The Story of “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65

♪♪ -Back then,
none of the studios were actually soundproof, so you could always hear
what the others were working on, and I was working in my studio. I was hearing, you know, this piano melody
coming from Maurizio’s studios, and I remember I thought, “Wow, this is beautiful.” ♪♪ -When I first heard the melody,
it was a piano melody, but it was really hard
to imagine where it would fit. And Massimo goes, “We’re going to make a dance
track out of it.” -And then we turned on the
radio, and the song was there. -That’s when it really blew up. It was like, bang! ♪ I’m blue,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ -We were onstage
every single day to every single country
in the world. -♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ -The lyrics really threw off
a lot of people. The track was really
pushing people’s minds. -We wrote the song in two hours, but this is only the beginning. [ Synth music plays ] ♪ Di-di-dow ♪
-♪ Yo, listen up ♪ ♪ Here’s the story ♪ ♪ About a little guy
that lives in a blue world ♪ [ In distance ]
♪ And all day and all night ♪ ♪ And everything he sees
is just blue ♪ ♪ Like him,
inside and outside ♪ -Yeah, that’s me.
[ Chuckles ] Can you believe it with the mesh, you know, with this kind of eyes? Unbelievable. The first time when I met music
was when I was 5 years old, so for me, music was always
part of my life, but at that time, of course, I didn’t think about music
as a job. You know, it was only a hobby,
something like a sport. You know, like, I play soccer,
and I play piano, always playing. The first time I know something
about BlissCo, I was 18, and they were
looking for guys like me, and that’s when
I first met Jeffrey. -We’re headed
to the BlissCo Studios. So this is where a great part
of the magic happened, and it still feels weird
to walk in because it’s been home
for a long time. BlissCo was and is
a big studio, and you have different
kind of people working in it. There were musicians,
singers, producers, deejays mainly to produce dance tracks that would end up
on compilations and somehow create artists
that would play the tracks live if it really worked out. At the age of about 11,
I moved from Brooklyn to Sicily, but the singing process
came in a little bit later. I was a George Michael fan
when I was a kid, and I was listening
to “Careless Whisper,” so I was, like, 17 back then, and I came into Turin
for vacation. I said, “The only thing
I want to see is a music instrument store,” and I started talking
to this guy, and he goes, “Well, what
kind of music do you produce?” and I was like,
“You’re not going to believe it. I have a tape
with my song on it,” so he picks up the phone.
He calls Massimo Gabutti, and he says, “I got someone here I think you could
be interested in.” -So I hear some of his songs
with a perfect English accent, perfect American accent, said,
“Is this you?” Said, “Yes.” “Come on.” It was him. Gabry came to us and said, you know, “They told me
you are looking for deejay,” and he said
he could play as well. -When I got to BlissCo, I wasn’t able to find a C
on a keyboard. [ Laughs ] I studied music afterwards. You know, I went to Massimo
and said, “Look, I would like to be able
to make my own music,” so next day, 8:30,
I was there. Mep! [ Laughs ] This is what, you know,
what fascinated me about the vision of Massimo. He understood the importance of a deejay inside his team. -So the original BlissCo
was a small villa. We had three studio
on the first floor. If you come,
you could see a garden. There, you could see kids
going around and playing. One was Jeffrey.
The other one was Maury. The other one was Gabry,
and, yeah, one was me, as well. -It was a very creative
workspace. Also, one funny thing
is that none of the studios were actually soundproof, but it turned out
to be very useful because every time you heard something you liked
from the next door, you could join and take part
in the session, and that’s exactly what happened
with “Blue.” -“Blue” came out in this way. I was playing with this piano,
Rhodes, and this arpeggio. -Well, the first time I heard
the arpeggio of “Blue”… Let me explain the situation. My office was nothing else
than the singing booth, and it was very near
Maury’s studio. -Massimo, I remember that he had
to pass through my studio even also to go
to the bathroom. “Come on, let’s make something
just for a minute, a song.” In one hour, we had something
like an arrangement, so it’s time to write
some lyrics, and so, okay, we call Jeff, and Jeffrey is upstairs. -So I wrote, like, in maybe
