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– I’m MatPat,
and this is “Game Lab”![static]
[typing, clicking]
For the last five years,I’ve made a name for myselfoveranalyzing video gamesusing real-world
science and math,
but now I’m taking it
to the next level
by throwing some of
the world’s most popular gamers
into the scenarios
we play through every day.
Will the games
stack up to reality?
And are gamers
as good in real life
as they are on-screen?Welcome to “Game Lab.”[rock music]♪ ♪This is insane!♪ ♪When it’s released in 2017,“For Honor” will be the newest
IP to come out of Ubisoft,
makers of the “Far Cry” and
“Assassin’s Creed” series.
And although its release is
still a long way off,
since it was announced in 2015,the game has been making
a lot of waves.
You see, “For Honor”
is designed to be a raw,
battle experience.
Everything is meant
to be controlled by you,
from the angle of the weapon
to the timing of your moves,
forcing the player to make
split-second tactical decisions
from start to finish.You’re not just
button-mashing your way
through a bunch
of sword battles.
You’re precision-striking
every time across
different heroes and multiple
different battle scenarios.
Oh, and you also
get to hop between vikings,
knights, and samurai,
so, uh, that’s pretty cool too.
So what happens
when four untrained gamers
have to go up against an army
of 30 experienced swordsmen?
Let’s find out, shall we?[epic orchestral music]♪ ♪Well, as I live and breathe. If it isn’t Team Beardy. Hey, guys. – Hello. – ‘Sup, dude? – How are you, man?
Good to see you, Jirard. Ronnie, good to see you
out of the basement. – No. – Fist bump? – No.
– No? – He’s got some–
– How about– How about gentle kiss?
– Oh, my God. – No?
On the lips? – Oh, Greek style.
It’s Greek– Greek–
Greek-Italian style. – What brings us
to this remote location? – We’re gonna put swords
in your hands, we’re gonna train you
in actual sword combat, and we’re gonna stab each other. – Oh, okay, great! – And then–
and siege a castle. – So we are Team Beards, yes? – Yeah, Team Beard Men… – Super Beard Bros.
– Versus Team Theorists. – I don’t want
to be on his team. [all laughing] – Why not, Ronnie? – Why would I? [all laugh] – Damn it, Ronnie!
You’re the worst. – All right, here we go. It’s the three of us versus you. – Wow. All right. You’re not gonna turn on me,
are you? – Uh, I cannot confirm or deny. – All right, well,
with that vote of confidence, let’s go train, shall we? Ronnie, I will win
you over to my side. – You will not.
– I– He’s gonna turn on me
and stab me in the back. I swear. [metal clanging] – All right, separate. Separate.
Come on in, guys. – Guys, I would like you to meet Brian Danner
from Sword Fights Inc, who has spent 20 years of his
life doing stuff like this, and 15 years of his life
teaching newbs like us how to do stuff like this. – Kevin and Adam here.
These are my fighters. – Hey. – They’re gonna keep you guys
safe today. And then what we’re gonna do is, even before we get
the weapons in our hands, we’re gonna take our positions,
find our balance. ‘Cause everything works
from the ground up. So we built a little grid here on the floor for you.
– Okay. – I know this looks familiar
to you gamers, but we’re not “Dance
Dance Revolution” today, okay? – Aw, all right. – That’s my thing, so, you know.
– Whole different thing. Our feet
are shoulders-width apart. Take a step forward. So we’ve got a good,
wide stance, and if you’ve ever taken
a dance class, you know the term “plie.”
– Mm-hmm. – So you can take a little bend, and when we bend–
you guys are ridiculous. Bend and hold it. Now we’re sword-fighting! – We are multitalented, Brian.
– Very good, yes. – We’re not just gamers. – Now, unlike our other games, like “Street Fighter,”
where, when we’re static, we start kind of moving around–
you know that– [humming] – Yeah.
[laughs] – You want to stay planted. Balance first. Defense second. Offense third. It is difficult. It is strenuous.
– Sick. – It is stressful,
and it is badass. I’ll say, “One, two, three,”
that right leg shoots forward. Left leg shoots back. We take the en garde position
and say, “En garde!” One! Two! Three!
all: En garde! – Without even looking at you, I can tell that it is terrible. Let’s try it again. Feet shoulders-width apart. – You could’ve tested us
at least! Like…I bet we did amazing. – I bet it was great.
Guys, was it great? – So good.
