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you kill it fucking asshole next time I
see him I’ll pull bullets fucking head you understand me jesus fucking christ
these goddamn people he called me I came to take a fucking piss in this place I was told you were the best you know my
fee a million dollars but you never fail a job your reputation precedes you
what’s the job I need you to take out a target a woman is there a problem no unprofessional only thing that matters
is finishing the job good I guess there isn’t room for emotions in your world I kind of envy you so you’ll take the job you receive a routing number for a bank
account once the money’s in the account don’t contact me I contact you
very good looks like I got the right man for the
job tired of high taxes political infighting corruption I’m here to bring
integrity back to Capitol Hill my name is Charles Miller I served in the
Special Forces did several tours and released after that I left and worked as
a mercenary did somewhat work for a buck you know then I ventured out on my own
there wasn’t much work out there for a man of my skills so I became a hitman
for hire my friends or family
we’ve always been alone melena work you can’t be too attached the job is the
only thing that matters good morning may I help you with a room
this is a quiet building we have hard-working decent people living here
just what I’m looking for oh yes what type of work do you do I’m a
Salesman sell life insurance that sounds like good honest work because you never
know when you might go I guess so you look like a decent person we have a
room available for you on a floor I take a look at it of course as contracted to kill a young woman
named Gail summers I never questioned the reason behind a contract it’s never
a good idea but there was something about her I miss you
is that so can I see you today I’ll see what I can do I’ll be waiting for you I started to observe my target wanted to
find out her patterns I know she made a lot of calls using the phone booth in
building so I planted a small listening device where are you I’ve been waiting I got
caught up with some personal things it’s your wife right
she can be difficult at times you understand I understand you always
understand me do you need anything I don’t need anything
do you need any money I don’t need your money I’m not that kind of girl I know
when I see you it’ll be soon I have to go I’ll talk to you later okay okay bye are you okay
and okay you help you’re very nice
no I’m alright thank you anyway I needed to find out more about my
target so I got into her apartment I miss you I miss you too can I see you today
I can’t I have a big political fundraiser to go to she’s going with you
right she’s my wife I have to do how long do I have to wait here I miss
you if you come today I’ll do that special
thing for you I can’t I’m sorry you okay yeah I’ll be okay I have to go I’ll talk
to you soon okay please hang up and try your call again hello hi I’m Drake
I live in this floor seating around I’m Gail I’ve seen you around – I gotta go
yeah Syrah okay you do am i doing I was wondering
you’re not doing anything maybe you want to get together I have a boyfriend I
didn’t know never seen him he’s an important man he’s really busy let’s do
better drop everything for a beautiful like you he’s unlike a player I’m not a player just pointing out the
obvious a very answer
you seem nice but I have a boyfriend we’re just talking like I said I’m around so you ever want
to get together and she’ll see you around we’re leaving now
okay hey you remember me from the other day
told you I’d see you around Dre right glad you didn’t forget
you’re pretty persistent it’s one of my qualities I also read people pretty well
take a beautiful woman like you for instance I shouldn’t say anything tell
me well you’re beautiful
you follow your heart when you told me of a boyfriend it’s
probably well educated from some wealthy family an important businessman he works too much and while you’re
always trying to connect he’s always so far away I’m sorry I hope I haven’t said
anything to upset you no good I don’t want to see you sad listen I
know you have a boyfriend if you ever want to talk I had a good time yeah maybe we could
spend more time together what if my boyfriend heard you he isn’t here have you friend I like you I want to ask if you like me too I’m
afraid so we can just be friends
France huh I would ask for a kissed and the day but I don’t think friends kiss
not enough but they should do do like maybe hotness you seem to be very happy there’s a gentleman that just moved on
my floor do you know anything about him you must be talking about mr. Thomas
what can you tell me about him he seems to be a very quiet man do any girls
going to see him no he keeps to himself why are you so interested just curious
thank you you welcome you’ve been waiting long
not alone must be somebody important yes seems like he doesn’t I’m spending time
with you I don’t complain you should hello guys
play games what about you I can only tell you that I like you and
I like spending time with you just being friends be hard can we pretend to be
friends let me think about it you don’t have to wait with me I don’t
mind we waited there for an hour you never
called her I can’t afford to get too close I have a
job to do I kept telling myself nothing matters I had to stop thinking about her
her eyes to smile her lips I wonder what she was doing when I realized I was in
love she was getting more comfortable around
me we developed a friendship together
she felt like she could tell me anything I didn’t expect him to act this way all men are bastards some more than others what about you I’m no different so what are you gonna do I’m going to leave Milan you sure I’ll
call him and tell him here practice on me I’m leaving you why
you knew I had a wife you told me you’re leaving her for me it’s complicated
any more time I can’t wait any longer I’ve waited too long I’m leaving you I need you
please don’t go it’s okay she’s still that not knowing
he’d hired me to kill her I felt like telling her right there but I didn’t are
you gonna be okay yeah just need some time may I help you soon you’ve lost my key
you would have to pay $10 for a replacement of course don’t lose this
one I won’t thank you yeah I know still need more time
don’t worry I’ll finish the job hold on I’m gonna be on the phone no no no you
need something no I’ll come back later Yeah right here don’t worry I’ll take care of it hello I always took out my target but love
sneaks up on you like an assassin in the night
where did I go wrong yeah it’s done more time I’m wondering
if you’re the right man for the job don’t worry I’ll finish the job may I help you
has somebody been in my room no something’s missing from my room what’s
missing in your room sir never mind another night that’s over oh boy
you stab me in the fucking growing you are an asshole huh who sent you
st. people sent you sent me you realize you’re supposed to kill your targets
right now play house with him I’m done this you’re done huh this is a life we
