These Glitches Are Crazy! (Super Mario Bros.)

oh maybe I can do this No what’s up
everybody I have a ton of videos and content that
will be coming your way soon I have all these ideas I’ve wanted to do for a
really long time that’ll make really fun streams and I just hired a video editor
so I can finally start getting them all out to you
so yeah follow me on Twitch to catch the live streams and subscribe here if you
haven’t so you can catch all the videos I have coming up for you
for now here’s some highlights from when I was messing around with a bunch of
glitches and fun little tricks from a while back we’re just changing an
amazing weight you need to start as well I’ll show you guys how to see than a
press and super mario bros like normally definite jump but if you want to save an
a press like how how would I do this I need some crazy bulletville pattern to
get me over right I’d have to bounce on like two bullet
bills showing you how not close it is it’s not close right now watch this oh can I get the triple man I can’t that
guy just be a little closer oh maybe I can do this no no what I wanted to do I just wanted to land on this hello same
Ricky it’s gotta be the same thing where if you haven’t jumped at all in the
lovely yet you’re like set to some crazy please wake up any second mic clip here the easiest softlock you could ever have
all right come to the end of any water level as big mario hold down push a bow
right release down tada this is a weird animation thing if
you’re swimming around you just shoots the fireballs right but if you’re if
you’re holding still and you shoot the fireball he puts his
foot out super weird you guys want the coolest flagpole glitch ever there you
go yeah it’s so cool because you have to
push B for the flag publish setup anyway and it barely saves the frame rule we
have zero frames left but yeah so normally for a fly public
like if we just go to like two three or whatever like you’re gonna see me shoot
a fireball anyway because you slow down on the stairs to do the flag footage set
up watch this anyway see that fireball that I shot like it just it kills that
Koopa in 62 it’s so perfect key to success is swag
I never I just had that idea I’ve never actually done that before it’s fun we
did it I got about second quest but it’s mine Wow I just realized that this could be
completely impossible based on coin toss that’s so annoying like the frame you
need to land on him just isn’t there like right now it’s not there oh there
it is okay I see the the mushroom watch this live fun you want a hot tip
let me show you how to get a bunch of points for not free okay how many points
do you normally get for kicking a Koopa okay
four hundred five hundred that’s why is it I said 400 500 it’s 500 if you stop
it and then land on it okay I actually didn’t know that watch this wait for the
feet to come out 1000 huh but wait there’s more 8,000 insane but
wait there’s more we’re gonna do it with frame advance
this is some serious knowledge about to distill upon you okay yeah so this is a the game only
checks for collision on like even frames or odd frames or something like that and
there’s only one frame for this so if he comes out of his shell um like the wrong
frame either even or odd then you literally can’t get it one two how about
okay when they disappear I got 1,000 interesting this is also like I’m
working with two controllers here so it’s also really confusing for my brain fourth frame 1000 two three four five fifth frame eight
thousand parodies so it’s like it ends up being a two frame window that works
50% of the time cuz watch this one two three four five six eight thousand one
two three four five six seven then he gets out of his shell why does it work
it’s just there’s just different ways they programmed into the game to get
points like if you kick a midair shell that’s upside-down like that
eight thousand see if you kick Justin upside down I think it’s 1,000 oh it’s
still just four hundred huh yeah if you do that you get eight thousand but watch
this okay watch this I don’t get this the points for doing it that way it has to be like please go to the right
you please operate on frame rules as well whoops there you go I guess it
matters huh I’m actually learning here it matters what part of the block you
hit not what part of the block he’s on okay I just have to hit the left side
even if he’s on the very left okay cool yeah there’s 8,000 cool Koopas do you
have a 21 frame rule but it’s like there’s like a frame rule for when they
come out of their shells that’s every 21 frames but then like their feet popping
out are on a different frame rule that’s like a different number of frames and
then the 8,000 kick only works every like a 50% chance so there’s just like
no way to actually have a set up to get the 8,000 kick you can’t like stand this
many pixels and then like time it when the feet come out because that’s
inconsistent and it might not work anyway so stupid so if you want to do
high school or attempts of this game you have to like I don’t know maybe you go
for an 8000 kick in like 1-1 and 1-2 and then then you do your high-score run we
said if you don’t get it because if you run full speed to the ku post you can
land on them and you could guarantee you that the 8000 kicks possible you


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    I have a ton of great content coming your way soon! I have lots of ideas that will make really fun streams to watch, and now I have an editor who can make them into vids for you here as well 🙂
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    Because it seems that, even if half of that block IS the trampoline, that half block that is the base has a full 8×8 box, so Mario never touch it, instead, it just "float" above it.

    BUT that was not the weirdest part of the glitch! It seem that, even if the sprite of the trampoline was not spawn, some hitbox of it was there, and Mario manage to enter it, but because… I do not know, maybe becauseit was never meant to happen, thus there was never a reason to coded it in that way, the box of the trampoline was not pushing Mario out of it's insides, softlocking myself until time´s over.

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    Some of the glitches and Easter eggs, including turning a Spiny into a Koopa or getting 8000 points for kicking a recently turned over Koopa mid-air, were posted on my site back in the 1990s. You can find them in the NES section of or by plugging in the original location of into .

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