We Play “Black Card Revoked” With Grace

– I wonder what White
Card Revoked would be. – Oh, probably like a
bunch of country music. – Oh no. – Like monster trucks. – Oh, I don’t know any of that. – Racing car things, tractors. – John Deere?
– John Deere. – Hey, Naturally Curly world. I’m Nikki.
– And I’m Evelyn. – And it’s the holiday season.
– Mhm. – So, after you finish eating your turkey and rankin’ on your cousins, what better way to end
that than playing games? – And here at naturallycurly.com,
we’re a family. – Right?
– Yeah. – So, we thought we would play Black Card Revoked with Grace. (record scratching) Black Card Revoked is this
game by Cards For All People and it’s a laugh out loud,
sing it like you mean it, must-have game for people
who love black people and black culture. If you can’t answer
these questions, it says you might just need
your black card revoked. – Snatched. – So, when I saw this… This is my personal game,
this is hashtag non spon. When I saw this game, I thought, you know who should play this game? – Mhm.
– Grace! – [Nikki] Exactly. – Sounds like a good time, a fun time. (evil laughter) – Black Card Revoked
is a mixture of trivia and majority rules. So, some of the answers
are just right answers. There’s no majority rule. And then some of the
answers are, you know, if you lose, you lose. – We thought, you know, Grace. Y’all love Grace. (crickets chirping) And what better way to (laughter) to share our love for Grace with y’all than to talk about black
culture and see if she black. Honestly, I feel like I might lose because a lot of this is American and I’m self-taught. You feel me? – Evelyn is gonna yell out questions and we have a, b, c, d,
multiple choice answers. We’re gonna (clicks teeth) raise the answer we think is right with the corresponding letter and then Evelyn’s gonna
tell us who’s right. – I’m about to embarrass myself. (record scratch) – [Evelyn] This one is
correct answer wins. According to Kanye, who
doesn’t have the answers? Is it A, Taylor Swift, B, Beck, C, Jay-Z, or D, Sway? – Oh, I don’t know. (laughs) – [Evelyn] Do you really not know? – No.
– You ready? – [Evelyn] One, two, three. You were right! – Ay! I didn’t know that was a
person until right now. (laughs) I thought that was just a saying. – How Sway. – How, Sway? Like, I don’t… Who is Sway? I’m serious, who is Sway?
– MTV. He has the dreads. – [Evelyn] Majority rules. (laughs) What is the best comedy of all time? A, House Party, B, Coming to America, C, Friday, D, Harlem Night. – Haven’t seen any of those. – Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. – What if we all have a different answer? – We probably do (laughs) – Okay. – [Evelyn] One, two, three. Aye, Grace and I win with Friday. – Dang.
– What? Y’all are so trash. Coming to America is so
much better, are you seri… – [Evelyn] Funnier. – I don’t think.
– It’s funnier, let your soul glow? – [Evelyn] I don’t think Coming to America is funnier than Friday.
– 0h, oh, oh. – [Evelyn] I know what
happens in the movie. Chris Tucker is generally funnier in that movie than
– That’s not true, yall. – [Evelyn] Eddie Murphy. – Eddie Murphy is hilarious – [Evelyn] He’s hilarious. – in Coming to America
and hilarious in life. – [Evelyn] Majority rules. Who taught you how to
spell the word independent? (laughs)
– Oh, okay. – [Evelyn] Was it A, a teacher, (laughs)
– I got this one. – [Evelyn] B, Lil Webbie, C, Destiny’s Child, or D, Lil Boosie. – Okay, that was not… None of those were my answer, so… – Oh, I’m actually confused
about this one though. Oh, that’s a little harder
than I thought it was. I got the song playing into my head and I’m like, whose voice is that? – Mine is none of those. – Alright, I think I know who it is. – [Evelyn] One, two, three. Wait. – I thought it was Webbie. – [Evelyn] It’s Webbie’s song, but who is spelling independent? I think it’s Boosie.
– Is it Boosie singin the We.. (laughter) – [Evelyn] Look it up! Where’s your phone at? ♪ I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T,
do you know what means? ♪ (buzzer) Whose voice is that? – Webbie. – [Evelyn] That’s Webbie’s voice? – That’s Webbie’s voice. That’s Boosie. – [Evelyn] Correct answer wins. (sighs) Jerome from Martin
(laughs) is a playa from? A, Detroit,
– I don’t know. – [Evelyn] B, Harlem, C, Chicago, D, The Himalayas. – I’ve never seen Martin. – Come on, man.
– Or Detroit, was it A? – Next video, Grace is
gonna watch all of Martin. Ready? – [Evelyn] A? – I’m white! I don’t know, so I’m just gonna guess. – [Evelyn] One, two, three. The correct answer is Jerome
from Martin is a playa from – The Himalayas! (laughter) – I don’t know. – [Evelyn] Majority rules. What do you eat on your grits? – Okay, this I can answer. I love grits. – Evelyn has to fail this, she Kenyan, she don’t know (laugh)
– Anything food related. – [Evelyn] But guess where I grew up? Louisiana! A, cheese, B, salt and pepper, Oh, this is hard, C, sugar, D, butter. (laughs) – All of the above, like? – [Evelyn] I’m nervous. – Let’s do it. – [Evelyn] One, two, three. What? – Give me that black card man.
