The $10,000 Speedrun Bounty (Announcement)

Hello ladies and gents, it’s EZScape, and
today I have a big announcement. In my last video which I have now removed,
covered a $4,000 bounty in Super Mario 64 that was going to conclude at the end of the
year was cancelled. Shortly after the video was posted another
thread came up from an individual promising to sponsor the $4000 bounty themselves. (aw shit here we go again). But I actually ended up getting in contact
with the guy, we talked on the phone and he offered to send the check out the next day
so I could middleman the bounty. Well I’ve received the check, cashed it,
and can officially confirm that half of the bounty. Huge thanks to Alan Chatham for being so generous
and supporting our community. Following this, however, I was also contacted
by a representative from Ballistix Gaming and they decided to not only uphold the $4000 bounty themselves, but also matched the $1000 I initially put
up meaning the bounty is now at a total of $10,000. So now I should probably clarify that this
bounty is not going to be the same as the initial bounty of $4,000 by FBomb. This one will be broken up into multiple parts
so this is more like a competition, since there will now be multiple winners. $5000 will be awarded to the first speedrunner
to get a 1 hour and 38 minute time in the 120 star category of Super Mario 64, and it
must be verified on the leaderboards. The remainder $5000 will be split up into
4 pieces. Whoever has second fastest time to the 1:38
will receive $2000, and the three runner ups following will receive $1000 each. There is a catch however. Any times that are currently posted on the
leaderboards will not be valid for this competition, only runs made the date after this competition
officially begins will be counted. The date the competition will begin is one
week from when this video is posted which will be December 15th, and speedrunners can
begin competing starting at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time. This rule is put in place to give any runners
who weren’t actively running a chance to derust before the competition begins, and
so anyone who has chances of winning has time to even hear about it. The next rule is that all attempts must be
livestreamed with either a microphone enabled or a handcam. Obviously forcing people to livestream their
attempts and enabling a microphone isn’t a foolproof plan for detecting cheating, but
it should help out at least a little bit. Anyways that’s it for the rules, I’ll clarify them in the description before the competition
begins on the 15th. I’m really hoping this entices a lot of
top level runners to start running the game again. If there was a time to start getting invested
into watching Super Mario 64 speedruns that time would definitely be now. Also, there were 2 things I wanted to clarify
from my last video which is now taken down that I messed up on. First is that Cheese’s run was not unverified
due to a change in rules, but because a chunk of video was missing out of his run, so I
apologize for making that mistake. Also in that video I mentioned that I had
3 editors to help me out with content and a lot you guys took that as me not actually
editing my own work. I edit 95% of the content on this channel,
editors are just there for when I need to make deadlines or I want a different style
of editing. You know, so I can do more stuff like this. Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video. I’m really excited that this is actually
happening and I again have to thank Alan Chatham and Ballistix Gaming for their generosity
towards our community. You know this video isn’t sponsored by them,
but guys, if you’re at all looking to upgrade your current PC build they offer really good
quality memory, feel free to check them out at Also in my last video I talked about the community
needing a website hub to host speedrunning bounties so that they would be centralized. Well I’ve found someone to help me build
such a website and hopefully it will be ready to go live sometime next year. I’ll keep you guys updated on that later. I may still be looking for good website designers
so feel free to contact me through my business email, Twitter, or Discord, and I’ll try
my best to get back to you. Just make sure in your introduction you include
some of your work so I can look at it, otherwise I’m going to be a lot less interested. And lastly, I’ve recently opened up my second
YouTube channel for additional speedrunning content in a different form. In my first video I’m also running a giveaway
and I’m giving away 20 copies of iCarly 2, but if you want more details you’ll have
to go check that video out yourself. I’ll link it in the description and in the
end card. That’s pretty much all I have to say, subscribe
for more speedrunning related content, and as always, I hope you all have a beautiful


  • yeetusthegreat

    You should require hand cam for something like this so people can't pass a spliced run or TAS to get the money easily.

  • Kelvin Climber

    but but but no icarly???????????? FK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well cool that so many wanted to get it up so i got more activity, prize money is somthinge that should be in more speedrun games xD but yea many games and somebody has to put that money down, cool to see that such an amount of people would help out straighten that poor guy that promised somthinge that happpend to screw itself over to help the community grow/inproobve it's times

  • Yecob

    This is awesome! Thank you so much to EZscape and the community for keeping this alive. Also I’m genuinely curious, why is it the first to 1:38 and not whoever has the best time by a certain date? Especially if 1:38 has already been achieved before?

  • Zach Thomas

    calling it now ClintStevens will get the first 138

  • seggy

    can't wait to see the simple flips win

  • MattAttack

    splicing accusations in 3, 2, 1

  • Zone

    this event is gona suck. it clearly says speedrun not 100% run so all u gota do is 3 glitches to clip into the final bowser fight throw him 3 times at bombs and win.

    woooooooowww such a cool speedrun challage where anyone and everyone can enter XD

  • Staka Duggan

    fucking wow. im proud of you man, honestly the first prize was obviously going to cheese but the other 4 prizes make it more interesting hehe.

