The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

Ah, there you are. Wondering what’s going on, eh? One question first: Are you feeling anything that can be construed as explosive cell death? No? Wonderful! Let’s get started. Welcome to the edge of the galaxy! The frontier of space. Well, at least it was until the coporations bought it, rented it, and started selling it at ludicrously inflated prices. And the rest of your fellow settlers? Abandoned on the edge of the colony. I’d save them myself but the Board’s got a bounty on my head. So, that’s why I thawed you out. You appear… capable. Look I get it. Taking on the corporation has left with two choices: Bad and worse. But you have to choose. And you have to choose now! You know you didn’t have to shoot either one right? But it’s fine, I guess. You just keep being you. Spacer’s Choice is not responsible for any
feeling of vertigo, wonder, or hunger you may have experienced while watching this advertisement.


  • silver flute


  • Will Ullery

    Sucks I have to wait a year to play this on PC. Sure as fuck not downloading the epic games launcher lmao

  • Carlos Castanheiro

    Game's awesome but I have a BUG report, nothing major, I just can't remove the companions head gear, except in the settings and I could before. Here I made a video and I'm loving the game, I really needed a good game, its been a VERY disappointing year lol. Congratulations Obsidian. I haven't felt this happy in a long time.

  • Cameron Brown

    I spent my entire first 7 hours or so waiting to find that revolver the MC uses in this trailer. It wasn’t as satisfying as getting Kellogg’s revolver in fallout 4 but it was still incredibly satisfying to get it.

  • moumou chilo

    Just started the game..

    And the first companion is a shy redhead girl hippie looking, and before leaving the first map/planet she tell me she was the best mechanic in town and love to call me captain… ok… then i enter the cargo hold on our spaceship OMFG!!!! FIREFLY ship ! then the vicar (another companion) is there!! the priest !!! then the ship animation leaving the planet!!!! the two reactors that rotate.. HELL TO THE YEAH !!! FIREFLY !!!

    BEST RPG AND SENSATIONS SINCE HALF LIFE 2… fucking congrats guys!.

  • The Narrator

    Outerworlds is the best game I have played in years

  • Emi

    I appreciate the middle finger to Bethesda 💛

  • julesloveless

    Steam? Lol

  • ArnoldsK

    Obsidian leaving Bethesda must be the best thing possible.

  • Atheos

    Sadly it's the ugliest game i've played in an age and its so bad I cant just ignore it.

  • Star Buck

    Wanted to buy this game but there is not any platform to buy it that i like, just Microsoft, which dont like, Epic games, which force you to renounce to your european right to give back the game in 14 days, and other webpages which force you to use Epic games platform, and Private division terms force you to accept any changes they make to the terms without warning you before

  • blostream

    tradiuction vf absente… pas de traduction = pas mon pognon. quelle honte

  • Brandon Fitzgerald

    Id really enjoy another add on that continues on after the game ends with world being based on your decisions. So say you get 100% of whats needed to save the HOPE. And whatever parts of the colony you sided with dicatates how they are in the days after. For example the after game text says you become leader of the new halcyon and they struggle for years but with the help of the HOPE scientists you save the colony. Maybe have that as a playable story.


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