The Camera Returns For Dreams PS4 Early Access

Hey, LittleBigHeroes. Yeah, that’s right, we have a visual presence
today. If you watched the previous video I mentioned
that there would be some changes coming to the channel in preparation for Dreams Early
Access. And the camera is one of those changes. From now on the vast majority of our videos
will also incorporate the camera instead of just my voice. We felt that it was best to offer something
new and expand on our videos and this just seemed like the next natural step. Long term viewers of the channel will already
know that this isn’t the first time we’ve used the camera as we used to use it sparingly
for some gameplay videos, we were also practising using LittleBigPlanet content in anticipation
of Dreams and a few other minor things. But the channel was never camera focused,
we aren’t a vlogging channel so there was never a real need to perfect the craft. With Dreams arriving, however, we wanted to
do more. So, if this is the first time you are seeing
me on camera, hello! Our current set-up at the moment still requires
some work but we will look to improve gradually throughout the year. The camera we used to use was quite cheap,
we bought it purely to test the waters but since it will feature more prominently it
was best to upgrade to a decent one this time around and I have to say I’m pretty happy
with it. The quality has improved significantly, it’s
much sharper and even without proper lighting it deals with that more effectively. I never used additional lighting before so
this is something that’s new to me so bear with us as we look to improve that aspect
of it. It’s looking okay at the moment, we still
need an additional light to remove the shadow in the background but it does the job for
now and we know it can improve greatly over time. I only received the camera yesterday so I
wanted to make a video with it as quick as possible. We normally stream directly from the PS4,
due to the fact that we don’t have a powerful enough PC to deal with the demands of modern
day streaming so the camera for streams will be the PS4 one and again, the lighting will
have to be experimented with since it takes place in a different location. We have two locations that you’ll probably
see me recording videos in such as this one with the green screen behind me, I’m not currently
using it but maybe in the future I can. There’s not a lot of space here so when it
comes to lighting I’ll have to come up with something that doesn’t require so much space
to set up. The second location has a lot more space but
it comes with other drawbacks, it’s closer to the street so there would be a higher chance
of noise from traffic and that’s something we’d rather not have to deal with. So, maybe you’ll see the background changing
from time to time in each video. The location for streaming is exclusively
in a third location, we don’t have a gaming room or anything quite as fancy as that so
those streams would take place in more of the family area which again would require
more experiments with lights as that’s an even greater space compared to the two previous
locations which I mentioned. Quality is important to us and we want to
get it right alongside all of the other aspects that go into making an entertaining video. We have even more new features like this coming
to the channel which we can’t wait to share as well as more specific details on what our
first smaller, introductory projects will be. We’ll make another video outlining our plans
specifically for streaming but if you have any opinions on whether you’d like to see
us stream on Twitch or directly here on YouTube let us know because the feedback will help
us figure out some important details. Thanks for watching today’s video and we’ll
see you in the next Dreams video.


  • LittleBigAnimation

    New features COMING SOON!

    – Camera ✅
    – ???????
    – ???????

  • Zac Panther

    Nice camera mate but on a different note you said WE a lot. Have you partnered up with someone else on YouTube now?

  • Keld Bjones

    Nice improvements! Looking forward to your content when Early Access hits.

  • RedStool

    finally the man behind the voice, is this guy irish?

  • The Runaway Kid

    He has a face?

  • Iluminum Falcon

    Naw it looks good little lights please most Youtubers have it blindingly bright when they go back and forth on Game vids I suppose.

  • sergio garcia c.

    Im shook 😉

  • Male Ivy

    I finally seen the face of this channel I am going to guess you are from Ireland. I know a bunch of people either saying Scottish or Irish but you definitely sound more Irish. But I don't know which one you actually is though.


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