30 to 40 minutes, three different lyrics
to the track. I go back to the studio to the
guys, and I said, “Okay, guys. I got three lyrics to this.
There is one that’s normal. One is so-so,
and this is totally freaked out. Which one do you want first?”
and Maury goes, “I want the freaked out one.” -“The weird one is something like a color,” he said. “A color, like, what?” “Something like, ‘I’m blue.'” “What? I’m blue? What it means? You’re sad? You’re blue the color,
so you’re a Smurf?” You know, you have a lot
of question you can do just with one title. -And I understood that everybody had their own way
of seeing things, and then I thought that
the metaphor of a color would be great, as if you
had your own personal lens with your own personal color that you would filter the world
and everything, and that’s what got me
into writing the lyrics. And what we had basically
was the lyrics of the verse and of the chorus,
of course, which is the,
“da ba dee da ba dye,” you know? The da-ba-dee thing
came in from Massimo. He goes, “Why don’t we
just don’t use words here and put in something
that is so international that anybody can sing it?” -So that came my contribution, which is something
that can be sang by a kid or can be sang by a crowd
of football fans. They trust me.
I don’t know why. -And believe it or not,
what you’re listening to today is exactly
what I recorded that day. We never sang it again. -In fact, that day, exactly as it is,
is one version, which is called “Dub Version.” -♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ -Then another version came out, which was a little bit more
elaborated, which was called
“Glamour Cut.” -♪ I’m blue,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee, da ba dye ♪ -If you listen
to the “Glamour Mix,” you can notice that many
things are already there. It was the version that inspire
me for many other things that I put in on the main mix. -And a few days have gone by,
and I walk down to the studio, and I walk in, and there’s Maury
working with Gabry on the track. -The first time I heard “Blue,”
it wasn’t “Blue” yet. One day, I was downstairs, and I was listening
to the track, and I thought,
“The arrangement is wrong,” so I said, “Hey, guys,
I have a different, you know, vision on how this should sound.
I would like to work on it.” -Me and Gabry worked together at the end of the production
of the main version, but I don’t remember
exactly what he puts. It was a some little decision
in the arrangements, probably, but if I have to tell you, if you ask me about what he puts that wasn’t in the tracks, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember. -We sit down together
in the studio listening to references,
sampling sounds. It was, like, two days
in the studio. -Gabry put his hands with Maury,
and it came out, the version that actually
everybody knows as “Blue.” -♪ I’m blue,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ -Wow! We got the old session
of “Blue,” the original one, and the original version
was something like 15 tracks. -♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ I’m blue ♪ [ Bass beat playing ] -Like this, and then comes the percussion,
for example, which was a clap… [ Percussion track joins in ] …a clap and a hat,
nothing else. If you just — [ Bass beat stops ] So this is the rhythm section
of “Blue,” three elements, and the vocals are Jeffrey, vocals plus vocoder. -That year, in 1998, Cher had released this beautiful
song called “Believe,” and it has this
peculiar effect on her voice. -♪ [ Auto-Tuned ] Do you believe
in life after love ♪ -And we were like, “Oh, my God. How can we recreate
this effect?” The problem is that we
didn’t quite get there because it was
the wrong effect, you know? [ Laughs ] What Cher had used was
Auto-Tune. -We call it vocoder, but it’s
not a vocoder, as I told you. It was a harmonizer playing
with a mini keyboard, the voice of Jeffrey. You can notice that the piano do the same kind of stuff
as the vocal. Not this one but — [ Piano playing ] And if you listen
to the vocoder… -♪ [ Distorted ]
Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ -…it’s a little bit unnatural. If you listen to the verse… -♪ I have a blue house
with a blue window ♪ -…this is the real voice
of Jeff. -♪ Blue is the color ♪ -And just here.
-♪ Of all that I wea-ar ♪ -Okay?
It was a choice. It was
an artistic choice. -When we were done, we were
so happy about the result and so excited,
so we wanted to test it live. -So we go to this club. We play the track,
