Top 10 New PC Games (Q3 2014)

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 PC Games of
the 3rd Quarter of 2014 This video game ranking is based on a 10-point
rating system called the playscore. It combines all the ratings given by trusted
critics and gamers. Ranked 10 is Abyss Odyssey. This is an action platformer where you explore
randomly-generated levels. It borrows styles from titles like Prince of Persia and Trine. An evil presence infects a giant pit! Gather
your team, explore and cleanse it before it’s too late. You take control of three powerful warriors:
Ghost Monk, the nuke Katrien, an agile fighter
La Pincoya, an elemental goddess It’s a well-crafted platformer with solid
combat and unique graphics! It holds a playscore of 7.3. On the ninth place is Gauntlet. This is a reboot of the 1985 four-player dungeon
brawler! Battle waves upon waves of enemies and compete
with your friends as to who gets the most kills! It comes with the same four characters: Warrior,
Wizard, Elf and Valkyrie; Supports both online and local coop;
Has a good sense of humor And a blast to play with friends! A game that shines in coop mode! Gauntlet
receives a playscore of 7.4. Number 8 is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja
Storm Revolution. This is a sequel to last year’s Naruto video
game. And it comes with several enhancements: More than 100 characters to choose from, with
costumes designed by the creator Masashi Kishimoto himself
A more dynamic and challenging fighting system And new stories like the formation of Akatsuki! It’s a game that’s made for the followers
of the series. If you’re a massive Naruto fan, grab this game now! A playscore of 7.4. On 7th place is Wasteland 2. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s
finally here! This is a direct sequel to the 1988 game;
A party-based roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic world. It has an excellent story; set in a detailed
and dynamic world. The tactical combat is both challenging and
rewarding. Even though the visuals aren’t that good. Overall, it’s an immersive game that RPG
fans will surely enjoy! Wasteland 2 earns a playscore of 7.5. Ranked number 6 is Neverending Nightmares. This is a psychological horror inspired by
the developer’s battle with mental illness. You play as Thomas. You wake from one nightmare
only to find yourself in another hellish dream. Hide or run away from the creatures that lurks
in your dreams and find your way back to reality! The music and visuals are hauntingly beautiful
And, trust me, it’s one scary game! Neverending Nightmares holds a playscore of
7.5. Number 5 is Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. This is an exciting adventure and puzzle game.
Examine crime scenes, find clues, link them all together and tag that criminal! Just what I expected a Sherlock Holmes game
should be: Detailed visuals, neat and atmospheric
Script and voice acting are top-notch Challenging puzzles
And it’s episodic form greatly reminds you of the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories This is the best Sherlock Holmes game so far.
A playscore of 7.6. Fourth in the ranking is Starpoint Gemini
2. This is a space sandbox game with elements
of role-playing. Captain your own spacecraft and explore the
depths of space! It’s set in a vast open universe ripe for
exploration The ambiance and sound effects are magnificent
And, most important of all, the spaceships are imposing and look really cool! Specially
during space battles! Space sim fans, this is a must-play! Starpoint Gemini 2 holds a playscore of 8
out of 10. On the third place is The Vanishing of Ethan
Carter. This is a game of exploration and discovery. You play as Paul Prospero, a detective on
a quest to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the young boy Ethan Carter. This is not your usual game with shootings
and explosions. Rather, it focuses on unraveling the plot and developing the characters. It’s story is enchanting and mysterious
and its open-world environments are beautiful It receives a playscore of 8.2. On the 2nd place is Endless Legend. At first glance, it looks like Civilization.
But it’s more than that. Endless Legend is a turn-based strategy game set in a rich,
complex, fantasy world. Your goal is to dominate the world of Auriga,
through war or diplomacy! Landscape, units and animations are gorgeous
It has one of the best soundtracks in any game
Compelling story and narrative quests It’s a one-of-a-kind strategy game! Endless
Legend holds a playscore of 8.3. And the best PC game of the quarter is Middle-earth:
Shadow of Mordor. This is an impressive action game, with similarities
to the Arkham and Assassin’s Creed series. Graphics look good and combat.. fluid. But
it’s the dynamic nemesis system that makes this game impressive. Enemies that kill you:
become more powerful earn new skills
wear the scars that you gave them and even recognize you! This is currently the best Lord of the Rings
game. A playscore of 8.6. To recap, here are the Top 10 PC games for
the months of July, August and September. Whatoplay. It’s all about video game scores.


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    I also appreciate that you used mostly gameplay footage for this video rather than strobe-happy trailers like that rubbish Shadow Realms released, though I'm guessing your choices for selection of footage is more limited for games that aren't released yet. xP
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