Upcoming Survival Games of 2018-2019 | PC,PS4,XB1

38 Most Anticipated Survival Games are set
to release this 2018 and beyond on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Let’s check them out right now! Dying Light: Bad Blood. Techland is barely done with their zombie
slash parkour game. This latest entry is a standalone multiplayer
expansion for thrill seekers. It will feature heavy PvP and PvE mechanics
and it’s coming this May 2018 on the PC. Conan Exiles. Finally moving out of Early Access, survive
the harsh and savage lands set in the Conan The Barbarian universe. Build, survive, dominate and be proud of your
dong as the game releases this May 8th on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. State Of Decay 2. The most awaited sequel of Undead Labs’
zombie survival game is finally near. This latest entry gives players a taste of
its promised online multiplayer content and a horde mode. Coming this May 22nd on the PC and Xbox One. Don’t Starve: Hamlet. The latest downloadable content from Klei’s
popular horror slash survival game. Discover a lost town and encounter pigshops,
houses, new items and dive into the ancient pig ruins. It’s coming sometime this June 2018. Last Year. This 5 versus 1 survival horror takes you
and your friends in a massive school with only 1 killer. Search for resources and craft weapons to
survive the nightmare. It’s coming out this August 2018. OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman’s TV Show may have suffered
losses, but its gaming counterpart manages the franchise to rise from the dead. Enjoy a new survival story with new characters
and a first person co-op experience. It’s coming sometime this Fall 2018. We Happy Few. Take a dip into a sea of drug-induced delirium
in Compulsion games’ dystopian survival game. Go against the fold as you strive to accomplish
a personal quest in alternate England setting. It’s set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox
One this second quarter. SCUM. Let’s get ready to rumble in this upcoming
title developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. Set in the hostile halls of maximum security,
survive the onslaught of the multiplayer prison riots. Coming on the PC this second quarter. Daymare: 1998. A horror tale told in multiple perspectives. Starting out as a fanmade Resident Evil 2
remake, this indie title boasts the touch of previous Resident Evil developers, hopefully
creating a worthwhile survival title. It’s set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox
One this third Quarter. Memories of Mars. An open world survival game that will open
your eyes to secrets of the red planet. More than just a barren wasteland, set up
camp in its unforgiving terrains and fight off the planet’s mysterious inhabitants. Currently on Steam Early Access, it’s official
launch is set this Spring. Dollhouse. Inspired by Stephen King’s spine-tingling
plotlines, play your role in a deadly game of cat and mouse. A survival game anchored on the power of choice,
unravel a compelling story that’s custom fit to your decisions. It’s set to release on the PC and PS4 this
2018. FAR: Lone Sails. A game without enemies, except for the mystifying
atmosphere of loneliness. Take control of a vehicle sailing around an
endless post-apocalyptic sea. Built around a drive for exploration, it’s
set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this year. Ashen. Based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road,
Ashen welcomes us into its bleak and sunless world. Find a place to call home, and fend of creatures
with its Souls-like, stamina based combat. Coming to the PC and Xbox One sometime this
year. Visage. SadSquare Studio’s survival horror takes after
the footsteps of Kojima’s P.T. Step inside the haunted manor and unlock the
death’s visage in your quest to uncover its long history. Set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One
in 2018. Pathologic 2. The remake half of a confusing simultaneous
release. It offers a revamped experience of the magnetic
oddities of a 2005 psychological survival horror. Play as the only medic around and fight against
the plague in a span of 12 days. It’s set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox
One this year. Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse. It’s hard to believe this childishly wondrous
open world is actually a zombie game in disguise. Scavenge for resources, use tools, and craft
nifty inventions to keep the Deadwood invasion. It’s set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox
One this year. Kursk. Telling the story of Russia’s historic naval
disaster, Kursk plays the twofold role of documentary slash adventure survival game. Submerge yourself into world of truth and
audiovisual delights. Coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year. Days Gone. SIE Bend Studio’s harrowing take on the zombie
genre. Face off against hordes of the infected in
their unprecedented third-person viewpoint. An open world survival with vast landscapes
and perspectives, it’s set to release this year on the PS4. Asylum. Open your eyes to the horrors of the mental
health institutions in this upcoming indie horror game. From the same developers as 2007 adventure,
Scratches, it’s packed with the same atmospheric scares and unexpected twists within the fully
