Tips, Tricks and Ideas with Conveyor Belts in Super Mario Maker

Mario is a legend. For decades he stopped
bowser’s evil plans, tore down his castles and saved every princess in danger.
The munchers were not able to stop him, neather were the chain chomps. He escaped countless
crushers and traps. He faced the hydra, he even survived an election.
But today mario has to face his most dangerous mission. He has to enter the center of evil.
The place from where the evil itself rose, and started to poison the land. Mario has
to enter the industrial complex of the bowser&son industries incorporated.
The place where peaceful turtles get transformed into killer koopas, and where hundreds of
huge walking bombs are produced on conveyer belts, every second. A dangerous mission awaits
him, is he ready? We don’t know but are you ready? Let’s do this. So here’s our first idea. In order to enter
bowser’s factory mario needs to trigger this p-switch, to open this door. Luckily bowser
left a door opening mechanic. But the mechanic is not meant for italian plumbers, it’s
meant for his evil creatures. This cannon gets transported to the left on the conveyer
belt. If mario isn’t fast enough nothing will happen. But if mario manages to win this race against
a cannon, this small mechanic will magically open the factory door and mario is able to
enter the employee area. If mario wants to proceed he needs to solve
a small puzzle. Mario is small enough to fit through this hole, but if he wears the goomba
shoe he is suddenly too big. But he needs to find a way to get to the other side with
the shoe so that he can perform a double jump. Luckily dropping the shoe above the bumper
will drop it down onto a conveyor belt and onto a p-switch. Now our plumber only needs
to park the shoe in front of the sawblades and make his way back to the top. The rest
is fully automatic. Here cannons drop on top of a conveyor belt
at different timings. This stacks them in a pretty interesting way. Mario is now able
to abuse the cannonballs as a deadly ladder to get to the top. He’s looking for the
power generator that applies the whole factory with energy. Oh wait mario, mario can you
hear me, no no, don’t, don’t go through this door. Ugh, that’s not the way to the
power supply, that’s the way to the piranha generating machine. Mario is stuck in the middle of the piranha
processing unit. Wow that escalated quickly. But not only is he stuck in a machine, it
appears the machine is broken, as all the piranhas got stacked on a single block. If
he wants to escape this nightmare he needs to survive until the skewer to the left broke
all the blocks and the bob omb gets ignited by one of the piranha plants. And while this
sounds like a really weird evacuation plan, mario can count himself lucky that there are
at least basic safety measures. Wow, that was pretty close. Let’s take a
look on some smaller conveyor belt ideas, while mario finds a way out of this piranha
machine. This wiggler jumps on top of a conveyor belt.
This transforms him into a static enemy and into a pretty cool obstacle for mario to spin
jump on. Conveyor belts can be used to gain momentum
with a cape, without moving forward. We can use them to create tight jumps as well.
Here our plumber has to spin-jump at the right moment so that he does not touch the sawblades
nor the spikes. Let’s see if mario already escaped the piranha processing unit. Hm, well nope. It seems like he needs a little
bit more time, so lets quickly talk about the conveyor belt basics. It’s possible to put conveyor belts under
semi solid platforms and they will still carry mario away. While we use this here only for
aesthetic reasons there are some other cool things you can hide below conveyer belts as
well. You can make them almost invisible by putting
them below fire-blasters or firebars. If you put a bridge below them they gain additional
aesthetics value and if you want to hide them entirely you can put pipes above them. Alright it looks as mario finally made his
way out of the piranha machine, but now he is stuck in a cooling tank. How can he escape
from here. There is a bob omb to the right who walks on top of a conveyer belt. If mario
somehow manages to trigger this p-switch the bob omb will ignite himself and open the path
to the emergency door. Oh no, it seems like the security system finally
realized that our plumber is trying to destroy the facility. Mario needs to be quick now
before all the security gates close! Hooray! That was close, and now from our ongoing
series what is the most complicated way to trigger a p-switch I proudly present to you,
the conveyer belt solution. Now mario is stuck in the goomba generating
machine. The escaping mechanism works similar to the piranha one. But here goombas are produced
in endless waves and enter the arena through this pipes. Below this pipes there are actually
conveyer belts hidden which transport all the goombas and our plumber to the middle
of the room. If you put tracks on top of your conveyer
belts you can create pretty interesting obstacles. We use sawblades here to create one of these
tricky parkour challenges mario loves so much. Here we have a small and pretty useless glitch.
We stack all these springs on top of each other in this tight area. If mario now throws
one of them to the left, this happens. Conveyor belts can obviously be used for speedrunning
stages. Here we have a small mario kart stage. Our plumber has to drive his kart through
this course for three rounds. In the third round the exit will be opened. I tried to
create an uncheatable round-system and this was the best thing I was able to come up with.
Sadly it’s still possible to cheat this one, although it’s not easy. If you guys
know any cool tricks how to create uncheatable round-clocks please tell me about them! Oh and before we had to my favorite idea I
have a small announcement to make. I set down with a befriended journalist who helped me
research the history of mario. You know his story, his history, his first jobs plumbing
in brooklyn new york, and stuff. This video is now almost done and will be the next one
on this channel, and afterwards we will have tips tricks and ideas again. And now it’s time for my favorite idea.
This idea is special for a very simple reason, it makes use of the autoscrolling feature
and I’m not even sure if I ever featured a autoscrolling idea before. I proudly present
to you. The cannonball-hallway. At first glance this looks like a pretty standard
stage. But this is an illusion. As cannons are constantly transported into the area.
Mario has not only to perform his basic jump and run tasks but also he has to avoid the
gigantic cannonballs. I hope you enjoyed the video, if you enjoyed
the video leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially manufactured today and want
to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and to see you soon
with even more tips, tricks and ideas in super mario maker. Goodbye.


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