The CRAZY Bot Controversy In Fortnite Chapter 2… (Fortnite Chapter 2)

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description below! Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing one of the most interesting Fortnite controversies that I
can ever remember. As I’m sure you guys know, at the beginning
of the new season, Fortnite added bots into all regular battle royale game modes. This was something that was announced a few
weeks before it was actually done, so it’s not like this was a total surprise, but let’s
just say that the bots didn’t end up being what a lot of people were expecting. And some people believe that these bots are
actually having a significantly negative impact on the game as a whole. So, without further ado, let’s get into more
detail about that. So I don’t know about you guys, but when it
was first announced that bots were going to be added into regular games, here’s basically
what I was envisioning. In lower skill level games there would be
a couple bots in each match, that would allow the real players in the game to pick up a
few easy kills, which makes them enjoy the game more, and therefore results in them playing
the game more and improving over time. It actually makes a lot of sense, and I think
it’s one of the smarter examples of “outside the box” thinking that we’ve ever seen from
Fortnite. But, another thing regarding bots that I was
pretty sure of, was that as you increased in skill, the games you got put into would
have less and less bots, until eventually there were no bots at all. I thought this made a lot of sense with skill
based matchmaking, because it just seemed weird to have clueless bots running around
in a lobby full of top level players. But, so far I can assure you that definitely
isn’t the case. The gameplay that you guys are watching in
the background right now is a squads gameplay from a few days ago where I get something
like 21 or 22 kills. And I’m not watching the footage as I’m recording
this so maybe you’ve already seen it, but in this gameplay, the majority of something
like my first 8-10 kills are on players that I’m about 99.9% sure were bots. Now I don’t say this to brag it’s just to
get a point accross, but I’m a player that is top 80 in the entire world for lifetime
kills in Fortnite. I’ve played this game a ridiculous amount,
I consider myself pretty good, and even the teammates I’m playing with are all at least
average at the game. And it’s not like maybe we just got lucky
and snuck into a low skill lobby somehow, you’ll even see that the last few fights in
this video are against organized squads full of players who are clearly pretty good at
the game. And I’m definitely not the only person who
has experienced this weird phenomenon. A few days ago I stumbled upon a tweet by
a pro Fortnite player named “Svennos” where he says: The number of actual bots is concerning
and not good for the game in it’s current state. I just ended up playing for about 3 hours
straight with Vikkstar & we ended up running into probably about 60% actual robots, not
bad players.. ROBOTS.” And I’m sure that a decent amount of you guys
watching this video have experienced something similar at certain times in chapter 2. But the question I bet a lot of you guys are
probably wondering at this point is “Why is that a problem?” I mean, if the bots are just free kills for
everybody, and it makes people feel better about themselves, well then what’s the harm
in them? And I do totally understand that viewpoint,
but it’s also not that simple. One of the biggest problems with the bots
right now, is the fact that they actually drop a ridiculous amount of loot, especially
materials. Maybe not so much in the very beginning of
games because they haven’t had a ton of time to farm up, but the bots that I kill towards
the middle of matches, usually drop around 400 to maybe 700 materials each. So if you run into a full 3 or 4 man team
of bots, it could be like getting gifted 2 free llamas worth of materials. And that’s only focusing on mats, that also
drop a good amount of normal loot which means your weapons, inventory, and ammo get upgraded
as well. Fortnite made a few really good changes at
the beginning of this season that reduced the overall amount of RNG in the game. But as long as bots continue running around
giving out insane loot, it pretty much adds back all that RNG they removed. I’ve had games where I only had 300 or 400
mats in squads, so if I ran into a normal team, I would’ve almost definitely died, and
it would’ve been a deserved death. But then, I got lucky enough to run into a
full team of bots, and without taking any damage, I went from 3 or 4 hundred mats to
2 or 3 thousand. Another negative consequence of the current
state of bots, is that it makes the amount of kills you get in a game feel less meaningful. I’ll admit that some people may not care about
this at all. But, I also know that a lot of players kinda
of measure their skill by the amount of kills they get in games. I mean, it’s fun to try to get 10+ kill games
or break whatever your own personal kill record is. However, if your personal kill record is say
14 kills, and you get a 15 kill games, but 8 of those kills end up being on bots, it
definitely takes away a lot of the pride and significance of that game. I’ve already seen a good amount of comments
on some of my chapter 2 videos that go something like this “Dude you killed so many bots in
this gameplay that it really isn’t impressive, anybody could’ve done that.” And to a certain extent I kinda do agree with
that, but at the same time, I’m running into bots pretty much every game, so killing them
is kinda unavoidable. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing solos, duos,
or squads, I’ve run into bots in every game mode except for arena. It’s funny because yesterday there was a $20,000
tournament hosted by nick eh 30, where the teams of 2 would go into public match squads,
and whichever team got more total kills would win. As I was watching various streams of the players
in the tournament, there was so much complaining by the players and the viewers, that these
games were being decided simply by who got lucky enough to run into more bots. And I just know there’s gonna be a controversy
something in the near future, where I player breaks some kind of solo squads kill record
or something, and everybody complain because 20 of the guys 45 kills were on bots. Now, like I mentioned earlier, I don’t wanna
make it seem like I’m totally against bots, because that’s not true at all. They help certain players enjoy the game more,
and I’ve also heard that they serve a secondary purpose of filling up matches when there aren’t
enough players, and that obviously helps games start quicker and keeps queue times down. That probably explains why it seems like some
games have way more bots in them than other games. But, I also think that the current state of
bots could also be improved. I think the easiest and most obvious solution
here, is to just tone down the amount of loot that bots drop when you kill them. Getting 500+ mats from killing a single bot
is just insane and it literally changes games. However, if that were to be toned down to
maybe 100 or 200 mats, it still makes killing them worth your time, but it also doesn’t
add this crazy aspect of RNG into games. Also, even though Fortnite stated in their
initial blog about bots that “as your skill level increased you’d see less and less of
them” I don’t think that’s actually working as intended right now. Again, maybe it has something to do with bots
being needed in these higher skill lobbies to actually fill them up and prevent them
from having ridiculous queue times, but there’s got to be some better solution there. It just doesn’t make sense to throw a ton
of hopeless bots into lobbies filled with really good Fortnite players. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing, be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. What do you guys think about the current state
of bots in Fortnite right now. Are there some problems that need to be fixed
or do think they’re fine the way they are. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.


