Top 10 NEW Indie Games of September 2019

September’s here already and with it
begins the busiest time of the year for new game releases I folks today on get
indie gaming were looking over the top 10 new indie games coming out this
September 2019 coming in at number 10 and out on PC and early access on
September 24th no eater is a particle physics driven platforming roguelike it
sees you play as an apprentice mage where you explore deep into sinister
Minds and do battle against all manner of Horrors along the way what sets this
one apart from your – attorney rogue lights is the art style and overall look
and feel with the incredible fluid and gas physics mechanics at play here
associated with the range of spells your mage is able to cast you’re also able to
combine your spells with environmental elements around the map which is also
fully destructible this means there’s no rail like route for you to move from
beginning to end of each level no eater has been in development for the best
part of 5 years and while out in early access the creator’s knowledge games are
saying they expect a full launch next year no eater with its intriguing
gameplay and imagery is one I’m gonna buy into sooner rather than later at
number 9 River City girls is the continuation of the River City series
although the typical roles and rescue dynamics have been burst here it’s the
girls taking the good news to the hoodlums standing in their way of
setting free their kidnap boyfriends in keeping with the River City playbook it
seems nearly everything you can find within the game world is yours to use as
a weapon against the folks getting in your way has clearly unexpected not here
– the previous games of the series although the retro style graphics whilst
harking back to those on the nes are finally animated River City girls lands
on September 5th on the PC PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one with a physical
addition plan to come out via limited run games later in the year at number eight and coming to the BC and
iOS September 5th widowers sky offers a mix of puzzle action and platforming and
tells the story of a family having crash-landed on a foreign planet with
the mother having died in the initial impact you play as the father and it’s
up to you to look after your son and dog and find a way for you to return safely
home firstly I’m really taken with the visuals particularly the use of the
distant camera perspective this highlights the relative smallness of our
protagonists versus the wider environment it reminds me of the
technique used in below from earlier in the year although there’s so much more
going on here with the vibrancy of the landscapes and vistas compared to
Bulow’s murky dungeon environment with these visuals together with an engaging
soundtrack widower son looks already to be a wonderful immersive experience and
something that’s quite different to the norms nearly five or so years in the making
this month’s number seven Overland is a distinctive looking turn-based tactics
game from Finn G that comes out on September 19th with it driving onto the
PC and all of this generations consoles on the same day I played a number of
demo builds of this over the years with the most recent being a few weeks ago at
Gamescom which left me suitably impressed Overland sees you begin with a
single individual what I’ve always assumed as their pet dog and a
broken-down car you’re tasked with navigating your way and surviving a trip
across the post-apocalyptic bug infested North America from the east to the west
coast going through grasslands over mountains and surviving great deserts as
could be expected you’ll need to manage the scarce resources as you go on your
journey while collecting other survivors which adds a squad element to the game
each game starts with a randomly generated lead character and car with it
also featuring perma death so should you fail to make it all the way over to the
West your beginning back again where you started visually this is a real triumph
from the background to the characters which I found it easy to empathize with
their predicament and the hard choices and sacrifices they need to make to
survive nicely done Finn G it’s wonderful to see Overland out there in
the wild coming in at number six and published by
Harlem based iceberg Interactive the sojourn is a first-person puzzler that
self-evidently steeped in the concepts and stylings of such atmospheric games
as Myst rhyme and the witness and of course that’s no bad thing
while the narrative unfolds as you play the sojourn tells a story in which you
the character inhibit a pure and beautiful world that’s under threat from
a darkness and accompanying evil in another nod to one of the all-time
classics playing this one puts me in mind of portal with you traversing from
one objective or goal to the other although you would be wrong to consider
this a walking simulator with the puzzles being key to the overall
experience to describe much of the mechanics would deprive you much of the
mystery so I’ll only say you skirt between two parallel existences one in
the light the other in the dark with much of the puzzling based on the
location of statues that are key to each riddles solution with over ten hours of
play time and four distinct areas each with their own puzzle styles and
changing rules there’s plenty here to keep puzzle fans happy for the sojourns
duration and beyond this is your launches on September 20th on PC
PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one at number 5 which of course is halfway through the
countdown we have creature in the well from flight school studio it’s best
described in terms of being a top-down hack and slash dungeon crawler with
pinball inspired mechanics I’ve always loved playing pinball and
the concept of mixing this up with dungeon crawling elements feels inspired
the story has you players both see the last of a group of robot workers with
you restoring power to the rooms you play by doing battle with pinball based
puzzles featuring all the usual pinball artifacts and more besides along the way
you collect currency enabling you to open more and more doors with some of
the more difficult and reflex challenging puzzles giving you access to
secret routes which offer new weapons and upgrades to your characters
abilities while yes it’s hard much to love about it and it looks so
very pretty with the soundtrack and effects perfectly fitting the
environment when you think of family what comes to mind first a story of hope
of love of despair of how father’s pave paths for their
young ones at number four and just missing a place on the podium children
of mortar drop September 3rd you might remember this game was announced all the
way back in 2014 and successfully kick-started late the year after with it
bringing in just over a hundred thousand US dollars having spent time with it at
various events over the last year and the limited pre-release demo I’m happy
and excited to finally get to grips with this in a few days after the video airs
children of mortar is a roguelike action game featuring a family called the
Bergson’s they’ve served as guardians of a sacred and mythical montt mortar for
many generations as for the gameplay you have primary and secondary attacks were
also being able to use dodging and defense movements each family member is
best thought of being a different character class and you’re also able to
customize an upgrade individuals and the whole family at the same time while
we’ve seen many of these type of games before I’m a big big fan of the pixel
art at play here together with the audio work which feels perfectly in keeping
with the overall world we have to play in children of mortar launches in a few
days time this coming September 4th at number 3 and given it’s only coming out
this month in early access a choice that might prove controversial
here we have atomic crops described by many as a stardew valley game but with
guns it’s a farming sim with rogue elements where you combine growing and
looking after plants and crops but also spending time blasting away hordes of
mutated creatures the backstory to all this comes by way of you being the last
farmer in a wasteland hosts end of days event where the rabbits and slugs and
snails are now all super-powered so you better believe you’re going to need to
be somewhat handy with a variety of weapons I got to play this recently at
EGX rezzed in London and while I found the gameplay tough having spoken with
the team looking after the booth in getting some instructions for things I
should be looking out for this became one of the hits of the show while it
merges play styles at a Familia the farming simin the suitor
it’s a mash-up of something so dissimilar that really shouldn’t work
and yet it really really does the upgrade mechanics are finally paced and
the ability to call in and recruit other farmyard pals to automate the farming is
a nice and really cute touch and as the devs say themselves this one is
something pretty nifty to anyone prepared to shoot first and harvest
vegetables later guild repentance morning and every pain of the soul of
all kind were visibly untouchable manifested everywhere and in all of us
at number two and yet another game successfully funded by way of a
Kickstarter campaign from 2017 while the team had a goal of a crisp 50,000 US
dollars the campaign ended having brought in just over three hundred and
thirty three thousand this made it one of the most successful Kickstarter
campaigns versus initial aims over the past couple of years with blasphemous
there’s no denying to my eye at least the artistry at work here within the
pixel art and the accompanying soundtrack yes is also hyper grisly and
ultra violent and certainly uses themes and motifs some people will find in
somewhat delightful understatement a little bit over the top as for the
gameplay will you play as the penitent one and you’re caught within a cycle of
death and rebirth with the combat focusing on delivering devastating
combos and execution-style killings against enemies and bosses as can be
expected you’re able to find and use upgrades known as relics rosemary beads
and prayers which harness the power of the heavens to boost your powers and aid
you in breaking your eternal dam nation blasphemous comes out September
10th on PC and all of this generations consoles and at this month’s number one
and out on the 20th untitled goose game from house house has been a firm
favorite at the numerous trade in public gaming events for the past couple of
years here you play as the titular goose in what’s really a cute looking stealth
game with slapstick elements having been let loose within what seems to be a
sleepy British village setting with a sandbox backdrop in multiple areas with
differing challenges whereby you’re really out to annoy as many villages as
possible I just love how cheeky and light-hearted all of this looks and if
that honking noise and strutting waddle doesn’t cause you to grin then honestly
what’s wrong with you untitled goose game will launch onto the
PC and the Nintendo switch and there we go that just about a wrap for my top
indie games coming out this September be sure to press that like button and
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indie gaming thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you all back here
soon for another video