– So good. – We got an “okay” with an iffy. – Feet shoulders-width apart.
Ready. One! Two! Three! all: En garde! – That’s better. Bring your right foot forward
just a little bit. You got good, long legs. Bring your left foot out
just a little bit there. – Thanks for noticing my legs,
by the way. I feel like they’re
a critically overlooked part of my body. We’re dividing up
between vikings and knights. – Yes.
– In real life, who would win? – Vikings all day, every day.
– It’s an age-old question. It’s the modern equivalent of
you going to a comic book store and going,
“Batman or Wolverine?” If I say,
“Knight, samurai, viking,” everyone kind of knows exactly– – Funny you should mention that, because that’s the three classes
of “For Honor.” – Oh, my goodness. – It’s almost like
he knew it ahead of time. – I like knights because
I like the idea of chivalry. I like vikings
because I like the idea of– – Drinking. – Yeah. If I say, “Advance,” we’re
going front foot, back foot. Think that in your head. Advance. Advance. The cousin of that is–
is the retreat. Retreat. Don’t skip.
– Yeah. – Don’t self-criticize either. You’re new at this.
You’re doing great. – Aww. You’re great. – One! Two! Three! all: En garde! – Advance. – Retreat.
– Oh, no. – Back foot first. Vikings like
to criticize themselves. [all laugh] “I did it wrong, viewers.” – I don’t want to jump
into advanced maneuvering yet… – No, let’s do it. – But, uh, what is the proper
footwork for running away? – Drop your swords and go. – It is?
Okay! Not–not like– [whimpering] It’s like
the Zoidberg walk backward. – All right, guys,
so we’re gonna introduce you to the hand-and-a-half
broadsword, sometimes affectionately referred to as
the bastard sword. You want to make sure that
that second row of knuckles lines up
with that front cross guard. Now, with your secondary hand– you’re not gonna put it
right up against that. You’re gonna keep it
a little bit lower, so that you have
a push-and-pull sort of fulcrum system on that. What I want you guys to do
is I want you to be able to defend yourselves first. So we’re gonna take
this position, and I’m gonna teach you
five simple parries. So you remember
your en garde position? Everyone bring the tip
of the sword–point it up– rotate it like
the hand of a clock. Roll it. Open up that left hand
and protect that leg. – I feel like I can’t resist that sword strike
all that well in this position. – It may be less
to do with the sword and more to do with you, MatPat. – Oh, no, I–
no, I’m sure it has everything to do with me.
Don’t get me wrong. – This is one of the most
awkward parries. – Okay.
– But you’ve got to think. Your elbow lines up. Your shoulder lines up. Your torso is there.Standing there like,
“This is weird.
My hands don’t
normally do this.”
– Yeah.
– But all you need… is to be able to stop that
from hitting you. – All these decisions
are being done, like– – In split-second timing.
– Yeah, in split-seconds. – Every day, they’re training.
Their business is war. Their business wasn’t, like, YouTube or Internet
or anything like that. Although we do like
that business a lot. – It’s a good business.
– Yeah, it’s a great business. Right? Yeah.
So we’ve got one. We’ve got two
to protect our right legs. Like the hand of a clock, we’re gonna rotate the sword
up in front of our faceand protect
our right side of our body.
And slide it right over
to the other side. And we want to protect
the right side of our head. Open up the inside of my wrist to protect in front. On a real cut to that body… [shouts] I’m past him. And if he doesn’t
put that parry up… – He’s done.
– He’s done, yeah. He’s done, but I like him.
I want to keep him where he is. I think you guys should probably
take a look at the armor. – Yeah, that sounds great.
– Cool. – Want to take a look at it? – Let’s do it.[epic orchestral music]♪ ♪– [grunts]♪ ♪– So now that we’re clearly
certified weapon experts– – That is how I would
describe myself, yes. – Certified?
– Yes, that’s me. – Okay.
– Certified weapons expert. – Well, good, because Brian
has designed a challenge for us, as we compete
to siege a castle– the Castello di Amorosa. – Uh, it’s
“Castello di Amoro-sah,” not “Castello di Amo-rosa.” – I’m so gonna make you
pay for that… [in gruff voice]
on the fields of battle. [together in gruff voices]
Let’s do it, brother. Head off.
Doo-doo-doo… So, noble Brian, why hast thou
brought us into this forest? – This is where your challenge
is going to take place. I’ve assembled
an entire team of sword-fighters for you to have to fight through
and capture the flag. – Cool.