– Bitch. – [Evelyn] So, you put
cheese on plain grits? – Yeah. – [Evelyn] Butter is the foundation of anything you’re gonna do after that. – First of all, no. You have to… You eat your grits with cheese. – Yup. – [Evelyn] That’s the topping. You can’t make the grits without butter. – You need the cheese. (laughs)
– Cheese. – [Evelyn] Y’all are dumb, you could have cheesy flavorless grits. – No.
– Cheese. – [Evelyn] Butter is the… – Your grits should be seasoned. (yelling) But that’s like saying salt and pepper should be the first thing. Cause you should season
your grits regardless. Not butter. Cause if you have butter,
grits, and no salt and pepper, then you got nasty. – [Evelyn] But you also
have no salt and pepper. (laughter)
I’m mad. – Alright, a lot less blacker than
I thought I was gonna be. Grace did pretty good for a white girl and I’m pretty proud of her. (laughter) Now we’re gonna tag team out. Evelyn’s gonna sit in the hot seat. (record scratch) – [Nikki] Majority wins. (clears throat) Who is the best male R&B group of the 90s? A, Dru Hill, B, Jodeci, C, Boyz II Men, D, New Edition. – Of the 90s. I’m not emotionally
invested in this because I listened to rap as a child.
– I’m not either. Not really R&B unless it was like, D’Angelo or Erykah Badu. – [Nikki] Ready, hit it. Who’s B? Oh, Jodeci? Can y’all even name a Jodeci song? – Not really. – [Nikki] Neither one of
y’all can name a Jodeci song. – I was gonna say Boyz
II, what was Boyz II Men? – What was yours? – [Nikki] I had Boyz II Men. – Oh, that’s what I was
gonna say, but I was like is most popular. Like they’re not around as much anymore. – [Nikki] They’re in Las
Vegas, they have a show. – Yeah, but like, they’re not… – [Nikki] (mumbles) not dead, right? – They’re not dead. – [Nikki] It’s Jodeci,
KC, and Jojo, who’s dead? – Is it? ♪ KC, Jojo ♪ – I don’t know, I was into rap. – [Nikki] Okay, I think
this is majority rules. So, we’re gonna go with this. When are black folks most
likely to change their voice? A, when their bill collector calls, B, at work, C, in front of white folks, D, at church. – You better be with me on this one. I’m scared. – [Nikki] I hope this is right. Alright, y’all ready? – Yes. – [Nikki] Hit it. – Yeah! – We all agree. White people are the worst. – My mom has a voice too. Which is hilarious.
– For white people? – Whenever she answers the phone and she doesn’t know it’s me, it’s like, ‘Hello?’ (laughter) I’m like, momma, it’s me. – [Nikki] Correct answer wins. In which city was MLK Jr. killed? A, Atlanta, Georgia, B, Memphis, Tennessee, C, Washington D.C., D, Birmingham, Alabama. – Say it again? – [Nikki] Okay, ready, hit ’em. Y’all.
– Where was he killed? – [Nikki] The museum is in Memphis. – Oh. – He was killed in Memphis? That would’ve been my last choice. My second choice was D.C.
– Oh, yeah. – [Nikki] The Lorraine is in Memphis. Haven’t y’all…
– What’s The Lorraine? – [Nikki] The hotel he was shot at. – Oh. They don’t really talk about Tennessee in terms of civil rights.
– No. – [Nikki] No. – You know what I’m sayin’, I was educated in the Texas
public education system. So, I wouldn’t know. – [Nikki] Who in your
family is most liable to carry a flip phone or wear a Bluetooth? – Okay. – [Nikki] A, somebody’s African boyfriend, (laughter) B, yo daddy, C, your uncle, D, your drug dealing cousin. All of them.
– See, this is not fair because somebody’s African
boyfriend is my uncle. (laughter) – [Nikki] Alright, hit it. Yeah! (sighs) Your uncle. – Yup, yup. With that Bluetooth. – [Nikki] I had to keep
my drug dealing cousin with a Bluetooth, know what I’m sayin? – In my family it would be
someone’s African boyfriend. (laughter) – [Nikki] This one is correct answer wins. This should be so easy. In what year did Cash
Money Records take over? A, 2000-2002, sorry, 2001 to 2002, B, 1999-2000, C, 1997-1998, D, 2004-2005. – I don’t know. This is supposed to be easy? – [Nikki] It’s easy. – Is it in a song or something? – [Nikki] Oh, girl, yes. Hit it. For the 99 and the 2000! – Ah! – [Nikki] We have to put you on, Grace. – So, like, before Lil Wayne
was like Weezy F. Baby. He was, like, small and he was part of Cash Money.
– Yeah. Yeah, I knew that. (record scratch) Okay, so… I actually surprised myself, and I think Nikki and Evelyn, and somehow weaseled my
way through that game and got a bunch of answers right. Mostly from guessing, judging their faces as
they heard the answers, and other such tactics. If it hadn’t been multiple choice there’s definitely no way I
would’ve gotten them right, but you know, I’m here and I guess I
have a black card now? I don’t think I do, but it’s okay. – Grace came through, she surprised us. – Mhm. – She used her deductive reasoning. In spite of her upbringing
and somehow has a black card. – Yeah. Did not think they were
that easy to obtain or to lose, but… – Yeah, I can imagine having lost mine. It’s not really a surprise
if I were to lose mine. You know what I’m saying? But it’s not my fault. – What games are you guys playing
during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below. We make these videos every Friday, so make sure you like,
comment, and subscribe and we’ll see you next week. Bye.


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