage. So, like, most of the
characters have that. They have
obviously the Rage Art, the Rage Drive. A lot of different elements
kind of like choose your own adventure towards
the end of the match. SID: I don’t like this
adventure I’m on right now, I’ll tell you that.
It’s a horror story. MARK: Oh nice. Good patience there. SID: I could smell that one. I left myself — DALTON: Yeah. So the Rage Drive can be a real
good combo starter or as you said you can actually work it
into the middle of a combo. You could really do
some devastating stuff. SID: I was going to
try and — nevermind. DALTON: So maybe, Mark, can
you talk a little bit about the Throw Breaks in this one. MARK: Yeah.
They have. So in the past, you know, throws
have been a really good option. But to make it more
beginner friendly, the team’s kind of
changed the balance around. So if you do a normal throw
now, before you — let’s see. Go ahead and do a throw. So that one is traditionally
broken with a right punch in past Tekken games, but now you
could do either right or left punch. So if you grab me again,
it’s not going to matter. I can hit left or right punch,
and I’ll be able to break it. SID: Got it. Okay.
That’s a little handier. Because we know those
folks that cheese the throws. DALTON: Yes. Especially certain characters. MARK: Oh yeah. Especially the
character I’m using right now. DALTON: I wasn’t
going to say that, Mark. MARK: Thanks for
the tips, the hints. All right.
Now we’re both in Rage. This could get crazy. Oh.
I hope that hits. Ooh, right in time. DALTON: Nice. SID: You got to win
one now and then; right? MARK: Every now and then. Okay. Time to tone it down
a little bit here. I had my suit on.
I got a little too excited. SID: That was good though.
That was good play. DALTON: It’s paw
prints on the tie. MARK: Oh. It is.
I never noticed that. The power of
PlayStation technology. [LAUGHTER] MARK: I always
thought it was checkered. SID: Yeah. I thought it was spots or
checkered or something. Yeah. MARK: I’m going to have to go
back to the archives and look at
Tekken 2. DALTON: Tekken 2 is
probably checking, “Maybe let’s make
those paw prints. SID: “We don’t have
the technology today, but someday we’ll be able to
render this at full fidelity.” DALTON: “One day 2017,
that’s the day that tie technology will
be there, guys.” SID: They’ve been putting
this together for years. Let’s see here.
Who am I in the mood for? I don’t want to
embarrass myself. Maybe I’ll go —
Brian’s always muscular. DALTON: Eddy Gordo too. SID: Not my style.
Not my style. Let’s see.
I went through my basics. I mean, I’m tempted
to go back to Dragunov because I stand
a chance there. Let’s try Brian. MARK: I see the
competitive fuel is coming out. You want to put
up a crazy fight. I don’t know.
Who do you want to see? Is there any character that
you really haven’t seen that you want to take a look at? SID: Who’s new in this one? MARK: So there’s quite
of few new characters. So Josie Rizal is a new
kickboxing character from the Philippines. We have Lucky Chloe who’s
kind of like the dancing-style
fighting character. SID: I think we
got to go with her. MARK: We’re going
to go with Chloe? All right. Let me put on the blue outfit. DALTON: And as you guys saw,
when he goes into the costume selection screen, there’s
some slots for custom slots. So you can build your own —
we’ll show it a little bit later but the customization
screen where you can change so many things about
your character: glasses, hair style, face paint,
different types of tops, bottoms, you name it. And some of them
are just absurd. MARK: Wacky. DALTON: Like just wacky. You can put a
motorized fan on your head. You can put a
skull face on Chloe. You name it. Once everyone
starts to play online, I’m really excited to see some
of the costumes that we’re going
to come up against. MARK: So yeah.
