Tips Tricks and Ideas with Piranha Plants in Super Mario Maker or “Peach’s Castle Garden”

2016 has been a pretty busy year for mario
so far. He survived an almost infinite amount of super
mario maker levels, he brought back color to prisma island, he even battled sonic at
the olympic games in rio. All that mario wishes for now are a few silent
days at princess peach’ castle. But once mario and peach arrived at their
home they were shocked. The whole garden around the castle grew wild
while mario was away. There are piranha plants everywhere. If mario wants to enjoy his vacation he needs
to get rid of the evil plants first. After a short investigation it turned out
that most of these evil plants seem to grow around his old garden shack. Sadly mario lost the key to his shack but
he needs to find out what is going on inside. He needs to find the source of the fire spitting
plants and he needs to destroy it! So are you ready? Let’s do this! Mario has no idea where he left the key to
his shack. He started to search for it in his garden,
but as it turns out his once peaceful garden is now a horrible place to be in. Here piranha plants fell on top of conveyor
belts and mario has to dodge their deadly shots. Usually our plumber would try to escape from
such a situation as fast as possible, but that’s not possible here as the stage is
an autoscroller and the plants move at exactly the same speed as the screen does. Hm, this looks dangerous! Maybe it’s wiser for mario to search for
the key inside the castle first. But as it turns out even the inside of the
castle is polluted with piranha plants and not only this mario has now idea how to get
past this muncher. If he was only able to trigger the pow-blocks
things would be so much easier for him but there is no way he can ever reach them! But maybe there is a way to trigger them. If mario goes through this door which is slightly
hidden beneath a skewer, he teleports to the door on top of the piranha plant. This plant now spits fire towards the ceiling,
while this doesn’t sound pretty useful it actually is! There is a bob-omb and a thwomp hidden out
of sight. If the piranha plant shoots upwards the fireball
ignites the bob, which explodes after a short time and destroys the blocks which were blocking
a thwomp. If mario now climbs the vines under the pow-blocks,
the thwomp will throw himself down in anger, destroying the pow-blocks and opening a new
path for mario. While mario tries to remember where he left
the key, let’s take a look at something else. Youtube user Enzo McLauchlin asked me if it’s
possible to built a claw machine in mario maker. I gave it a try and while the result isn’t
exactly a claw machine, there are at least some similarities. I like to call this a piranha machine. Mario is trapped in this room and the only
way to escape is to trigger a p-switch. While mario can’t reach the p-switch he
can play a small but deadly minigame to trigger it. Whenever mario hits his head against this
brick block the piranha on top of the brick block is pushed upwards. On the top of the piranha machine is a bullet-bill
which pushes all piranhas from the top back to the bottom. These piranhas end below the ground where
our plumber is playing and start to shoot towards him. So every time mario triggers the wrong piranha
the game becomes harder for him. But if mario manages to push the big piranha-plant
upwards this piranha drops on top of a p-switch and allows our plumber to escape this fun
minigame! Mario is really worried that he might never
remember where he lost the key to his garden shack. But if he’s not able to re enter the shack
the beautiful castle garden is probably lost forever. Luckily mario has an idea how he could remember
where he lost the key, as watching an incredibly complicated way to trigger a p-switch always
seems to help him regain memories. I proudly present the piranha solution. Hooray, it worked! Mario regained his key-memories! He lost the key in the small cave close to
the huge tree in the garden. All he needs to do is to enter this cave and
he should be able to further investigate the origins of the piranha-plants-plague. What could possibly go wrong. Actually several things. The path towards the cave leads through several
flying pipes. Mario really loves pipes and he thought it
would be pretty cool for him to have a flying pipes-path at home. Sadly pipes are the natural habitat of piranha
plants, and it looks like a lot of them moved into his pipe-path! Mario needs to make use of his insane jumping
skills if he wants to make it to the entrance of the cave alive! Now he’s close to the cave but it appears
as if there is a puzzle guarding the entrance? Sadly this puzzle requires mario to bring
yoshi with him, but yoshi is currently at the top of an enormous tree. Looks like mario needs to climb to the top
of this tree if he wants to make any progress here. The entrance to the huge tree is guarded by
a puzzle too, but not only this there are tons of piranha plants which live here as
well. Mario seems to already regret taking a few
days of. Turns out fighting against sonic during the
olympic games was way more relaxing! But he can’t ignore the piranha-problem
any longer now that he knows about it so he needs to find a way to enter the tree. In order to enter the tree mario needs to
