Utomik Review | Unlimited PC Game Subscription Service (FREE 14 Day Trial)

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to my review of Utomik now Utomik is a unlimited gaming
subscription service you have a very large library of games that you can play
and you have no restrictions all for $5.99 a month they are also currently
offering a 14-day free trial so completely free no need to use a credit
card or anything just sign up create an account and you can play any game you
want for up to 14 days so this is sort of like a Netflix of gaming that’s what
people are describing it it is similar to the origin access service offered by
EA and basically what you have is at the moment they have six hundred and fifty
nine games and simply pick a game you like and start playing now what they do
is when you want to play a game the Installer the client Utomik client it
will install the minimum required files on your computer so that it can run the
game and while you start playing it will download the rest in the background now
looking at the games they have a good mixture of games here most of them are
slightly older and there are a lot of casual sort of time management type
games as well but they do have quite a lot of good games as well and they also
have a lot more coming soon you have the Prince of Persia series is coming so I
spent some time I’ve been using this for a few days and I’ve picked a few games
that I liked and so these are the three games that I’ve picked in that I wanted
to play and these are fairly new games there is this game called Odyssey which
is a next gen science game there is Renoir which is a 2d film noir style
platformer and there is Wonder Boy the Dragons trap now this is a well known
game this is a remaster or a remake of an old Sega Master System game I believe
and so I was curious to try these games these two wonderboy and Odyssey came out
2017 Renoir came out November 2016 so about a
year ago so you also have fairly new games here overall I would say the
service is pretty good the interface is very nice
simple to understand they have categorized the games in to say the most
popular ones the new ones adventure action casual etcetera etcetera like I
said there are total of 659 games at the moment they are always adding more they
added 24 games in the last month so that is also excellent and hopefully as the
service gets bigger and better we should get a lot more newer games as well so
personally I would say is definitely having a look and with so many games you
are bound to find at least 10 15 20 games that you would be really
interested in like even me with the cursory glance and as someone who owns a
lot of these games already even I found three or four very interesting games
very quickly so I would say this is at least worth one or two months of
subscription so let’s say you wanted to try out some 10 games or so it should
take you a month or two to finish those so you get 14 days completely free so
definitely grab that even if you’re not interested in the subscription and if
you do want to support these guys and you find more games that you would like
to play definitely grab it for a few months and play the games and depending
on how many new games they add you might want to hang around a bit more as well
so yeah so as far as I’m concerned I really like the service this is only
going to get better in the future obviously if they can add slightly newer
games that should make a big difference one of my recommendations for these guys
if they are listening is if they could try to get some older more expensive
games and what do I mean by that basically there are some companies some
publishers that don’t give discounts on the games for example Activision doesn’t
reduce the price of their games quite a lot even on sales on Steam you don’t get
games quite cheap even Bethesda for example there is an old game called
vampire the masquerade bloodlines activision game and that game I believe
came out in 2003 now the cheapest I’ve seen that game is $4.99 on Steam so it’s
still not cheap enough and then there is another game called gun from 2005 and
these are games that I want to try out but I haven’t
because the prices never drop to a point where I’m comfortable like a 2005 game I
don’t want to spend more than one or two dollars but if the that game was here I
could definitely give it a try so obviously I understand that probably
getting big publishers to agree would be a bit difficult but maybe they might be
willing to you know have their older games added to this so that might be
something worth checking out and yeah I hope these guys do well this looks very
nice I have used it for a few days and I’ve really enjoyed it
and I like I said 14 days it’s completely free so there’s no reason not
to try that and yeah thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next


  • Med Gamer Dz

    U are doing a good job bro keep going 👊😉

  • SniperPrincess

    Great review! Do you get to keep the games though? I mean after your sub has expired?

  • stefan saran

    is this like a cloud gaming?
    do you need good pc for this?

  • TheIceCubes

    hi i subbed btw i keep getting permission denied


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