chose my friend this is it dying’s not much for life okay oh yeah it’s hard to be my
happy-go-lucky self with a crotch full of steel sorry about that
fair enough what do you think you’re gonna do run off with her buy a house
live happily ever after you can kill me run off try to disappear but you two are
marked there’s more coming hey things in my life are a little
complicated right now I understand the feeling I wanted to
know he’s still winning company tonight I’m a little tired okay I’ll see you
around Kai see you tomorrow I’d like that
good I’ll see that see you I had to figure out what to do now I had
to protect the woman I was sent to kill you sent someone to kill me why didn’t
you kill her I told you I needed more time
not that reason the real reason you can’t talk it’s complicated
it always is I paid you to kill her not fall for her well I don’t want your
money I’ll give it back if you let her go I can’t why a woman like that could
ruin my career not that reason the real reason I guess
we both have our reasons but that doesn’t change a thing she’s still going
to die listen I’m a dangerous man trained to deal with people like you
you try and harm her and I promise I’ll kill you now we’re getting somewhere looks like the man I sent failed you
want me to handle it sir no I need someone a mr. Drake’s caliber what’s the job I was told you were the
best what’s the job you might know him his name is Drake Drake interesting I
hired him for a job but he couldn’t fulfill the contract I hope I can count
on you to be more of a professional you know I’m very expensive you don’t get
the money you’ll have everything you need good hey let’s help him talk to you I’m a
little busy right now I didn’t know yet company Drake this is my boyfriend
Charles Charles’s is Drake a friend of mine any friend of gales is a friend of
mine yeah have we met before nope strange you look so familiar I have to talk to Charles it was nice
meeting you oh don’t worry
I’ll take good care of her I’ll talk to you later okay I got you something I hope you like it Charles that is too much you don’t need
to buy nearly present I was thinking we could go away together
somewhere private we could be together alone
I don’t know Charles you have a wife I told you she she doesn’t understand me like you
do I don’t know I thought this is what you wanted I know you’re not leaving
your wife I’ve known for a long time I know you love me but your lust and your ambition keep
getting in your way so much so that you would deprive yourself of love is there someone else I just need time
to think so that’s your answer you seem to have a lot on your mind
he came to see me he wants to change what do you want I don’t know I just I need to think see you hey Drake so they say you I can kill
everyone in this hotel so what you doing it’s not like you not to finish a
contract it’s complicated there’s no happy enough for men like us
she’s going to die and it’s nothing hey hey I wanna let you know I’m gonna be
leaving the hotel you came to tell me there’s just not
much for me here I was hoping you’d go with me this is so sudden I don’t know anything
about your past it doesn’t matter what’s in her past as
long as we can start in your future there’s nothing left for you here you
and I can go somewhere start a new life a new life a new start with no secrets
no secrets no secrets what’s this what’s going on here I’m a hired
assassin what I was hired to kill you I was hired to kill you but I can’t do it closer I got two even more these
feelings snuck up on me since I didn’t kill you now unmarked or dead now you
can leave this apartment but they’ll kill you they’re trained killers I’m the
only person keeping you alive I’m gonna take my hand away and then I
want you to scream we can call my boyfriend Charles he’s an
important man they’ll know how to help us
your boyfriend’s the one who hired me you want me to believe you I don’t
believe you he wanted to protect his political
career he didn’t want some hidden mistress to destroy him you’re wrong he
loves me how do you think I knew where to find you
he set you up here and he sent me to kill you stop it he’s a married
politician to him you’re just another one of his whores you can slap me all you want but it
won’t take away the truth I’m sorry I wish I could take away your pain you’re
just pretending with me so you could kill me go ahead shoot me I’m you target right
kill me I can’t why because I don’t want to lose you I’m in love with you you fell in love
with me when I first started this was just a job
and then the closer I got to you the more I fell in love with you I’m a bad
man I’ve killed a lot of people and I never really cared if I lived or
died it’s not much of a life but my life
didn’t start till I met you I’m just like I have no one no place to call home Drake I’m coming for you you think we’ll make it out alive don’t
worry we’ll make it I’m just thinking of our next move he wants to kill me my
profession you never let anyone get too close I always thought it might hurt me you know people are dying because your
little romance you know your boyfriend’s a cold-blooded killer like me he’s
nothing like you there’s no changing men like us I hope for him I killed a lot of
people in a last dying breath I him crying a ball but it never came still holding out for hope he won’t come people talk about this love like the
strongest force in the universe but love won’t stop you from cutting a
hole in your chest love won’t stop me from cutting out those pretty little
eyes cousin head glad to make you miss be angry at me I
don’t care about that you have my girl holding your water back dick can take her if you can why’d you do that I’m not worth it you’re the first person left neatly yeah is he dead yeah okay my wife didn’t you didn’t deserve this I told you
there’s no happy ending for men like us are you listening to me this is the life
we try I was wondering how long it was gonna
take for you to come a lot of people died because of your political ambition
it’s just business I ran in my position is to make a lot of tough decisions the
people count on a man like me that’s why I got into politics I just want to know
why why yeah I spend a lot of time trying to wrap my head around it why her I told you know the real reason
I loved her my job as a politician doesn’t allow me
to love my so-called wife good family primed and put up like a display window
for public consumption it was all fake my life was fake and then I met her and
she took my breath away but I couldn’t break away to be with her
it was more than I could stand you want to know why it’s simple if I
couldn’t be with her no one could not even you this this isn’t like you you
told me you were professional we can work something out
you want money I’m rich name your price I can make you a wealthy man this is for
Gail you’re gonna kill me over that bed bitch I’m gonna be the next president
here’s my vote it may be hard for men like me to change but I have to hope because she had hope
for me she loved you you


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