  • BotAwesome

    tbh… i did not rly enjoy the edit FeelsBadMan

  • Bryan

    Can anyone link some streamers of this I don't follow it at all but I'd love to check it out!

  • nightggg

    10000 where are the remaining 2000?

  • The Real Samuelitoman

    I predict that holymoly will get the next 1:38

  • It'sCoreyHere

    Jesus Christ. This is the cringiest attempt at selling out I’ve ever seen.

  • vlaid

    when the competition starts on your birthday

  • Chase Miranda

    Clint might finally come back for this

  • trumpeter811

    Just saying you are lucky that check didn't bounce and you'd be 4k under from this guy pranking you or scamming you

  • Sean Peterson

    Hello, you absolute legend.

    PS Puncay

  • Al Gar

    youre a good man

  • PsychonunBO2

    Lovely community.

  • PalPlays

    The SM64 community is great. Thanks EZScape!

  • PalPlays

    2:48 Whoa, $10.000? Ten whole dollars? WOW!
    (JK I know it's a typo)

  • Anonymous Person

    Cheese’s run is invalid? Bro, that actually so depresaing

  • Edd e

    That edit was supercool!

  • U No

    Nice vid

  • Yoshibro26

    Sucks I wasn't doing it anyways

  • Dizzle

    I’m gonna start practicing. I died on chain chomp’s gate last I played, so I’m a little rusty.

  • The Razielim

    As amazing as this sounds on paper there is still only realisitically about 10 or so people that have a chance at this bounty….

  • Whalesters

    Yall gonna get a lot more cheaters now.

  • heartboy

    Actually one of the sickest videos Ive seen in awhile. Very cool across the board. Thanks for organising, thanks for everyone putting up the money and lastly thank you to the dedicated community who continues to run these great games.

  • mmandrew

    All I know is that my boy Clint won't ignore this

  • eo

    Who the fuck has 4k laying around to throw at speedrun shit?

    More money than sense

  • IamNixon

    I really enjoy watching speedruns, now I wish I did them myself. I could use a nice chunk of change like that.

  • JackBond1234

    3:19 immortalized

  • Matt Stevenson

    You need to fire that obnoxious editor

  • Didymus Mobilus

    noice editing

  • TheAlfaBich

    Whos ready to see simpleflips stream more often now?

  • LuciferVanity

    Fucking crazy edit!! PogChamp

  • The Insider

    I really like the idea of rewarding more than just the top runner. Else nobody would play as Cheese will win for sure. This might actually ignite the following pack. Good stuff!

  • TheGeneral

    This will just be cancelled again

  • Paderick Monahan

    Editors are important, very important, but so is structure and information gathering. Without a video concept, talking and footage/pictures there would be nothing to edit. The best channels are 2 person teams or larger. Team work is dream work

  • Rignard Gaming

    That's awesome how you divided the prize money. 5 winners is such a great incentive. I cant wait to see all these runs!!!

  • kevin

    4:25 uhh wtf ezscape lmao

  • eggcellent

    crazy that clintstevens is about to win it all

  • Jamie Bruner

    3:18 DICKS

  • pleb :/

    Sponsor the American Dad community scene. They’re a small, but growing community 😔

  • Vander Karl

    Such a short time after Pannen's TAS contest announcement! Can't wait to see these play out!

  • lengthyusername

    So… just a quick question for the sake of clarity – what if a run starts at 10:30am (EST), December 15th, 2019 and ends at 12:08pm (EST), December 15th, 2019? Would this be a winner, or would it be disqualified due to actually beginning before the competition date/time?
    This should be cleared up, just in case a runner decides to begin a run at 10:23am (EST) December 15th, 2019 and compete to try and finish at 12:01pm. The community seems relatively honest and not untrustworthy, but within every crowd there can be people who will attempt to gain an advantage on those who wish to play by the rules, which is why I think the rules should be as black and white as possible, since there's a decent chunk of money on the line.
    Aside from that, great initiative, keep up the good work, and go cheese 😎

  • James Leffingwell

    If that bounty site gets made i'd love to put up a bounty for Dark Stone. Seeing people run a game i really enjoy that no one seems to know about is well worth the money to me.

  • J-Roc Petchaow

    Damn sucks. I cant stream but would have got top 5 for sure sm64 is my lifefor 3 years now

  • Kashaku3

    I wanna see the next wr use carpetless so bad 😵✊🏻🍆💦

  • tackoracko Blasters

    I forgot how insane a 1:38 speedrun actually looks, holy shit.

  • Fancy

    You should upload the hyper edit as a separate video

  • Chloe Rose

    Good luck to all the speedrunners and may the best gamer win! 🙂

  • Harvey Epstein

    Rey is palpatines granddaughter. Also c3po, r2d2 and Chewbacca die.

  • Jemo Nep

    Holy Shit, this is a big one. Much respect for the community, and even cooler to be able to see who is gonna reap the rewards. Good Luck to everyone!

