Using Rocket Flowers in 2D! | The 2D Hyperspeed Glitch in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey you can find a pick-up
in certain kingdoms called rocket flowers. You can pick them up off the ground using Cappy and receive a huge speed-boost that lasts for a short period of time. You can stack up to three of these rocket
flowers at once to increase the duration, but regardless of how many you have the speed
will not change. There’s a neat glitch, where when we enter
2D sections with the rocket flower the effect is not removed properly
giving us Hyperspeed. The trick really is that simple, all you have
to do is enter a 2D section while the rocket flowers are active on Mario. This trick is currently possible in 3 Locations. The first and easiest location being mushroom
kingdom. If we grab a few rocket flowers over here
by the tunnel we can run over to the 2D section at the well, enter the pipe and gain Hyperspeed. This Hyperspeed actually has some practical use since it’s used in the All Moons speedrun to activate the notes in the 2D section faster. The next location we’ll be going over is
in wooded kingdom. All we have to do here is clear out these
blocks to make a path to the pipe. After we can travel to the base of this ramp and rocket flower up into the 2D section
and activate hyperspeed. Maneuvering into this pipe can be a bit trickier
than in mushroom kingdom since there’s lots of things to bonk against on the way, but it should be pretty doable after a few tries. The final location is in moon kingdom and
requires two player mode. We can start by picking up some rocket flowers
at the plateau checkpoint. Next we can walk over to the 2D section and have the rocket flowers return to us right at the pipe. From there we can easily enter and activate
hyperspeed. Unlike the other locations, the camera zooms here when we are in
the 2D section with hyperspeed. And that’s all there is to know about the
glitch. Shoutouts to Timpani for finding it. Have any questions, feel free to comment and
I’ll answer if I can. Thanks for watching, feel free to like
and subscribe, I’ll see you guys next time.


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