  • Paul xx

    Maybe the goal was to limit the game from 100 players to something much less for performance issue and adding the bots is just to keep the number to 100 still

  • Terrribleee

    What if fortnite brainwashed some people to play like bots? But that's just a theory A GAME THEORY

  • DefoNot12

    I have a 4.0 kid this season and I still get like 40 bots each game. I don’t get it, and they just become boring, non rewarding kills. I think that over a certain threshold, like 2.0 Kd this season or something, bots should be minimal or non-existing

  • Oily Dogshit

    bots make the whole experience so much less meaningful. lioe what is thr point landing at a cool new POI when you're against AI worse than the zombies

  • Dragonfury0

    I’m so glad that I got my first 20 bomb just before s11 because it wouldn’t have meant anything then.


    This proofs that the community will literally complain about anything

  • David Norman

    So hold on he said he failed at getting adequate mats mid game so he complains about finding a lot of bots to get mats?

  • ts911993

    They are just moving Lamas that sometimes shoot back.

  • Zland YT

    I don't understand pro player first they didn't like matchmaking because is like arena they add bot now to make it fun but they say is a exploit that means they prefer to play normal match like arena game I don't understand this people 😂😂 just leave the season like that and adapt to the game and if u want skill level player just play arena 🤣 and try to do a 30 bomb game 🤣

  • Danik_x3

    The bots are fine i love not having to worry about material or ammo since bots are in the game 🙂

  • CodeNameCheese

    I’ve been playing since Season 8 and always choke wins. I only had 3 wins before this season but I’m pretty good. Now I’m dropping 18 kill games because I’m getting bot lobbies because I have a low win rate

  • CodeNameCheese

    My solo record was 7 kills and my solo vs squads record is 18 and you’d think I’d be super proud but I feel cheated

  • khaled barakat

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  • khaled barakat

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  • Cody Jones

    This gronky is why I don't really watch your videos anymore. You constantly complain. Your facing bots because your a level 15. Please stop trying to blame epic because you don't want to sweat against real players

  • supamang64

    This is literally the most balanced meta in fortnite in forever and people are still complaining… nothing is wrong with the bots.

  • August Høyden

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  • supamang64

    I like the bots. I like that their landing patterns ensure that theres someone to fight in pretty much every POI on the map at the beginning (that does not happen in real games that often). Most games I've been playing as of late, especially squads and duos, have had real players… what's the problem…

  • Insomnia _

    I hate the bots and I hate SBMM. I would honestly take season 10 over this bullshit. The game just isn’t fun anymore with all the sweats I have to fight along with the obvious bots that just alert everyone where I am.

  • badboy22july

    This game is dead. Bots, sbmm, cross platform. The worst season ever !!

  • badboy22july

    When are you gonna make a video of how sbmm with cross platform console vs pc is taking away all the fun that fornite had ?

  • goldmenberd

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    fortnite new = gathering a bot

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  • Achilles

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  • EganRak

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  • Threesomemist

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  • Angle Fan

    I get it, complaints get more views than anything else but come on, fortnite is enjoyable for the majority right now. Ali a just posted about how swetty it is for him now so maybe do a solo squad if it is too easy for you.

  • Game-Star 21

    I"m an old and huge fan I use your code whenever I purchase from the item shop

  • CoasterRealm

    I definitely agree that pro lobby’s shouldn’t have many bots however if I’m being honest I sucked at the start of fortnite and I stopped playing so many people advanced further than me and I felt I couldn’t catch up. I believe that bots can be used to help players that aren’t too good improve their skill and allow them to enjoy the game as the pros do. Great vid btw 👍.

