The Outer Worlds – Come to Halcyon Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] Do you dream of working
on the frontier of space? Are you searching for exciting
off-world opportunities? Can you pass a
basic aptitude test? Then come to Halcyon… …where prosperity
awaits you in the stars. Owned and operated by Earth’s
most distinguished corporations. Halcyon’s colonists are
guaranteed full employment. Enjoy a productive life in
one of our many employment communities across Terra 2. You’ll have access to
every modern amenity, from gourmet dining… …to guaranteed housing… …and
company-approved social clubs. You never know what
you’ll find on Terra 2. Hungry for adventure? Apply for a post
on Monarch instead. Gently terraformed and pristine. Monarch is an alien world
just waiting to be tamed. Enjoy the outdoors, hunt local wildlife, and bring
civilization to wild places. Some restrictions apply. Monarch is currently
undergoing renovations. See your local board
representative for details. Yes, our colony has a
place for everyone. Are you a brilliant scientist? Or do you prefer
working with your hands? Have you been rejected from
every other colonist program? Not to worry. Halcyon accepts the
lowest aptitude scores of any Earth-directorate colony. Improve yourself through our
career development program. Sharpen your reflexes… …strengthen your muscles… …practice your social skills. “Thank you for considering
me for your ship crew and/or outlaw gang.” Injured on the job? Don’t worry. Our board certified insurance
program covers a wide range of conditions like robophobia… …permanent concussions… …and fear of heights. The Board cares
about your security, that’s why all of
Halcyon’s workers have the means to
defend themselves. We’ve got pointy weapons… …smashy weapons… …brainy weapons… …and shooty weapons. From Spacers
Choice to HammerSmith, your local grocer
carries it all. Ammo sold separately. Come join our corporate family. You won’t find a warmer — let me apologize in advance.
I’m about to ruin your day — friendlier, or harder-working
community of employees anywhere in the universe. So don’t wait. Sign those indenturement
contracts and get on board the next ship bound for
the Outer Worlds. Hello? The Halcyon Colony, a
better home for better people.


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