The Untold Truth Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Whether you’re a fan of the card game itself
or you’re in it for the story of restoring an ancient pharaoh’s long-lost memories, there
are plenty of little details from Yu-Gi-Oh! that casual fans could have easily missed. Like many popular anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! started
life as a manga, serialized in the popular manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. In this original manga, creator Kazuki Takahashi
had a somewhat different vision for the series than what appears on screen. Protagonist Yugi Muto, whose name was changed
to Yugi Moto in the English dub, is a bullied high school student. His grandfather, who owns a game shop, allows
him to attempt to put together an ancient relic known as the Millennium Puzzle which
Yugi, of course, solves. This should all sound familiar to fans so
far. Where the manga series takes a turn is that
the alter ego that possesses Yugi after the Puzzle’s completion isn’t an unwaveringly
just game master. Instead, this dark entity doles out vigilante
justice against bullies and criminals, going so far as to permanently disfigure, brainwash,
or dispatch them. These early chapters of the manga don’t focus
just on the card game “Magic & Wizards,” as it was originally known, but instead rotate
between various diverse games of chance and skill. When an opponent challenges this dark Yugi,
it’s a bit like challenging Death to a game of chess, with impossible stakes and unsavory
outcomes. “Sorry death, you lose! It was professor Plum!” This early Yu-Gi-Oh! is much more of a horror
series than what it would become later in its serialization. The anime series that is most popular in the
Western world is not the only Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Before NAS and Studio Gallop had their go
at making one of the most popular shonen anime of the 2000s, Toei Animation produced what
has come to be known by some fans as “Season Zero.” This late-’90s attempt has never had an official
English-language release, unfortunately, but even Western fans are aware of how it differs
from what the majority of us know as Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero hews more closely to the manga’s
original story, exploring those dark themes of vigilante justice meted out by a cruel
and savvy games master. It also sticks more closely to Takahashi’s
original art style, which in the early days was distinguished by his characters’ cuter,
more rounded features. Since licensors have gone this long without
attempting to bring this anime stateside, we don’t think it’s likely to ever find its
way into the North American market. Still, it’s a nifty piece of the history of
the series and its many iterations. In the early manga and the original 1998 anime adaptation, there is a brief story about a character with a penchant for American superheroes. Hanasaki, a classmate of Yugi’s is obsessed
with the American superhero comic “Zombire.” Zombire definitely seems to be a bit of a
spoof on the character Spawn, and it is clear from Takahashi’s story that he has a good
understanding of what the American comics landscape of the mid-’90s was like. In fact, he and comics creator Mike Mignola
even did an art trade, swapping Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hellboy mash-up pieces. More recently, Takahashi has provided the
artwork for Japanese-only Marvel comics involving Spider-Man and Iron Man. It’s clear that Takahashi is a fan of Western
comics, and influenced by them as much as he is by other manga. Whenever something is translated for a different
audience, things end up changing. However, hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are often
disgruntled about some of the changes that occurred between the Japanese version of the
series and the English adaptation by 4Kids Entertainment. The former was intended for a young teenage
audience, while 4Kids, naturally, tried to market it to younger kids. To start out, the majority of the characters
had their names changed from their original Japanese to more English-friendly names: Jounouchi
was changed to Joey, Honda to Tristan, Anzu to Tea, and so on. This is a common enough practice when anime
is intended for younger audiences, but surely there are Japanese kids in America who would
love to hear names like theirs on their favorite television programs. Beyond this, the English adaptation refers
to the Millennium Puzzle as 5000 years old, whereas the original Japanese has it at a
more recent 3000 years old. The opening and closing songs in Japanese
are well-written pop songs, but American kids were rocking out to a high-powered, largely
wordless tune. Perhaps the most shocking change of all is
the addition, in English, of something called the “Shadow Realm.” When Yami Yugi duels opponents and wins, he
occasionally sends their minds to a place referred to by this ominous name. In the original, however…villains just died. There was no sugar-coating the outcomes of
these duels in Japanese. “My millenium puzzle protects me from your
cowardly assault, but nothing will protect you from OBLIVION!” It’s easy to get distracted by all the card-playing
going on in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but the truth is that there is a ton of fascinating lore hiding
in the background. Viewers know that the Millennium Puzzle is
an ancient artifact with dark powers, and at the beginning of the series it seems as
though it brings out a cool, commanding alter-ego of Yugi. As the series progresses, however, it becomes
clear that this alter ego is his own person, albeit one who cannot remember who he is. Though most of the other Millennium Items
contain great dark power, there is only one other, the Millennium Ring, which also houses
a separate entity. The Ring is worn by Ryo Bakura, a likable
and timid young man with a penchant for the macabre. When under the influence of the Ring, he becomes
an entity known as Yami Bakura, an evil character who tries to thwart Yugi’s efforts at every
turn. As Yugi and Bakura deal with their own dark
personalities, it becomes more and more obvious that they are harboring two individuals who
have a long history together. In the final season, Yami Bakura challenges
Yami Yugi to a game set in ancient Egypt, where the story of their conflict is played
out. The stakes involve Yami Yugi’s lost memory…and
the fate of the world itself. “Are you saying that everything we do affects