find a p-switch. Luckily for our small italian friend there
is a p-switch hidden at the beginning of the stage. All mario needs to do is to climb this huge
branch and he finds it. Now he can bring the p-switch to the area
where he was stuck before and trigger it. Triggering this p-switch changes several things. First he becomes trapped in this area and
has to dodge deadly fireballs which are flying towards him until the timer expires. Second it pushed the piranha plant which was
trapped down here upwards along this spring wall. Once the timer ran out mario is able to enter
the next part of the tree entrance puzzle. Now he needs to find a way to ignite this
bob-omb. Mario already learned today that piranha plants
are able to ignite bob-ombs but he isn’t able to find a piranha plant which is able
to shoot towards the bomb. Luckily the plant which got transported upwards
before is now sitting on a platform. If mario triggers this platform the plant
travels towards a spot from which it is able to ignite the bob omb. Now he only needs to climb upwards and he
is finally inside the tree. As it turns out this wasn’t his last challenge
before reaching yoshi. Some piranha plants inside the tree are trapped
on top of tracks. Mario needs to make use of the fact that he
is able to spin-jump on top of them in order to reach the next tree layer. This is the final tree part. Our plumber has to spin-jump upwards again
but as it appears it’s even more dangerous this time. Mario is probably regretting his decision
not to cut down this dumb tree years before. But how should he have known that piranha
plants will be flooding his garden one day! Hooray mario finally reached yoshi! Now the two of them are able to go back to
the cave-entrance from before to solve the puzzle! Mario needs to race against a dry bone bone
here. If mario and his dinosaur friend aren’t
faster than the dry bone-bone, the bone will despawn and the entrance to the cave will
stay locked. If our plumber wins the race however he is
rewarded with a key which allows him to enter the cave. Now our best friends forever finally reached
the place where mario lost the shack key. Sadly this place is overrun by piranha plants
as well. Luckily yoshi is able to bounce on top of
their sharp piranha teeths, so that they are able to survive. But this was just the beginning once our team
reaches this area a wiggler trigger get’s triggered and they are stuck here until it
expired. While they wait they have to dodge the fire
which the plants spit towards them. The two are getting close to the key now,
mario is able to feel it. The key has to be somewhere here. Our plumber can’t wait to find the key. He is sure that the key is the key to unlock
all these mysteries, something is going on in his old garden shack, and whatever it is,
he will end it. Mario is now inside the shack! Everything makes sense now. Someone built a huge machine which produces
piranha plants in endless waves. Whoever did this to mario, clearly wanted
to harm him. Whoever did this to him probably waits on
the other side of this door. It’s bowser junior. Of course it’s bowser junior. Mario is going to fight against him. But our younger bowser seems to have been
expecting mario. He built a huge machine from where he is fighting
him now. Mario can’t hurt bowser jr directly as he
is in an unreachable spot on top of tracks. His only chance of hurting the heir to the
koopa throne is by shooting these shelmets towards him. But bowser jr prepared himself against this
possibility. He put several brick blocks on tracks on his
side so that mario not only needs to fire one shellmet but several. Mario needs to break bowser jr defense before
he is able to hurt him. Once the young bowser is defeated the next
shell will grow a vine and allow mario to leave, and to finally get the holidays he
deserves before super mario maker for the 3ds is released in 4 days. There are two small things which I’d like
to quickly point out about this boss fight. First bowser junior is really good at level
designing. He decided that it would be only fair if there
was an area where mario can regain a mushroom if he lost one, but he decided that instead
of just giving mario infinite mushrooms it would be more fun if he had to always survive
a small extra challenge after taking a hit to regain health. So whenever mario is close to dieing he has
to decide whether he takes the risk of getting a mushroom alive, or takes the risk of fighting
against bowser jr while he is hurt. Really good level design here bowser junior,
sadly this decision sealed your fate. The second thing is the shelmet launcher. This setup uses the fact that munchers are
smaller than one block if they are stacked. Because of this the the shelmet can be triggered
by the note block if mario stands below it, but doesn’t jump around like crazy as well. Aaaaand, that’s it for today for mario’s
garden and for piranha plants. I hope you enjoyed the video, if you enjoyed
the video leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially fire spitting today and want
to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and to see
you soon with even more tips tricks and ideas in super mario maker. Goodbye.


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