This girl likes to dance. She’s all over the place. Oh nice. DALTON: So this is
an awesome stage. It’s kind of
significant for the story mode. If everyone’s been
watching the trailers, there’s this kind of epic
showdown between Kazuya and Heihachi
on this volcano. Also, the volcano kind of
a metaphor for the game. SID: Yep. DALTON: As it’s kind of the
rage of the Mishima Clan, the raging volcano
that is the Mishima Clan. SID: Now, this is said to be
sort of the conclusion of the Mishima Clan story;
right? DALTON: The Mishima Clan
saga, 20 year Mishima saga. Really excited for the fans to
get their hands on the story mode. A lot of really
interesting kind of tidbits, throwbacks to the story, as well
as new details and some great
twists and turns. Obviously, Akuma in the game. He kind of has a little bit of a
hand in the story mode
as well, so. Don’t want to
give away too much. We can show a little
bit moving forward, but I want to make sure that the
fans can experience that
on June 2nd. SID: Nice.
Yeah. The game’s looking good. DALTON: Yeah.
We’re really excited about it. You know, one
month out for launch. Obviously, the team has done a
lot of work on the game coming off the arcade
version in Japan and Korea. And, you know, a lot of care and
work has been done to add the new characters in, get
it ready for console, balance all the characters out, get the online functionality
ready. You know, there’s an online
tournament mode that we’re
really excited about. So you and up to eight
friends can all get together, put together their
own online tournaments. So, you know, Friday night you
really want to see who’s the best at Tekken
that week. SID: It’s me. DALTON: So, yeah. Really excited for the fans to
get their hands on the game. SID: Man, this Lucky Chloe
is just dusting the floor with me right now. MARK: She stayed on the floor. SID: Oh perfect. MARK: She danced her
way to victory there. SID: All right. Let’s see what else
there is to see in this. I know this isn’t it. Obviously, I know versus mode
is bread and butter for a lot of folks. DALTON: Yeah. Let’s go back to
the main menu, and we can jump into other
modes. Sid, why don’t you – – you want to jump into story
mode for a little bit? SID: Sure.
I can do that. Should I use — MARK:
Use this controller. It’ll get you right in there.
So where do you want to start. Let’s pick the — oh.
He’s going right into it. SID: Let’s go right into it.
I know what I’m doing. MARK: So this is really
the focus again we were talking about. It’s going to be the
end of the Mishima saga. So leading up to that, it’s
going to kind of catch up the player of all the things that
have happened over the past many years leading up
to this point. So, I know you’re a Tekken fan,
I think you’ll get a kick out of this opening sequence here. So they really pull no stops as
far as the story and everything
they’re describing. So this is one of — like,
I guess it’s a different perspective how
the story’s being told. So this is a journalist here
that’s really studying what’s going on within the
Mishima family and everything that’s
going on in the world. SID: Interesting. MARK: So you know he’s
doing the research on Heihachi. He’s doing research on Kazuya. And he finds out that there’s
this huge conflict between these two, and it’s been
going on for awhile. Obviously Kazuya
with the G Corporation; Heihachi with the
Mishima Zaibatsu. DALTON: This is a friendly
message that you might send your
dad on Father’s Day. SID: Right before he
drops you into a volcano. DALTON: Yeah. Oh. That’s funny you
brought that up. MARK: So we take a flashback
to even before Tekken 1. This is way back in the day. SID: Oh, wow. MARK: You see a little Kazuya. DALTON: So one really
interesting thing about the story mode is there’s
fluidity between the cut scene and the gameplay.
So, you’ll notice here. MARK: Yes. Seamless integration
of gameplay with the cut scenes, and I think it’s really cool. You now have access to
control little Kazuya here. But it’s really cool. You have access to
all the moves here. You can see on the
screen, there’s like a little notification button.
You also have the story assist. So during certain
parts of the story mode, you can use the story assist.
If you hold the R1 button, it will give you access
to more moves. SID: If I hold the R1 button? DALTON: I think it’s L1. SID: L1. MARK: So now you can do instant
Wind God Fist by just tapping one button. But it looks like Heihachi is
still not having any of it, standing strong, not letting
his child do any damage to him. DALTON: I gotta say, it’s pretty
impressive that Kazuya has some of the moves down
at such a young age. SID: Oh. Yeah. MARK: You know, it’s been a
long time since we’ve seen the inclusion of story mode
and cinematics in games. It’s really changed like
especially towards the 90s and 2000s. So one of the best — my
favorite things – – I don’t know if you like it or
if you’re a fan of quick time events. SID: Sure. Yeah. MARK: But quick time events,
you love them or hate them. But in my opinion, this is
the evolution of the quick time event. This is the greatest moment
of all quick time events in history, and we’re about
to witness it right now. So you got to decide, how
are you going to do this, Sid? SID: Oh man. MARK: Are you going to do it?