the events of the past? ARE YOU?!” When the majority of people think of Yu-Gi-Oh!,
they remember the series that is centered solely on Yugi and his friends. But even though the initial viewers grew up
and moved on to other franchises, the success of the series and its real-world trading card
game inspired a slew of spinoffs. Each new iteration keeps the central theme
of dueling with cards, but adds its own spin or unique monster types to keep the action
fresh and the audience involved. The first of these spinoffs, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, follows Judai Yuki, called Jaden Yuki
in English, as he makes his way through the prestigious Duel Academy. As a connection to the first series, the school
was founded by the original series’ antagonist, the hyper-rich super-genius Seto Kaiba. Since viewers seemed to enjoy that, four more
series followed in quick succession: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, and Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. With each new installation comes a further
focus on the intersection of dueling and tech, a theme which has been part of the series
ever since Seto Kaiba stepped onto the scene with his Duel Disks. There is also a new, as of yet unnamed, spinoff
series set to premiere in 2020, four years after VRAINS hit TV, and it’s anybody’s guess
as to how the gameplay will evolve from its most recent digital-world makeover. As we now know, Yu-Gi-Oh! hasn’t always been about the card game, despite
what the merchandising team wants you to think. Even though the most popular anime series
focuses significantly on the cards and their lore and creation, tabletop roleplaying games
also play a significant role in the plot itself. In the manga, the shy new kid on the block,
Bakura, invites Yugi and his friends over to play a game of Monster World, a sort of
in-series version of Dungeons & Dragons. During this game, the spirit of the Millennium
Ring takes hold of Bakura, changing the stakes so that any false move sees one of the players
sealed inside their individual game piece unless Yugi can break them out. This storyline was pretty violent, which was
probably why it was adapted for the Season Zero anime but never made it into the later
adaptations. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, the final season
of the original series saw Yami Bakura as game master once again, taking Yami Yugi on
a trip down ancient memory lane in a tabletop campaign called Memory World. Most people, especially kids, don’t really
think twice about how their anime gets to them. The fact is, there’s a lot of time, negotiation,
and work that goes into acquiring the rights to air an anime in another country, plus all
the work that goes into voice acting and making the series presentable to a new audience. And sometimes, there are issues that arise
as a result of licensing. In 2011, American licensing company 4Kids
Entertainment was sued by TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems for breach of contract. The conflict arose around 4Kids withholding
funds from the licensors that they earned through deals with companies like Funimation
and Cartoon Network. 4Kids ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
following this suit and then claimed to have bounced back from it in 2012. However, they filed again in 2016. Fortunately, 4Kids legal troubles hasn’t stopped
Yu-Gi-Oh from being available to stream. The series is available through streaming
on Funimation’s website, as well as through Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu. Unsurprisingly, dueling in the real world
doesn’t quite match up with dueling as it’s represented in the anime. For one thing, while we call them Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, the characters in-show refer to their
decks as Duel Monsters cards. And in both the manga, and all of the anime
iterations of the series, the rules of Duel Monsters are pretty fast and loose. In order to make a playable game, more structured
rules have been set for those of us playing along at home. Another key difference is the cards themselves,
however. Everyone recognizes the Dark Magician or Blue-Eyes
White Dragon cards, but there are a handful of cards from the series that either never
made it into the physical realm, or are no longer usable when playing by competition
rules. Despite its frequent use, and explanation,
in the series, the spell card Pot of Greed is no longer acceptable in a real-life match. Bakura’s favorite card, Change of Heart, is
also a no-go, unfortunately. If you want to use these in a real match,
well… “And this time you don’t stand a ghost of
a chance.” Using all your allowance on Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as a kid was a common enough experience. But as we age, it becomes less viable to spend
money that way, never mind finding the time and friends with which to duel. Luckily, there are other means of engaging
with the series that can be enjoyed at any age, and within any budget. Like all successful anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh!
has spawned several video games. Many of these games haven’t made it out of
Japan, but there are a few which have. The first was Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories for the Game Boy Color,
which pitted the player against characters from the series in order to progress and acquire
new cards, pretty straightforward. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses, however, takes a different
tack. In this game, players chose the side of the
House of Lancaster or the House of York and duel in a plot that is loosely based on the
real-world War of the Roses. The gameplay unfolds on a playing map that
has different terrain, helping or hindering certain monsters in those areas. This game expands upon what fans know from
the series to create a new challenge. Of course, games and game systems cost money,
but most people have a phone or tablet these days. With those devices, you can download the official
Konami app Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, which allows players to duel characters
or real players from across the world in real time, keeping the spirit of one-on-one matches
alive. In other words, it’s always: “It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
anime are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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