The Green Miyamoto | Super Mario’s OTHER Creator

Mario and Luigi are inseparable. They have similar skill sets and are capable
of doing much the same things as one another. However, when it came to branding, it’s
Mario who got all the glory and recognition; leaving the uninformed to refer to luigi simply
as Green Mario. Of course, Shigeru Miyamoto made Super Mario
Bros. and other greats like The Legend of Zelda, but… by chance is there someone else
that we’ve overlooked? When comparing the fame of two individuals,
wikipedia is a pretty useful tool. For instance, if I look at a profile like
Shigeru Miyamoto’s and measure it simply by its length, it becomes very apparent that
I am dealing with someone who is very well known. If I come to another person’s profile in
the same industry and see that it is maybe 5 or 6 sentences long, my initial assumption
would be that this individual hasn’t quite done enough work to make a name for themselves
yet. Oh he works for Nintendo? That’s a good start, maybe he just needs
to get out there a bit more and work on some of the bigger… oh. Oh. Oh wait. What? Who is this guy?? I thought Shigeru Miyamoto made Super Mario
bros. single handedly in a forest with two sticks and some duct tape. There was another person involved? And he was a director/designer? Why have I never heard of him before? The Legend of Zelda? And Mario Bros. 3? Ok… Ok. Clearly there’s been some sort of mistake. You see… I know video games. And I know Nintendo. And I know Shigeru Miyamoto. I know Eiji Aonuma. I know Koji Kondo. Masahiro Sakurai, Genyo Takeda… wait. Sakurai? Hahaha, SAKURAI?? What the!? AH! Oh man, haha, that is great. Oh, I must be missing some kind of joke or
something… Whew, ok, back to Nintendo. (laughs) Back to the man who flew under the radar,
but has worked as one of the most influential and talented people in the entire gaming industry. Back to… Takashi Tezuka. Takashi Tezuka was born in 1960 in Osaka and…
well, not much is known about him. He went to Osaka University of Arts and got
a degree in design. He got a job with Nintendo after school and
that seems to be the only company he’s ever worked for. He doesn’t strike me as someone who craves
attention. He’s always been hard at work in the background,
guiding the company and developing the talent at Nintendo. For him, he just seems to really enjoy making
games, regardless of how many people know or can even pronounce his name. It’s entirely possible that he has avoided
the spotlight all these years intentionally. Now this is the point in the video where I
address those of you who, as many avid followers of Nintendo should, are already aware of who
Takashi Tezuka is. My point isn’t to unveil someone working
in the shadows who’s name has never been credited and I only discovered through years
of investigation. Obviously, he’s been named in the credits
of every game he’s ever worked on. He’s been promoted to an executive position
within the company. He’s well known within the company and has
appeared on several interviews and stage presentations in the past. But he’s always been overshadowed. Miyamoto stated that if there are 3 ideas
presented to both of them, they will end up picking the same one. It’s like they’re twins! Except one of them gets far more attention,
press, awards, recognition, adoring fans at events, invitations to parties… It’s like he’s just that other guy. (Oh, I forget his name but you know who I’m
talking about. The other one. The green guy! Oh yeah! Green Miyamoto! I know who you’re talking about. Yeah, I can’t remember his name either…) You see, I’m not saying that nobody knows
who he is. Just that… he’s the green Miyamoto! The one who everyone kind of knows was technically
there, but that nobody seems to want to get to know or meet at events or learn more about… It’s like he’s little more than Shigeru
Miyamoto’s trusty sidekick. But I’m here to argue that Green Miyamoto,
like his red counterpart, deserves WAY more recognition than he currently gets. Takashi Tezuka has been credited for a few
specific things within Nintendo. First, the invention of Yoshi. Miyamoto thought it would be a great idea
to have Mario riding a horse. Tezuka intervened and came up with this cute
fun cuddly little dinosaur that ended up being everyone’s favorite character for years to
come. Yoshi, he was called. In fact, for Mario Bros. 3, he has been quoted
as saying “For Super Mario Bros. 3, while I was director, I also did the visuals.” This guy did tons of work on those older games! Tezuka was also a big fan of The Lord of the
Rings books, and was instrumental in the first Legend of Zelda games. He wrote the script, designed and directed
the first Zelda game, and directed a link to the past and Link’s awakening as well. After directing Super Mario World, he directed
his final game, Mario World 2, Yoshi’s island. If any of you have seen my review of that
game, or played it yourself, you will know how special it is. It’s Takashi Tezuka’s final hurrah. His magnum opus. He hasn’t been that involved in a single
game ever since. But wow, what a game to go out on. An incredible work of art. He didn’t retire though, oh no. Like Miyamoto, he moved behind the scenes. After assisting Miyamoto (that’s what the
credits say) on Mario 64, He’s been a producer or supervisor on dozens more games, including
every new mainline Mario game, pikmin game, animal crossing game and Yoshi game to come
out since, occasionally being asked to lend a hand on newer entries into The Legend of
Zelda. What exactly he has been doing on all of these
games is mostly a mystery. And I think Tezuka likes it that way. One thing we do know, however, is that he
has been tasked with developing the talent at Nintendo. Teaching and mentoring the younger designers
and programmers and ensuring the new generation of Nintendo developers are as motivated, experienced
and as in-love-with making games as the previous one. In fact, the single quote that defines him
the most, I think is one he gave Bloomberg News back in 2007. Then, he stated, “I have never consciously
separated casual users and hardcore gamers when I design a game. For the past 20 years, I have always been
trying to make games so that anyone — as many people as possible — can enjoy them… I cannot help but say that I love my job of
making games from the bottom of my heart.” He truly could not have found a better company
to fit in with than Nintendo. In fact, he kind of resembles Nintendo’s
ethic, generally speaking. Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island was fundamental
in forming Nintendo’s identity. Donkey Kong Country had come out and the higher
ups were clamoring for Nintendo to follow suit, with realistic visual graphics and 3D
pre-rendered backgrounds and characters. However, under Tezuka’s direction Nintendo
began to prioritize creativity over pure graphical technology. Things like unique art styles and fun character
or level designs have taken precedence over at Nintendo even to this day, especially when
compared with the high computing power and realism of their competitors. Prioritizing creativity over realistic graphics
is something Nintendo lives by to this day, and that philosophy was so engrained by, among
others, Takashi Tezuka that it has literally become the culture of Nintendo, and likely,
well into the future. He may never be a household name, he likely
just prefers to sit in the background, helping the youngsters and doing what he truly loves;
but next time you talk with your friends about the great game makers of the world, don’t
forget that Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t do everything alone. Green Miyamoto was right there with him, through
the good times, and the hard times. A sidekick who, were it not for his protege,
could have been known as the greatest game maker himself, but who has the respect and
humility within himself to let go of his ego, and simply be happy that he can influence
the world through his work, whether they are aware of who he is, or not. If there were more developers like Takashi
Tezuka in this world, the state of modern video games would be in a much better place. I’ll just end this by once again quoting
him, “I love making games from the bottom of my heart.” And the games he has made, have influenced
my life in an incredibly positive manner. Takashi Tezuka, your work has changed the
world. And while most people don’t know who you
are, on behalf of any of the millions and millions of people who have ever enjoyed those
games, thank you for your part in making them. You aren’t just the green Miyamoto; you,
sir, are a legend.


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