– You’re gonna be assigned choreography to go from
one point to another point to a third point
and get to the flag. If you get your choreography
wrong with the fighters, they will send you back
down the hill, and of course that’ll eat up
a lot of your time. – Yeah.
– So keep your guards up. Keep your shields ready.
– Great. – You guys want
to meet the troops? – Yeah!
– Let’s do it. – All right.
To battle! [all yelling] – Huzzah! [battle horn blares] [all yelling] [grunting and yelling]♪ ♪– [laughs] Oh, Jesus. [yelling and grunting] [battle horn blares] [grunting and yelling] – Come on! Come on!
– Ha! Ha! Ha! – Yah!
[shouts] [grunting and yelling] – Back again! – [laughing] – You can do it! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Come on!
– Come on, boy! – Ha! Ha! Ha! – Don’t look out there!
Go ahead! – You can do it!
One! Two! Three! Four! Five!
Let’s move! Let’s move! – Ha! Ha! – Get the flag!
Get the flag! Come on! And time! Nicely done, guys. Nicely done. – Whoo! – All right.♪ ♪[yelling and grunting]♪ ♪– Ready?
– Let’s go. We got this.♪ ♪[grunting and yelling]♪ ♪[battle horn blares]
– Okay, here we go. Aah! For honor! [grunting and yelling]♪ ♪Aah!♪ ♪– Come on!
Come on, move! – Ronnie! – Yes! – Super smooth!
– Go! Go! And time! Well done, guys. Nicely done. All right, that was an excellent
completion of the challenge. Vikings, you both completed
in a total time of 47 seconds. – Woof. – Knights, you completed
your competition in 28 seconds. both: Oh! – Knights win
the first challenge. Well done. You guys want to jump
into the second challenge? – Let’s do it.
– All right. Let’s go, knights and vikings! [all yelling] – For honor! #NotSpot. – Let the second
challenge begin! [battle horn blares]♪ ♪All right, gentlemen.
Are you ready? You’ve got to attack,
and you got to defend. All right, here we go. And we’re getting set. First position. And go! – [grunting] – Good!
Move on! Excellent!
Come on, vikings! You can do it! Good! Good!
Move on! Come on, vikings! Take that flag!♪ ♪Excellent!
Good. Defense!
Defense! [grunting and yelling] Three! Two! One!♪ ♪Excellent! You have successfully
defended your flag! – Yes!
– Whoo! [all laughing] – Oh.
– Good. We’ll get you some mead
after the fight, okay? All right, knights. You’re in the thick
of the battle. Watch your fighters. And go! [grunting and yelling] Good! Level two!
Go!♪ ♪Good!
Go! Go! Go! Come on, knights! [grunting and yelling] – Go back! – Go back! Go back!
Go back! Go back! Here we go! Come on!
Aah! Ha! Kill! Go, MatPat!
Go! [grunting and yelling] Come on, MatPat!
You can do it! Come on! Your parnter’s waiting for you! Three! Four! Five! Next wave! And five! Four! Three! Two! Take your flag, MatPat! – Whoo! – Whoo! – Holy cow!♪ ♪[grunting and yelling] [battle horn blares]♪ ♪[yelling and grunting]♪ ♪[grunting and yelling]♪ ♪– Finish him, Ronnie.
Don’t trust him!♪ ♪Never trust a man with a beard. [shouts and laughs] So, guys,
good to see you all respond. How did you think of the day? – I am truly exhausted, but also enriched. – That should be our motto,
like that. – “Game Lab,”
exhausted but enriched. – I definitely think we earned
our mead for the day. – Yeah, so tell me,
Robert Baratheon… [all laugh] You look a lot like him. Like, legitimately. – Just be careful
who you trust, man. – Yeah, don’t go
boar hunting anytime soon. – You got it. – Do you look at sword-fighting
any differently now, having gone through
this experience? – When we were on the field, the biggest thing
that threw me off wasn’t us going
through the obstacle. It was observing everyone else
with their weapons.Everyone else
had a different style,
a different way
to handle themselves,
and an overall
different physical presence.
