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welcome dear friends to get indie gaming
and to our review and critique of Vayne this one’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive and
came out this past January 15th billed as an adventure with puzzle elements it
feels fair to compare Vayne to say such classic games as journey what remains of
Edith Finch and the more recent stunner that is Greece this one fits firmly into
the games as an experience yon rrah rather than any other traditional label
I could attach to it as far as the visuals and audio goes vein as a triumph
throughout it’s awesome to look at and listen to it’s one of the most distinct
and beautiful games of recent times it makes an impressive start although the
lack of here to be flashy lights information from developers at the start
is a serious omission strobes and annoyingly as I live in the Netherlands
and I’m surrounded by them those flashing lights found on the front end
of bicycles can trigger a type of vertigo as did veins opening 90 seconds
with it featuring huge amounts of screen shake and a violent electrical storm
aside from this little bit of nausea vein begins promising ly enough as you
control your hooded character across a metallic landscape that’s being ripped
apart by the storms gale force winds all accompanied by a soundtrack adding heaps
of emotion onto these impressive visuals as you navigate around the world as it
falls apart you make your way towards what seems to be a place of refuge
although having been denied entry you’re pushed back into the storm the screen
turns to darkness before fading into a new scene within a vast desert with you
now playing as a menacing looking raven so far so good as the saying goes and
yet here’s where Vayne begins to fall apart piece by piece in my eyes and mind
the speed at which it transcends from being a work of pure class to something
with so many many faults is pretty astounding take away the beautiful art
the magnificent bleak but pounding Blade Runner style
audio and we’re left with a game with issues and problems where it
saddens me to say in the forum it’s been put on to the market in and prior to any
patches down the line vain is just not a very well made game oh where to start
well there’s just so many problems at hand here let’s begin with the camera
sure I get and understand how it moves and pans around giving you different
views of the play area is all in the name of cinematography and yet it’s
unnecessarily busy in doing so it’s constantly moving and changing the
viewpoint and when not fussing around like a bored toddler it glitches when
criss-crossing parts of the background environment aside from these camera
issues vain on a bog-standard PlayStation 4 well it struggles
relentlessly with framerate issues with its faltering and staggering the whole
time I understand those lucky enough to have a ps4 Pro well they’re perfectly
fine although from my playtime that jittery images even during the letterbox
desert scenes were so profoundly off-putting
so naturally enough for the game breaking bugs that found me falling and
into scenery and being unable to escape them which required a swift press of the
on/off button to get back into the action the first time this occurred I
gave Vayne the benefit of the doubt the second time in true British fashion I
was mildly annoyed and yet by the third game ending hiccup I pretty much
resolved to walk away and be done with it
here lies another issue Vayne uses a sparse save function whereby the only
checkpoints to be found at the start of each of the games five different areas
this of course means if like me you had played 30 or so minutes before the game
broke all this time was lost as I could only restart back at the beginning of
the level it honestly feels such an utterly maddening system and such an odd
one to have implemented given how it breaks the flow and immersion speaking
of which Vayne makes use of standard age-old bolder pushing lever tweaking
and button pressing sections that feel so out of place with something that’s
trying to emulate and create an emotional attachment to your character
like say you can with your glyph within journey one of the rolling over the ball
sections will be pushing the thing around for a good
five minutes before I realized the ball was probably only there for a fancy
piece of decoration and when I say probably I certainly mean it I didn’t
really know if the ball had any purpose you see vane is another one of these
games like I say again journey Eiko and Greece where you discover and progress
via exploration and interaction with the game world and what it affords while
those three games all came with elements to nudge you in the correct general
direction with vane you’re pretty much left on your own
such Clues when they arrive can be so subtle and easy to miss it’s also easy
enough to misunderstand something you see which in turn sends you off after a
good old-fashioned not so enjoyable wild goose chase I experienced this
particularly when playing in the open desert sections of the game now I’m also
fairly in tuned with visual cues and design intonations and yet here with a
total lack of guidance and hand-holding it doesn’t feel liberating as I suspect
the game developers wanted it to be here such an implementation doesn’t feel
liberating it simply feels frustrating and lackluster at launch with Vayne
asking for 25 of your US dollars or 18 British pounds well if you’re looking
for a puzzler exploration adventure game there are stronger and subjectively
better and more accomplished than Vayne in the form it is to play as this video
goes to air as I’ve duly noted it starts well enough looks and sounds
fantastic although that’s where the strengths end
vein is mired by game ending bugs a poorly implemented camera system dull
and formulaic puzzles a poorly judge save mechanism and a lack of any
meaningful Direction setting to let you the player know what you really should
be doing I really wanted to love Vayne just just look how beautiful it is and
yet looks alone don’t seal this deal if anything it makes the end consumption
all the more sour I played Vayne on the launch edition and
paid the full RRP from the EU PlayStation Store do you have a
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