Ian: Mario Teaches Typing is my favorite Mario game! An thony: SHUT UP (or is the other one Anthony? Whatever) *Dragging blocks* Anthony: Ugh, god. We’re in Super Mario Maker.. Ian: And that’s bad because.. Anthony: Well, Nintendo basically gave up, and decided to let their fans to do all the levels creating themselves.. (YEAH! :3) Ian: Don’t be so pessimistic. I’m sure this’ll be fun. (Wait till you do super expert mode) Let’s do one level, come on! (That’s a wrap for Ian’s motivations. Until next time) Anthony: Ugh, this looks like it was made by a drunk 8 year old.. (*cough* Ian *cough*) Ian: Dude, look! The flag pole is right there! This is freaking easy! Anthony: Yeah, I guess you’re right! Ian: FISH!!
*Anthony Screams* Ian: Ahh….You skipped the level?! (after 1 attempt? *clap clap clap clap*) Anthony: Yeah, it was just a random bullsh*t death like almost all Mario Maker levels. (you mean all of them) Ian: Ah, I’m sure that it was just an exception to the rule… *screams* Anthony: AH GOD DAMMIT! *Ian takes a breath* Okay… Maybe you were right—- *boing* AHHHHH!! *Anthony tries balancing* *boing* *Anthony falls* AHHH!!! *Ian and Anthony hug each other and have heart attacks while screaming* Anthony: Huh!
Ian: Yeah! Ian: It almost seems…OH, COINS! Ian: Take that, level you are— oh no… No..NO NO NO!!! Anthony: That was obviously a trap, you idiot! *really annoying invisible block* AAHHHH!!! Ian: *mocking Anthony* “That was obviously a trap, you idiot.” Uhh… Anthony: Sweet! Ian: Oh, this is fun! Check it out! You’re…. Great! At… Sucking… My dick…. Ian: Awwww…COME ON!! *screams* Ian: Oh. Anthony: This is gonna be easy! Ian: Yeah, better be something good! Ian: What the hell?! Anthony: Let’s..Spriiiiing into action, shall we? Ian: Wow. Great joke. *enter pipe* AHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS BULLSHIT!! BEING SPRINGS SUCKS Ian: That’s it.. I quit!! Anthony: No, we are finishing one level! You said it yourself! Come on! Ian: Where do we go? Awesome.. Anthony: I guess this level designer is not to bad! Ian: Yeah! Ian: Aw, he’s really positive! Anthony: I really like this guy. Ian: OH NO! Anthony: MOTHERFUCKER! Mario: Ah, hello guys, thanks for watching—*laughter* Anthony: Hi guys, thank you guys so much for watching! Click the video on the left to see bloopers from this video and this deleted scene! Ian: I think we should just give up! The game is trying to tell us something! Anthony: No, it’s not! Ian: Oh, really? *Ian suicides* Anthony: And click the video on the right to watch the time we got stuck in Super Mario Brothers 2! Anthony: Woah…Woah……WOAH… *screams* Anthony: OWW!! And of course, if you’re on a touch screen device, all the links are down in the description below. Subscribe to Smosh because they love erection jokes


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