The Goonies Adventure Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

everybody today righto runs through the Goonies adventure card game which is a cooperative game that retells the story of The Goonies which for folks who don’t know is a very well-loved movie from the 80s about a plucky young band of kids who find a pirate’s treasure map and then go off and have lots of adventures while being chased by the patellae gang a bunch of mare do well rapscallions who are always at their tail and I’m going to be doing a two-player run Tuesday so you can see what’s all about although a couple quick caveat one I strongly recommend you turn on your subtitles to the Klingon channel right now so that I make any rules goose you can see where I go wrong and two I should say I really don’t know anything about the Goonies I saw it back in the 80s 30-some years ago when it first came out I was in high school at the time but it never really stuck with me so I could don’t really remember anything about the game other than the Cyndi Lauper song which I will not be singing but I just want to say if you’re like me it’s not like you need to have any knowledge of Goonies to understand how this game plays and enjoy it but there are some very very minor well minor is plot spoilers that will be on some of these cards depending on if I draw them and so if you don’t want to have the movie if you’ve been thinking hey you know that movie that came out thirty years ago I was thinking about watching it for the first time tomorrow well maybe you don’t want to watch this run to through till after you seen the just in case I come across any of those spoiler cards right okay with that out of the way let’s see if the Goonies are good enough for me alrighty so here’s the situation there are five locations the restaurant Chester copperpot the well the skeleton organ and the water slide in each of these locations are three treasure tiles although two of these are actually booby traps and only one is the treasure that we’re looking for let’s see in this case boom the treasure booby trap booby traps so what we’re trying to do is we are trying to explore through these locations and find each of the five treasures if we can find those treasures and safely secure them on these five paths which must first be mapped we win the game so to win we have to map these tiles which means without a map this have to get and discard three skeleton key cards to flip it so it’s mapped then I have to explore a place get lucky and see if we get it nope let’s see if we get it nope let’s see if we get it yay find the treasure and put it in here if I can do that five times get all these maps and find the five treasure and put them in we win hooray and the mortgage or whatever is saved I forgive it the driving force of the plot was on the flip side we lose under three different conditions one there are these obstacles and as part of set up each location has to start up obstacles that’s what this symbol means here it was part of set up that these two obstacles these pink obstacles go to the pink location these green ones go to the green location so we have to clear these out we can’t explore unless we first cleared these obstacles but over time more and more obstacles will build up and if at anytime five obstacles are in front of any location we lose just like that also there is this encounter deck if we go all the way through this encounter deck and there’s nothing more to draw before we find all the treasures we lose just like that then also there are a bunch of good cards in here and there are bad cards and the bad cards are the Fratelli gang this group this group of gangsters who are chasing the kids if there are ever five active for telle gang members we lose just like that so that’s what’s up against our brave goony heroes as they try to find was at one-eyed Willie’s long-lost pirate treasure right so who are the Goonies you ask well let’s introduce them you got Andy and brand and data and chunk Steph mouth and Mikey they’re all here I’ll carry you Frodo says very very young Sam lies there and oh my gosh look at josh brolin look at him anyway so well i’m martha plimpton pro martha in this house definitely so each player is going to be one character you can choose your favorite if you have but I’m just going to go and go randomly because I’m playing a two-player game let’s see who I am I will be Mouse Oh everybody loves mouth and Jen my wife she will she’s hoping for Martha come on Martha and boom nope she is Mikey alrighty so there we go Mikey who arguably is the most powerful character well kind of sort of no Jen wants to be a girl come on let’s find the girls Andi and Steph so is Jim gonna be Andi or static tick-tick-tick you – woo see a step there we go alright Martha in the house so I’m sorry martha plimpton with the actress who played step into original movie and i’ve been a fan of hers for years anyway so um I am mouth Jen is Steph and each of us draws in which we were playing with three or four players each player would get two cards in their hand at the beginning but since we’re playing a two-player game each player starts with three one two three alrighty so these are the items we have mouths got two skeleton keys and a medallion Steph got a lantern a musical note and a skeleton key okay pretty cool that’s that’s up that’s not bad that’s a pretty good start and last thing we have to do as part of setup is we draw one card this will be our first obstacle that will get added to one of these locations OOP and it goes to five the pink location the waterslide is in a little bit more dangerous and remember if there are ever