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Hey Everybody and, Welcome Back to another
video and today were talking weird video accessories. In this video we are only going to look at
only some video game accessories because if I talked about all of them it would take years
to talk about all of them. Okay, let’s just start this already. Remember the UDraw Tablet. That accessory
for the Wii that basically killed THQ. Well most people don’t remember it so let’s
look at it. The UDraw Tablet was made for the game uDraw
Studio which let you draw stuff. The game was meet was decent reception when it was
reason and it sold decently well. But then THQ Decided to do the unthink. They
decided to release the UDraw Tablet for Xbox 360 and PS3. This was a bad idea. The only
release why the UDraw Tablet was a success was because of the big causal market on the
Wii but the Xbox 360 and PS3 Didn’t have that causal market so it flopped big time
when it was released. Then THQ thought that was a good idea to make
non drawing related games use the UDraw Tablet. This didn’t help THQ at all because people
would buy a game made by THQ and find out that they need some weird accessory to play
the game! Ya, This accessory basically killed THQ. Okay, I’m done with my rant about the
UDraw Tablet. The Nintendo Switch Neck Stand, This thing
looks very weird. If I wore this outside I would look ridiculous. Apparently this was
made so you could use a controller detached from the console but I bet there are other
ways to do this that don’t make you look ridiculous. If I owned this I would probably
only use it at my house. I’m not actually sure how comfortable this
accessory is but if it’s not comfortable then this accessory would basically be useless
because then you would look ridiculous and it would be uncomfortable. Wouldn’t that
amazing! Okay let’s move on to the next accessory. The Wii Vitality Sensor was announced at Nintendo’s
E3 2009 Press Conference. This was never released because why would you use this. Apparently
this was actually cancelled because of testing issues but we know that it was cancelled because
this would not be useful for most people. Welcome to the world of Wii Speak a microphone
for the Wii. This accessory is another one of Nintendo’s attempts at making a mic on
for their home console. This would mainly be used for games online mode to chat with
other people. Some of the games you could use this with were Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Tetris Party Deluxe, And Jeopardy for Wii. Man I’ve always wanted to chat with other
players in Jeopardy. The main problem with Wii Speak is that nothing
supports it anymore because of the Internet. Ya, you heard me right. You can’t Wii Speak
anymore because of the Internet. Because the mic was only used for games online
mode and Nintendo Wifi Connection and WiiConnect24 Serves shutting you can’t use it anymore.
I’m not sure if games that used their own servers instead of Nintendo’s still have
the ability to use the Wii Speak accessory but that’s highly unlikely because Wii Speak
is only supported by 12 games. Well at least that’s better than the amount
of games that are supported by the N64 Mic and Gamecube Mic. The N64 Mic only supported
one game and Gamecube Mic only supported four games. Well at least Wii Speak was an okay accessory. The Wii Fit Balance Board is a Balance Board for
the Wii. This is used for the game Wii Fit and it was also used for other games such
as Wii Ski and many other games. Like a lot of other games, like look at the list of how
many games support this accessory and why does Wii Music out of all games support this!
Because I actually own this accessory I know this is a pretty good accessory bec ause it
functions correctly. Okay I’m finally done talking about Wii Accessories. I know I’ve been talking mainly about Nintendo’s
Video Game Accessories so I decided to randomly put one Sony’s Video Game Accessories; Introducing
the Sony Pocketstation an accessory that looks way too similar to a Dreamcast VMU, because
it was basically a Dreamcast VMU. It could do almost all the same things that the Dreamcast
VMU could do. This thing got lots of support and sold well
in Japan because it was only released in Japan. Because of the success of the PocketStation
Sony wanted to release it in the rest of the World but it never happened because by the
time they wanted to do that the PS2 was about to release so it would have sold poorly and
that’s while the PocketStation is exclusive to Japan. Even though there are definitely some good
video game accessories we can all agree that most video game accessories are bad. Let’s
just hope we don’t get another wii wheel released in future.


  • Carp64

    I glad I got this video finished finally and I hope you enjoy it. Please also vote in the poll that should be their.

  • Braven Burton

    I learned a lot today. Such as nintendo deciding "hey lets rip off so many kids by making a microphone for 1 app!"


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