– Yeah, I can now look
at somebody sword-fighting in a movie, and really be like,
“Oh, wow, bam-bam,”like, they’re doing the moves,
and that’s, like, a really cool
thing that I probably didn’t
really think about before. – I just got a lot more respect
for my idea of knights fighting on the battlefield.You’re up against a guy
you’ve never fought before,
and so his tells are different
than your training partner’s,
and it’s such, like,
a slightly different experience, but your fundamentals
are still there, and if you just trust yourself, hopefully things
will work out, right? – Yeah, no, absolutely. “For Honor” is a game where
it’s very much about, like, realistic sword combat, and I
think we saw that today, right? – Yeah, it gives you
the same system. It’s like, boom-boom-boom-boom,
like, where do you want to go?– The opening minutes of the
tutorial are very much like,
“Here’s your moves,
here’s your blocks,”
you know, “High block, side
block, side block, leg, leg.”
And this is exactly–
– Exactly what it is, yeah. – Exactly what we learned today,
right? Where each attack
has a corresponding block,and it very much
is like “Rock-Paper-Scissors,”
but you’re doing it in,
like, split-second timing,
and your life is on the line
every time.
– Yeah, you have
to react. Yeah. – And so the combat
is so visceral and true to life in a way that not a lot
of other sword combat games in the past–
or fantasy games in the past– have really celebrated. That’s another big parallel
to the game, right? Where there’s this
constant sense of fear, and you have to resort
back to your training, otherwise you just
kind of flail around, and you’re gonna leave
yourself open to attack, right?You’re running headlong
into battle,
and there’s people dying
all around you.
There’s a lot of shouting.
There’s shields banging against
weapons, and this, and that. It is crazy.
– Yeah. – I think all of us
had that moment where you’re looking forward
at the carnage in front of you, and you’re like,
“Oh, damn. What am I supposed to do now?” – Having a teammate, or somebody
on your side there with you… – Yeah.
– In the heat of battle,when you’re, you know,
swinging your sword,
and you don’t even know which
way is up, it really does help.
Experiencing that firsthand
absolutely gives me more insight into, you know,
stuff like that in games. – Nice. Well, that’s–
that’s a positive, uplifting message
to end on, right? – Yeah! We did it. – Speaking of morale-boosting and celebrating
each other’s victories, let’s go see who won
this episode, yeah? Let’s do it. – Let’s go–
let’s check it out. – So, Brian, how did we do? – You guys did excellent.
I’m very proud of you. Everyone executed very well. Clearly, in the first round, the knights were far and away
the better competitors. – Yes!
– They won victory. In the second round, however,
vikings. Far and away, went to them. So we’re in a dead heat
entering this third round, which was all about precision, commitment to the moves,
and overall badassery. I talked to the knights
and the vikings behind me, and we voted that round three
goes to… the knights. both: Yeah! – Ah, bring it in. – Oh.
– [grunts] – Oh, I see
you want to hug me now. – I do. – That’s great.
– You’ve proven yourself. – We see that
the keys to this kingdom can be turned over to you. And as a result,
I will share with you the sword of the first knight. So in the name
of “MatPat’s Game Lab,” Sword Fights Incorporated,
and YouTube Red, I share this with you.♪ ♪– Oh, wow.
All right. – Arise, Sir MatPat.
– Oh, thank you, sir. – Let’s all salute together,
shall we?♪ ♪– Where do you
get these things from?♪ ♪– Well done. You guys can kill them now. – [scoffs] [all screaming] [laughter] And with that, we’re done
with “Game Lab,” for now. I hope you had fun watching it. We had a blast making it happen. But before we sign off
one last time, I wanted to take a minute
to thank everyone who made this show a success. You can probably tell
it took a lot of people to make this show happen.
Look behind me. Look at all these people!
There’s so many people. We are a long way off
from what I’m doing in my closet every week. So thank you so much
to Vanishing Angle for all the 2-D
reality portions, Specular Theory and their whole
team for all the 360 portions putting you in the middle
of these awesome experiences, all our YouTube special guests
and our experts, our beautiful locations, but most importantly of all,
thanks to you guys, because without you,
YouTube would’ve never given this show a chance. So without you supporting
the channel and what we do here, none of this
would’ve been possible. Remember, at the end of the day,
it’s all for you. And with that,
how about a season two, YouTube? Let’s make it happen! What do you guys say? [cheers and applause] Here it is! Ha! And remember, that’s just a lab. A “Game Lab.” Thank you guys
so much for watching. – You know why they called it
the Dark Ages? – Why? – ‘Cause they had
so many knights. – Ah! – Kill Brian! – [echoing]
Praise the sun!

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