  • EZ FinlayG123

    I love there being loads of bots, me and my squad get easy wins and it makes the game so much more fun

  • Christine Russell

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  • Sticky Fingers

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  • Sean Langlois

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  • ChangingCrisis

    The only thing I like about the bots is the materials they drop. I don’t bother going for kills in this chapter because it’s not fulfilling when you just kill bots. I just play for wins and bumping into a few midgame bots definitely helps with that

  • KaioKenZilla

    I don’t mind bots honestly

  • gabe.swims. alot

    I'm just trash🥴…bots still kill me💀

  • Ralph Rosado

    Just program the bots to be as difficult to face like the computer in some single player games . They didnt have to make the bots this easy to kill .

  • l3layze

    I was already thinking everything you said in this video. But I want to add that the bots are ruining my ability to make good decisions and improve. When I see a bot I tend to relax and play down a bit once I know it's a bot. But then when a human player shows up, I am not ready for them. I spend too much time trying to figure out if they are human or not, by then it's too late as they've got a couple of good shots in on me.

    Plus the bots are STUPID! Like, beyond belief. Who drinks a small pot when I am lasering them with an AR?

    The simplest solution to me is: Allow me to choose. If I want to play a game with 99 bots to practice my aiming and such, give me the option. Otherwise keep it the way it was. The game didn't seem to have a problem filling out matches in the past, and there is still a TON of players. BTW, I haven't noticed a drop off in the number of bots that show up. I think that note about seeing fewer bots as you go on is inaccurate to say the least. It's like 60-70 per match.

    SBMM sounded like a good idea, but maybe there are too many 'tiers' of players. If we kept it to three tiers, it shouldn't be a problem filling out the matches. Like Gronky said, we'd end up with like, 10 bots per match TOPS. and that number is fine with me.

    There is more things I want to say, but I can't remember them rn. #Removethebots

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  • Ckduble

    Gronky I understand your point but there are way more bad players than good so bots don’t bother me a bit , free kills and materials help us average players hang in the gm – my solution is have a bot slider – on/off and I get it , the top player shouldn’t have any bots in game but either way bots make the gm better IMO

  • Flikz Aspexct

    I’m better than Bugha btw
    -No self-promo just saying👍

  • unbreeded

    i know it’s fake but dropping 20 kills and taking no damage like the entire game is so much fun i’m enjoying the game so much more than i was when i was only getting max 10k games

  • Supervisentti

    In my opinion the material drop is propably one of the only upsides of bots atm. Farming has always been one of the most frustrating aspects of the game. For example the very familiar farm 4mins to 500mats each just to get ur ass handed to yourself by the first enemy happening to be miles better situation. Instead now with the bots sort of farming for players it feels like there is more time to focus on the actual rewarding part of the game which is competing against other players. But that is exactly the aspect of the game bots hurt the most. It reduces the significancy or the excitement of games when I constantly have to wonder wether I'm fighting an actual player that I get to test my skill against rather than a AI that is unable to hit me back, builds one wall and then bails in a straight line. The presence of bots just makes the game feel hollow at times and that really bums me out. I do too feel like they are an useful add for the very beginners but for anyone past that skill-level they are just frustraing.

    Sorry for the long reply, I just had to let this out :')

  • middle aged step father

    I personally like the bots, it makes the game less of farming simulator

  • Fuz Beatboxer n

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  • GoodGuyWyatt

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  • Jongelino Games

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    The same thing with a youtuber i whatched he had 47 and played qith a gray tak shootgun only no building and got an easy 10+kill game… this is so extremly demotivating to see…

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  • Pat S

    I agree. Bots should be confined to new player lobbies only. Experienced players play for the gratification of beating other players. This is a multi-PLAYER battle royale, not a bot royale. I’ve played 120 games, with 50% win rate, and still get lobbies with 80% bots. I check this by clicking on report a player —-> select reason —>counting the players on the list every time I’m on the battle bus. It’s been EXTREMELY boring, and every game has felt like a chore, and not actual gameplay, until the final circle in chapter 2. Last night was the first time my squad and I had no interest in logging on to fortnite at all. It just doesn’t feel like fortnite anymore.

  • Blerk350z

    In my last video I had 16 elims and most were bots.

  • Teejor

    Have more relaxed sbmm and only have bots at very low skill levels. Or have a max of like 10 bots at all the other levels

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  • Ranger DangerYT


  • Nick Black

    You should do a video on the state of the game in general. The forced crossplay is the most controversial subject on Reddit right now. For above average console players the game is a shitshow right now. 15 minutes of pickaxing bots and farming and then getting stomped on by a squad of PC players. All the squads I know are either playing arena or have given up. This game is a mess right now which is a shame cos chapter 2 is awesome.

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