and it was a disaster. ♪♪ -[ Laughs ] Oh, my God. It emptied the dance floor. It was, you know, as if I had
screamed to the microphone, “Hey, people, go to the bar.
Drinks are free.” So I remember we, you know,
we looked at each other, and say, “Okay, let’s move
to the next one.” [ Laughs ] -We priced 1,000 vinyls,
and it was a flop. We sold barely 200. -“Blue” was too pop
for the dance floor and too dance for the radios. It was in the middle. It was in the fucking middle. Luckily, after some time, it turned out to be also
its greatest power. ♪♪ It was spring ’99. “Blue” was out in the stores. Nothing was happening. -So personally, I moved on
to producing a lot of stuff. You would end up
forgetting about it, and a friend of mine from Sicily
called me, and he says,
“Oh, I got your track ‘Blue,’ and I’m playing it,”
and I was like, “‘Blue’ what?” I couldn’t remember the track. He goes, “Man, when I play this
when the chorus kicks in, people start jumping
all over the place.” He gets to Radio DeeJay, and it was
the 1st of April, 1999. I cannot forget it. That’s when it really blew up. It was like, bang! ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] From the time that it hit
the radio to the time that we actually
got on a stage, it was a matter of days. -We were onstage
every single day. -We found ourselves playing between Destiny’s Child and Bon Jovi or Sugar Ray. -You know, your mind-set is, “This is a
one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You are never going
to have this again,” so you have to take
whatever comes in. -50 million of copies,
platinum records diamond records,
silver records, gold records, every single country
in the world. [ Cheers and applause ] -We would like to start
and say, “Thank you,” to our big family
in Torino, and we’d like to thank them
from the bottom of our heart. Thank you, BlissCorporation,
from Eiffel straight to you. [ Cheers and applause ] -The biggest achievement, I think the one that gave us
more personal satisfaction was to see our song
rise Billboard charts, and, you know,
USA is a big market, and it was in alien market
for dance music, but I was like,
“Wow, this European dance music, the first time,
it’s kind of making it in USA.” -And then the US tour, consider that the big dance
and electronic festivals that we know today
weren’t existing. Some of them were, like,
alternative music festival, but, I mean, it was, like,
7, 8 years before guys like David Guetta or Black Eyed Peas
made it mainstream. I realized that we were
totally out of context. -And we were dressing like — acting as the aliens,
astronauts, which was, for us, a way to,
how can I say, be different. ♪♪ -We are on the way
to Radio DeeJay. Radio DeeJay is one of the most important
radio stations in Italy. It played a key role
in the story of “Blue.” -Eiffel 65… ♪ Yo, listen up,
here’s the story ♪ -♪ Yo, listen up,
here’s the story ♪ ♪ About a little guy ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ I have a blue house
with a blue window ♪ ♪ Blue is the color
of all that I wear ♪ ♪ Blue are the streets
and all the trees are, too ♪ As you can tell in the video,
I’m freezed and taken away, and as being freezed, I don’t know
what’s going on, so it’s, like, me playing, and all of a sudden
just waking up, and there’s a whole bunch
of aliens dancing and waving their hands
at me. And in the mean time, Gabry and Maury
are trying to get to me. We were just reflecting
on what, at the time, were the video games
we were playing, you know, “Metal Gear Solid”
or stuff like that. -Jeffrey was the one
who told me we can use the ambience and the atmosphere
of “Metal Gear Solid,” and we can find a story
inside of a 3-D world. -♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ -I never read the comments
actually. [ Chuckles ]
Better than “Despacito.” [ Laughs ] “I am blue.
I’m a beat up a guy. I would” —
Oh, my God. -“I would pee on a guy.” [ Laughs ] “I will need
an apple pie.” [ Laughs ] These comments I’m reading,
ah, it’s very funny. You know, this,
“da ba dee da ba dye,” we didn’t put the words, and every single person
in the world put some words
in the nonsense melody. -Basically, for the record,
it’s just, “da ba dee da ba dye.” We got to Germany,
and they said, “Okay, ‘Blue.’ Blue means
drunk around here.” The track was really
pushing people’s minds into understanding things
that were not there, and in England, they said, “Why are you writing
that someone is sad?” I’m not writing anybody sad. One guy came up to me.
He says, “Do you really say,
‘If I was green, I would die’?” I said, “Yo, dude, the name
