Here’s my review of TimesupKidz . Click Here to get your FREE 30 days Trial!
http://www.timesupkidz.com?af=nfag OF the BEST and easiest to use children’s
online time limiting software. http://www.timesupkidz.com?af=nfag Limit your kids’ computer time spent online.
This parental control software for windows lets you choose when and for how long your
kids use the computer. With TimesUpKidz easily limit the time your kids spend on the Internet
and playing computer games easily set the time-of-day and duration limits appropriate
for each child. (Yes you can set it up for all your children – various ages etc.) TimesUpKidz Help your kids develop other interests
They’ll spend more time reading, playing outside, and interacting with friends.
Reduce parental stress and power struggles Give up your job as the family “time cop.”
Let TimesUpKidz give the “5 minutes left” reminders and force your child off the computer
when time runs out. Why limit computer time for children?
Computers are now an indispensable part of our society. I believe it’s important for
children to be technologically savvy if they’re going to be competitive in the business world.
But as we all know, sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad for us. Be careful
not to allow the computer to become a babysitter. Remember, nothing can match the value of spending
quality time with Mom and Dad. TimesUpKidz

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