explorable institute. Set to release in 2018 on the PC. Die Young. Find your way out of a dazzling mediterranean
island populated by a cultish rural community. It’s a scenic nightmare fuelled only by your
ability to run, jump, and climb. Survive the enigmatic countryside as it releases
this year on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Overland. Become part of the mob and make the most out
of every bad situation. A mix of strategy and survival, take a roadtrip
through a stylistic North America, and survive the obstacles of their procedurally generated
levels. Set to release on the PC sometime this year. The Darwin Project. An overwatch-like battle royale set in a wintry
land of post apocalyptic Canada. Playing as their cast of convicted felons,
craft your weapons midbattle and become the last man standing. It’s coming to the PC and Xbox One this year. White Day 2: Swan Song. A follow-up to Sonnori’s 2016 first person
horror survival game. It takes place six years before the events
of the first game. Return to the halls of the haunted school
and reveal the mystery behind the deaths of several students. Playable with and without a VR headset, it’s
set to release on the PS4 sometime this year. World War Z. With the combined forces of Paramount and
Saber Interactive comes a videogame adaptation of the zombie novel and movie. A four player coop game, work together to
survive the long march of the undead. Coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018. Outpost Zero. Colonize a dry desert planet in this shooter
and survival game hybrid. Play as an AI overseer tasked with building
a new habitat for humanity. Manage resources and tame the beasts of the
barren lands. Coming to the PC in 2018. Tunguska: The Visitation. Inspired by the radioactive dangers of the
STALKER series, this game is a top down shooter that you lets you test your skills in the
irradiated Zone. Rife with lush visuals and tough choices,
it’s coming to the PC in 2018. Far Peak. Conquer the perilous trails of Mount Everest
in this indie survival game straight from Poland. Powered by sheer determination, it challenges
you to weather the blizzards and dizzying heights. Not much details yet, but it’s set to release
on the PC this year. Osiris: New Dawn. A tasty treat for enthusiasts in the new dawn
of space exploration. Survie the terror of an alien world and brave
the realm of cosmic uncertainty. Explore, craft, fight and work with other
players to build a thriving colony. Coming this year to the PS4 and Xbox One. Dead Island 2. The most awaited game from Sumo Digital. After the success of their first Zombie shooter,
this sequel promises a bigger open world to explore and more zombies to face. No release date yet, but it’s set to release
on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Allison Road. Another spiritual successor to PT. This first-person horror lets you explore
a mysterious house inhabited by a terrifying ghost. Jumpscares are in every corner, but only when
the atmosphere kicks in. Set to release on the PC, but no release date
yet. H1Z1. Daybreak Games’ H1Z1 is a free to play battle
royale game. Much like PUBG, it’s a last man standing deathmatch
that matches you with up to 150 people. Released on the PC, it’s release dates on
the PS4 and Xbox One are yet to be announced. Deliver Us the Moon. In the year 2029, humanity is forced to harness
the Lunar resources in a bid to save civilization. Put on your spacesuits and explore the Moon’s
rich surface while managing oxygen levels. No word on a release date yet but it’s slated
to release on the PC and Xbox One. The Wild Eight. A co-op survival game that lets you share
the burden of wildlife survival. After a plane crash left you and a team of
survivors freezing in the Alaska, use your individual skills to keep warm and protect
against rabid creatures. Coming to the PC and Xbox One with no release
date yet. Resident Evil 2 Remake. A remake of the title that popularized the
survival horror genre. Walk through the terrifying streets of Raccoon
city and relive the scares of one of the most beloved Resident Evil titles. Unfortunately, CAPCOM has kept mum about the
details since its announcement last 2015. The Last of Us 2. A follow-up to Naughty Dog’s moving post apocalyptic
tale. This second chapter will highlight the adventures
of a now grown Ellie and her hunt for Firefly. Rendered with jaw-dropping visuals, there’s
currently no word yet on an official release date. Praey for the Gods. Having gone through a significant name change
to make way for Bethesda’s Prey, No Matter Studios’ upcoming survival action adventure
is still on its way to release. Weather the neverending winter and square
off against towering behemoths. No release date yet, but it’s coming to the
PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Heathen. Greenlit on Steam, this indie shooter is based
on the novel of HG Wells. Explore an island populated by Dr. Moreau’s
oddities. Be one of the beasts and understand the nature
of the island. No release date yet. 60 Parsecs! Join a ragtag crew of cartoon astronauts and
help them gather enough supplies for the journey into the unknown. Discover its vast procedural cosmos as you
scavenge for supplies and navigate through its lightning-fast branching narratives. Coming soon on the PC.


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