of the track is ‘Blue,’ and why the hell would I sing,
‘If I was green, I would die’?” [ Laughter ] -[ Whistles ]
-Ciao. -Well, you know, you have
to see a band like a family, and obviously, you can’t always
be, you know, happy. You can’t always get
along together. In 2003, 2004, we were losing a lot of money. Why is because Gabry had
a lot of intentions to have his own personal career, which is great to work out, but if Gabry was gigging
on his own, we could not be gigging
as Eiffel, and so we came to the point
where actually, we thought it was a better idea
to have the gigs done with Maury and I alone, but I really don’t know
all the real in-depth things that could have been
between Maury and Gabry. I know that Maury probably
doesn’t like a few things that happened
between him and Gabry. -You know, we got together
by chance, by a deal of chance, and also, when “Blue” came out,
artistically speaking, our personalities were not
totally developed yet, so I started my solo project, and so we kind
of drifted apart. -But we never fight together,
never, never, and then life changed. You know, life change. The money change,
popularity change, the people, and for me and “Blue,” it happened in the last
probably one or two days of the last things I did. If I have to tell you, one detail is that I remember that he changed in the version. I don’t remember. I wrote “Blue” with Jeffrey
and Massimo, so we are the fathers
of that song. -I never thought I was the father of the song,
of course. On the other side,
if you take a look at the first record of “Blue”
and, I mean, with the original credits,
it bears my name, so, I mean,
there must be a reason why. Maybe after some time,
you know, somebody tends to forget
some things. You know, 20 years have passed, but the truth is that Eiffel,
not only “Blue,” but Eiffel
was always a team work. This has to be remembered. We did something
very big together. This is what I believe. I’m not, you know,
focused on who did what. I know exactly what I did,
and I’m very proud of it. -He has a good career. He’s famous here in Italy. He got a lot of TV shows. He could be proud of himself
for what he does. I’m more focused on having
my music more famous than me. ♪♪ -We’re going to the Live Club. Personally, it’s one
of my favorites. It’s loaded
with a lot of people. I think that the good thing
about doing it now compared to back then
is that our music has passed generations
to generations, you know, passing it on to their kids, and it feels like “Blue”
just came out. ♪♪ ♪♪ -I’m a lucky guy. I have to say that
I’m a real lucky guy. You know, things like this really don’t happen often
to people, and when they do, you really
do have to understand that it’s not just
a matter of talent. It’s a matter of luck. What could be better than living
thanks to my passion? -If I could say something
about the impact of “Blue,” maybe create a generation
of Italian producer who are aiming for the world,
not only for the next disco. -It obviously changed
my life totally. I was just a guy working,
you know, in a basement
trying to make music, and so I’m very grateful
to “Blue” and to all the BlissCo
people for that. ♪♪ -“Blue” changed my life
in so many ways. First of all, it makes me
proud of myself because before “Blue,”
for example, me, I don’t remember how many
things I failed before “Blue,” and you have to mention
them to understand why people like me
and Jeffrey and Massimo can wrote a song in two hours. It’s not a question of,
“We made the song in two hours,” but we make a life that
leads you in those two hours to make this. ♪♪ -♪ Yo, listen up,
here’s the story ♪ ♪ About a little guy
that lives in a blue world ♪ ♪ And all day and all night ♪ ♪ And everything he sees
is just blue ♪ ♪ Like him, inside and outside ♪ ♪ Blue his house
with a blue little window ♪ ♪ And a blue Corvette ♪ ♪ And everything is blue
for him ♪ ♪ And himself and everybody
around ♪ ♪ ‘Cause he ain’t got nobody
to listen ♪ ♪ [ Echoing ] To listen ♪ ♪ I’m blue,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ I’m blue,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪ Da ba dee da ba dye,
da ba dee da ba dye ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪


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  • Mr.Bryan 830

    I'm blue, if I was green I would …

  • carlos torres

    Vives tu vida por un trabajo de 2 horas , ole vuestros huevoss

  • centauro gamer

    Espero nunca olvidarme de esta canciรณn y de este grupo

  • fah q

    21 years later and its still shit


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