  • Sly the Guy

    I'm not even a speedrunner. I'm just curious about why so much MOH-NAAAY.

  • Drop Dedd

    Fuck yes I was worried that the Mario 64 speedrunning scene on twitch would die out. Thank God 👌👌

  • Sammichu1

    Watch this one get cancelled too.

  • Jarron

    It literally took me over a decade to collect all 120 stars 😕

  • Ryan Riggs

    Anyone know the guitar backing to the part midway through?

  • Kurtis Salazar

    Can’t wait to see all the Cheayers

  • 69,420 subs with no videos challenge

    EZScape: "I edit 95% of the content on this channel. Editors are just there for when I need more time to speedrun ICarly 2."

  • Tyler Johnson

    I’ve got 4,000$ for anyone who can record the longest run of SM64

  • Jake Cooper

    Why would you make it so limiting by requiring every runner to live stream??? How many people may have been motivated to try and run the game that aren't set up to stream?! If you don't already have a powerful gaming computer it's pretty difficult and expensive to just start streaming, especially if you don't want to do that for any other purpose but to try for this contest! There has to be other sufficient cheating protection that doesn't require streaming. If someone submits a sub 1.38 and wins, every single person is going to scrutinise their capture, they will never get away with cheating.

  • nerdpiggy

    Wait were people mad that you hired editors??? Even if they edited 100% of your videos, what does it matter?

  • Ace of Spades

    ok boomer

  • Voicefulspace5

    Just a question, but do you make a liveable wage out of your youtube channel?

  • Antonio England

    Doesn’t that equal 11,000

  • Cold NBother

    Why was the previous video taken down? People's feelings got hurt or something?

  • Matt Flanagan

    you shouldnt have wasted the money you spent on the editor for 2:41 – 5:04 it was super irritating and the sound design was just bad . So after the first 10 or seconds I just fast forwarded til it stopped .

  • M4 Media

    imo this isn't a speed run bounty this is a give cheese money.

  • Christian Berg

    Lets go Dwhatever, üb mal 120 star runs

  • Splatboy

    Oh man we gonna see some cheaters

    Ah shit here we go again

  • TeamEpikDarpRwar Productionz


  • Ana Bang

    Pretty hyped tbh, maybe we'll see the biggest N64 running era ever

  • William bernard

    you mean next decade?

  • longord5

    I wish there was a super like option… You're a living legend.

  • Seeking Drops

    Please cover the American dad speed!!!

  • Dank The Gank

    Hell yeah dude good shit

  • DaBul Dabz

    Clint Stevens breaks out the ol 64

  • Artemis Logic

    1st 1:38 = 5k
    second fastest = 2k
    3 runners up = 1k

    what if you give the 2k to the "second fastest" player, but then the next 3 people beat him, they get the 1k even though they have faster times, or do you wait until there are 5 new names on the board to determine who gets the 2k

    confusing, either way idc, i dont even watch speed runs, also this game reminds me so much of banjo kazooie, as a kid the levels of both just blend into one for me

  • Tom Newman

    What a shit choice of music

  • williamsquizman

    My poor ass was pretty excited about this then I realized I can’t even get 120 stars normally XD

  • Dillon Wilks

    Simple flips hear my prayers

  • Jonas Rivers

    This is amazing! Good luck to everyone competing. I am a little miffed about the fact that you're requiring people to live stream it. Feel bad for any runner that doesn't have a rig that can handle it. Oh well I guess the line has got to be somewhere.

  • B Razz

    This event makes me want to fucking SHOOT

  • sonic7270

    Livestream, yes
    Hand cam, yes
    Microphone, yes

    Emulator or Real Hardware….then there are also virtual console versions. I would say to prevent the most amount of cheating, the runs should be done on real hardware, but idk I don’t watch too much speed running.

  • Drewdactyl

    End of the Decade*

  • axdog

    Nice recent donation 😎

  • TheJadeFist

    The prize should be, you won't send them a copy of iCarly2.

  • doopman512

    That editing was FANTASTIC! In the best way possible, it felt like I was watching a cheesy 90s "we're cool!" ad for Super Mario 64 and I really really love that!!!!

  • Goshih Kim


  • G-Rantiks

    Twitch, YouTube, mixer, etc is just gonna be flooded with Mario 64 lol

  • princeofhalcyon

    Dang, what a bunch of cool bros

  • Jacki Rountree

    I would love to see a four way of this at the next AGDQ.

  • ddxii1

    Ma boi cheese winin dis anyway

  • Devon Peterson

    Wait, so it's $5k for the first person to cross the threshold, but the other amounts are based on runner up times? Am I misreading that, or are we expecting only one runner to get a 1:38?

  • Jelly Myst

    The hell is the context here? The other video is gone and I never watched it.

  • Rich3rd

    I was literally thinking of making the website after your last video but I thought it would be pretty complicated from a legal standpoint. Good for you for going through with making the website.

  • Joey Keilholz

    Never liked chromatic abberration as much as here


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