Are you going to wait? Kind of do it nonchalantly? SID: Let’s just throw him off. [LAUGHTER] SID: I didn’t know he
was doing stuff like this when this kid was so young. DALTON: It’s been a long,
rocky road between those two. SID: I mean, they’re just
throwing each other off bigger and badder things
each game. In one of them they’re strapping
each other to rockets and stuff. MARK: Oh, yeah. DALTON: Cool, you want to
jump into some other modes. SID: Yeah. Let’s check out some of the
other modes before we sign off here. DALTON: Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to give you a
little taste of what the story
mode entails. All fully animated cut scenes,
great kind of gameplay variety. There’s some really interesting
sections I think the fans are really going to enjoy
and obviously the story arc of Mishima. MARK: Do you want to try to
treasure battle actually? This is going to be the mode
that you want to play if you want to unlock items within the
game which help towards the customization, but I think it’s
just a cool little throwback to like, do you remember the ghost
battle in previous Tekken games? SID: Yeah. Definitely. MARK: Yeah. You just play
against the computer, AI controlled opponents, you
could rank up your character. But not only that, you
earn items for each battle. But the really cool thing about
— I’m sure you could do it. But if you want to
really progress through this, you’re going to end up
having a lot of special battles. And I’m not sure we’re going to
encounter one or not but every now and then there’s
going to be some crazy – – DALTON: Double
damage, double speed. MARK: Yeah. SID: Interesting. MARK: Turbo.
It makes it really crazy. There’s a lot of different
elements that can change the gameplay. But it looks like you’re
starting off here — you have a promotion chest
starting off the first match. Oh. He’s pulling off
the classic combos. He’s doing some Tekken 3 stuff.
I see you. SID: That’s right. DALTON: So you see that there’s
an icon there of a chest at the bottom. So that’s what
you’re fighting for. So that will get you fight
money which gives items, but you also get a random item
for your character sometimes, and then some that are
good for all the characters. So, as you can see, this Nina is
obviously already decked out in custom gear, so. MARK: No longer
wearing the wedding dress. Looks like she’s ready to
plant some seeds or something. DALTON: Plant some seeds. MARK: Well, she has a gun too.
Maybe she’s an officer. Who knows? Making quick work with Nina.
No problem here for Sid. The legacy skills carrying over. SID: That’s right. MARK: And then we’ll
see what prize you get. So you also get the promotion. Not only that, you’ll see there
you get the gold which you use a lot or you can purchase
things, whether it’s through the gallery mode
or items themselves. So you got a helmet to
go with your cool outfit. DALTON: We’ll have
to put that on later. So as you can see, you’ll get
different bonuses based on how well you do, how
much damage you took, how quickly you
finished the battle. SID: I’m going to be playing
a lot of this I can tell. Do you want to drive here? MARK: Yeah. Let me show you
some cool stuff here. So going right into
the customization mode, there’s actually two kinds. So we can go real quick through
player customization and kind of show off — this is new stuff
that hasn’t been in Tekken before. So you’re actually able to
configure the titles that you have there. So you can see there under the
user name you can put in some cool things. You can unlock
throughout the gameplay. SID: That’s awesome. MARK: Not just that, you could
always unlock the border for that title as well. But the really cool thing is
going into the match you have this nameplate at the start
that shows on the versus or the loading screen, you can really
change your graphical outlook, and that’s just one
element for the customization. It’s going to show up when
you play with people online. But the real cool thing is you
can change the look of the life bars. DALTON: And also I just want
to point out that this mode has some sweet music.
