Welcome to KBKeto.com

Welcome to KBKeto.  Our goal is to help you have some fun on your keto quest.

We will help you to understand What the Ketogenic Diet is. Give some guidance on common myths and problems you may encounter.   Plus, we’ll share recipes for food and adult beverages that are keto friendly.  A large misconception of keto is that options are limited and that variety is exhausted rapidly leading to a non-sustainable diet paradigm which applies only in the short term. To the contrary, the diet is very adaptable so please feel free to experiment trying new recipes and ideas outside of this as you see fit.  These recipes will help keep you on track without getting bored.

As the site grows, we will continue to add more and more content.  Please  leave a comment below on what you would like to see KBKeto cover and please check back frequently as we will continue to add content often.

Recipes and Drinks:

There are a lot of great recipe sites out there dedicated to keto.  We will provide some of our favorites as well.  In particular, we want to share with you all the great adult beverages that are still available to you for those times you choose to partake. Check out our KBKeto Margarita!  We will talk more about how Alcohol and Keto mix later.  In general, the occasional alcoholic beverage(s) will not derail your keto goals.  We’ll help expand your options when you want a drink.

If you are just starting a ketogenic diet please view our What is Keto post (coming soon) to learn more about the diet and lifestyle.


Before making any major, long-term changes to your diet, it’s best to check in with your doctor or registered dietitian. Should you decide you’d like to try a ketogenic lifestyle for weight loss, health benefits or whatever your goals are;  here is where you will find lots of useful tips and treats.