five in a location we lose so we might want to head over to the waterslide start clearing these out but not it’s not all gloom and doom because because this is a medallion our first path the medallion path is already cleared this is one path we don’t have to clear so over the course of the game we need to find and discard three Maps and clear this one three skeleton keys three notes three lanterns and then we got to clear all these things out and explore and find the stuff wish me luck folks here we go so on a turn on the group we as a group get four actions because this is not a game where I’ll do a turn and then Jen will do a turn and then I’ll do a turn and in general do a turn everybody has four communal group actions they can do and this is the marker that represents us all look at it so cute if you’re fans of the movie you know what this means we move as a group we act as a group we share cards with each other we collaborate is a very collaborative game and so we have four actions we can do as a group the actions are move from one area to another clear an obstacle Explorer location map a path and remove a Fratelli so we do all of these actions with cards these cars all have two functions this card could stand in as a medallion because like over here to clear this obstacle out I need a medallion to clear this obstacle out I need to be dining to clear this obstacle out we need a medallion and a lantern so if we were at the restaurant as an action I from my hand I could discard this to clear this action out you don’t have to do them in order you can do them in you can do the one in the back first you don’t have to like go this one then this one then this one you can do them in any order you like so if we got over to the restaurant I could clear out one of the obstacles member ones because they’re all the officers out we can explore on the other use for these cards is they also have a color that coordinates a corresponds to locations so instead of discarding this to UM to clear out an obstacle I could discard this to move us as a group to area three so and that’s the crux of the game also interesting thing is I mean I got these two skeleton keys and Steph has a skeleton key as a group one of our actions could be we’ll pull our resources as a group we will play three skeleton keys and that would let us map the skeleton key path you know what we have we have four actions as a group and we happen we just got so lucky that we had three of these all together right at the beginning that’s going ahead and have our first action be to map another path now we’ve got two places to store treasures because we got to get all these done alright so that was our first of four potential actions we can do and now me I’m down to one card in my hand and Steph is down to two now I should say we also have special powers each one is he we have a special power we can use throughout the game and then a one that we can use one time only mouth special power is when he moves the goonies by himself which means he is the one who donates cards for the movement and nobody else helps them by donating cards they you can move to a location adjacent to the location you just chose because so if mouth uses this to move to three anybody else would have to move to three but mouth could say oh we can we can use this to move to three or two or four so mouth helps us move around a little bit faster he is once per game ability you can skip an escalation stuff at the end of every round we have to draw a card here and more obstacles will start getting thrown at us once per turn once per game when we’re up against and we think we’re all about to die we can skip the escalation step once steps special power when you move the goonies to any location by yourself so we both have movement powers that’s interesting you can draw card home so basically had to spend a card to move but then you get a card right back and her power is once per game all players can draw one card so that is really interesting both of our heroes have movements so we both have a reason to want to move us around seemed like this was our first action and we’re keeping it here as a reminder because it’s pretty easy to forget right are we done two or three actions because sometimes these turns can get very complex so I’m keeping this stack of cards here as a reminder we have done our first action represented by that stack of cards so next up we should start moving around because we’re not even in the world yet we’ve got to move to one of these locations if we use mouth to move hey we have more flexibility we can go here here or here if we use step to move she can immediately draw an extra card and send some well the best place we can move to would be the water slide because it’s in the most danger but to move here we would need a pink and I’ve you know we need a number five card I’ve got a three steps got a three and a one so neither of us can get here although that’s not quite true either because what I’ve been talking about right up nettleton now is hey I could use a single card to move to the matching location but if I use two cards of the same location it’s considered a while so if for our second action if both of us contributed a card we’ve have two matching colors and that means we could go anywhere including to number five which is the biggest danger but we’re burning through our cards faster to have that kind of camaraderie that kind of cooperative nature also you know in the same way we work together to contribute all these keys so you can work together to contribute cards to move but the other problem is if we both contributes cards to the move