    River City Girls, Creature in the Well, Children of Mortia, Blasphemous, Overland, this is month is packed full with both Indies and AAA games, what a month!

  • dacolib

    Holy crap! I think I've never been more exited with a list of yours. Every game here looks awesome. The only one I think I wont buy is Blasphemous, but even that might change.

    Noita seems like a great Idea that could lose its novelty fast, but I trust the team behind baba is you.
    River city girls ave an amazing aesthetic, reminding me of that old Scott Pilgrim game, which Im all in for.
    Widowers sky is news to me, but the I really love the visuals and seems like the type of game you can really enjoy if you give yourself to it.
    I love the small scale of each stage in Overland. It makes it a lot more puzzly, kind of like what Into the Breach did.
    The Sojourn tingles the same bone Widowers Sky does, but it seems it will be more puzzle based, which im all in for.
    Creature in the well lis trying something quite different, I looks quite cool while doing it, kid of like Yokus Island Express. From the looks of the trailer it seem like it will be a fun time.
    Children of Mortia has a great somber atmosphere, and I really hope it has the story to match.
    Atomicrops might be one of those games you only play a little before you get tired of it, but damn does it look all kinds of fun.
    Blasphemous looks incredilble and even seems to be a lot of fun, but the gore really puts me off. Maybe Ill get over it.
    Untitled Goose game is simply astounding. Im excited to see the kinds of situations they put you in. The whole thing reminds me a bit of donut county, which is a great thing.

    wow, I guess my exitement shows in the length of that comment huh. haha, great video as always, man! Really builds up the hype! Cant wait to experience them all!

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    Also have to find money for other games releasing this month on Switch (Daemon X Machina, LInk's Awakening remake, new Gunvolt game, Jet Kave Adventure) and PS4 (Code Vein), plus a couple of import PS4 games (Hardcore Mecha & Uppers). RIP my wallet. At least Gears 5 will be on Game Pass!

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