It’s got this smooth jazz. We know a lot of people who are
going to be in these menus for a long time, so we wanted
something that was easy on the ears. SID: Gotta have it. MARK: Going right into the
character customization – – SID: Which is always the
strength of this series, starting with probably
four or five for sure. MARK: Yeah. Five is really where
it started to take off. DALTON: Who do you want to see? SID: Let’s see. I don’t know.
Let’s do Jin. MARK: Okay.
We’ll go to Jin. I already made a customization
for the classic Tekken 4 Jin, but we’ll start a fresh one here
and kind of really go over the different categories and
Dalton can talk about it as I scroll through. DALTON: Yeah. And as I mentioned on
that previous screen, you can make multiple
different custom characters. And when you’re in the character
selection screen you can choose which one.So maybe one game
you want to be, you know, classic 4,
classic Tekken 4 Jin, or next time you want to be a
crazy Jin with like face paint and a fan on your head. SID: I want that
frog on the head. That’s what I’m
looking at there. MARK: Oh yeah. That’s definitely a
premium item there. We don’t have quite
enough fight money for it, but we’ll get there one day. DALTON: Maybe we show him a few
more of the head options there. MARK: Yeah.
So there’s a lot of crazy ones. DALTON: Plague doctor. SID: Whoa. DALTON: Be a deer. SID: That’s getting
kind of crazy here. MARK: You want to do
your best Skeletor cosplay, it’s possible. But then hair
accessories of course, different kinds of
eye grasses, shades, sun glasses, and then you can
just add a nice beard if you want. DALTON: They have
these face paints. SID: Yeah.
Nice. DALTON: Skull face. SID: And then these can all
be saved as custom load outs basically that you can just when
you’re selecting Jin next time, you can save it, and yeah. DALTON: Exactly. SID: You could do shirtless Jin. You could do any combination
you want and sort of save it. MARK: And each character has ten
different customization slots. So if you want ten different
outfits depending on what day of the week it is. If you want to use
the Tekken 3 pants, it’s in there, all the fun stuff
that you’ve probably come to know and love about
the Tekken series. And then we’ll talk about the
PlayStation exclusive outfits. Tekken 4 Jin. SID: I always liked
that outfit a lot. It’s a good outfit. DALTON: It’s a fan
favorite for sure. And this is where it
starts to get pretty out there. Put a pizza on your back. MARK: Or maybe you want
the butterfly wings that you unlocked earlier. SID: Now remember in
Tekken, I think it was Tekken 5, probably Tekken 6, they
had like the items moves. Is that still a thing? MARK: Yeah.
It’s actually a thing. So there’s certain items
that you can get and equip the accessories here. Like for example the gun. You could actually use
it in the match as well. SID: It’s not the kind of thing
that’s going to like transform your fighting style necessarily,
but it’s kind of like a fun little effect you can toss out. DALTON: Yeah. And I think there’s also a
special mirror item that you can use.
Can you show that one? So this prevents your opponent
from moving once your KOed. MARK: So, like, let’s say you
get knocked out and there’s this guy that tea bags all the
time but you don’t want to get tea bagged.
It keeps that from happening. SID: That’s kind of fun actually
because I’m big — I don’t do that, but I get that punch or
stomp in at the last second. You probably noticed that. That’s cool. DALTON: And then there’s
custom character panels as well. SID: Cool.
Well, Tekken 7, man. Looking great. Thanks for coming by,
showing off Tekken 7, looking great.
Coming out June 2nd on PS4. And I’m going to
be playing day one, I’m telling you right now. But it’s right before E3, which
is going to make it a little more difficult. MARK: It will be tough, but
I’m sure we’ll find some time. Maybe we can get some
matches in online or something. DALTON: We can do an
online tournament. SID: Let’s do it.
Let’s play online. Great to get a sneak
peek here at Tekken 7. Comes out June 2nd on PS4. Guys, thank you so much.
I appreciate you dropping by. DALTON: Yeah.
Of course. You know, we’re super
excited for the release date. The team has been working day in
and day out to produce the best possible Tekken experience
for all the PlayStation fans. So you’ll pick it
up on June 2nd, and we’ll see you online. [OUTRO MUSIC]


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