neither of us get our special abilities so under these circumstances Mouse could give us more flexibility but everything is equally dangerous so let’s have Steph move us which means she can move us to the restaurant or to the well and then until this be our second action so if we go to the restaurant we need a medallion and to get this one and a medallion key to get that one if we go to the well we need a key to get this one and we need a key plus a map to get that one let’s see here you know what I think what we will do is we will go to the restaurant so our second action Steph is playing a single card that it’s yellow to move us to the restaurant all right and so is this a reminder that was our second action but remember since Steph did all the movement by herself with nobody she immediately gets to draw another card and she got a skeleton key okay so that was our second action now our third action the reason I came here is because she moved us here and now mouth has a medallion so our third action will be to use that medallion to clear this obstacle all right and this just gets discarded hooray and so now there’s only one obstacle there and we’ve got one more action now mouse he can’t do much of anything else he’s burned through all his cards Steph still has two cards but we need a skeleton key and a medallion we’ve got the skeleton key but not the medallion so you have to be all or nothing so we can’t do anything else so Steph can’t clear this other one she could use these cards to move us someplace else which means he would get to draw another card so we could move over to area five she just drew this so now we can get to the water slide but then when we got there she has a note card which wouldn’t help her instead we could use this to go to the well and that’s extinct and then she’d have this two as a fifth action she could clear that out but we can only do four actions in a turn so so what is she going to do well here’s the interesting thing she’s not going to do anything even though we have four actions between us that we can use if you in a given round all use less than four that means at the end of the round everybody gets to draw an extra card normally at the end of a round in a two-player game everybody to draw two cards but if you didn’t do all four actions everybody gets to draw three so we’re going to take a breather we’re going to stop it only having done three actions and so at the end of a round first of all you discard all the cards you played so this is a reminder these were the three actions we did these all get discarded then you you draw new cards new item cards normally in a two-player game we would draw two a piece but because we didn’t do four full actions we get to draw three apiece now with more players it’s one or two cards instead of two or three but in a two-player game we need more cards so this is in turn now Stephanie is up to her maximum hand size of five cards and look at this oh she’s got a couple so this could be a pair of skeleton keys could be considered a wild card to get standing for anything so could these musical notes all rightie and mouth what did he get he got a lantern a medallion and a map so between us we’ve got the medallion and we’ve got skeleton key so next turn we’ll be able to clear this out and actually search the restaurant yay although the danger is well here comes the danger in fact because after we drew new item cards last me do on your turn escalate we’re going to draw one of these normally these are nice to draw because it gives us more items but right now it’s going to be a bad thing it’s going to be a new obstacle boom Wow Oh oh my gosh this is very scary all right so this as you can see it goes to area five the pink area and this symbol means if this symbol comes up when you draw an obstacle during escalation which is what we’re in right now then you draw another card if we draw another pink we lose right now you know which means we were playing a fire a little bit we could have gotten over here and cleared some of these out but we didn’t we took a chance we came over here we’re making good progress but now if I draw a pink which I didn’t queue because what were the chances instead we came over here but this is bad news escalate again we have to keep escalating please no pink no pink no pink yellow all right darn it and we cleared it out but now it’s filled back up again and no escalate so the escalation is stopped yikes so you can see how bad an escalation can go so quickly that’s why mouths one-time use of skip the escalation step could be a lifesaver because next right at the end of next round we have to escalate we might lose so either this round we need to get over here and use the water slide or at the end of this round we have to have mouth uses one-time special ability and skip the escalation phase to save us right so but on the flip side we’re over here at the restaurant but we do a really tough one so now we need two medallions and two skeleton keys and we could do it here’s a skeleton here cells here as a medallion and then here’s two musical notes which could be treated as a wild so if we burn through five cards we could then clear through these and actually start to search the restaurant but then we’d be really low on cards we wouldn’t have as much flexibility to move around etc etc so is that what we’re going to do well if you want to find out you can hit that little I in the top-right corner screen to go to the extended playthrough or go follow show notes or instead you can go straight to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one

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