What if Mario Couldn’t Get Into Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64?

What if Mario Couldn’t Get Into Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64? So around three years ago I released this:
A video outlining what would happen if Link just never got out of bed in Ocarina of Time. But alongside that video, I actually had drafted
up a few others. This… is one of those others, further cemented
by the release of Odyssey. Sponsorships help out a ton, so I want to
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below, and I want to thank Hob: The Definitive Edition for sponsoring this video. Super Mario 64’s castle is one of the most
iconic gaming hubs in the world of Nintendo. From our adventures in Mario 64, to our off-track
musings in Mario Kart, all the way to the modern iteration in Super Mario Odyssey. When I first explored the castle in Odyssey,
I found it odd that pretty much all the areas I wanted to check out from within were blocked
off. For those who watched my video on that particular
concept, I hypothesized why the castle was supposedly blocked, but the concept of being
hung up here was kind of interesting. How would Mario’s journey have been different
if something similar happened in Mario 64? Not the concept of a sealed off castle, but
the idea of being stopped before starting. More so, what if Mario couldn’t get into
Bob-omb Battlefield? What if the painting downstairs was accidentally
swapped with the painting upstairs? This simple act sets off an entire chain of
events that makes our classic adventure a lot more difficult. So Mario jumps out of his pipe, races to the
castle, swings open the door, ignores Bowser’s nonsense, and then rockets straight into the
first stage… Only to bop his head and fall to the ground. The first stage can’t be entered because
the enchanted painting was accidentally swapped with the plain one. In Princess Peach’s castle, there’s actually
two Bob-omb Battlefield paintings. One is on the first floor and allows us to
jumpstart our adventure in rescuing Peach, and the other is a duplicate placed in the
art gallery upstairs that is only for viewing purposes. Since they’re both exactly the same, minus
the liquid effect that occurs when pressure affects the canvas of the enchanted painting,
one could assume someone may have simply misplaced the paintings. And this one switch changes the entire flow
of the game. So quick story time: A while back a bunch
of my YouTube buddies and I had attempted to beat Super Mario 64 while only playing
as Goombas. For those who don’t know, there is an hosting
program available that allows you to play with your friends online, but it also lets
you change who you play as. Now the thing is, Goombas can’t jump… They can only dive. They also can’t pick up any enemies or objects
unless they dive into it. But what we soon realized is, that while playing
as Goombas, zero progress can be made in terms of clearing the game. No stars can be obtained due to the limited
abilities the Goombas have. Thus this ended up with us rubbing against
walls for an hour or so trying to clip through doors to get to stages except for Bob-omb
Battlefield. In the end, no progress was made, and the
run was pretty much canceled… Now fast forward to our dilemma. Mario cannot enter the painting to obtain
any stars, and because of this, that means all stages past this point cannot be accessed. And this is where we divide the concept up. On one hand, we have the actual gameplay timeline,
where a player figures out a way that Mario can progress. On the other hand, we have the story timeline
– as in, hypothetically, the series of events within Mario 64’s actual story are changed
because Mario is stuck. Both of these are mutually exclusive from
one another, so for the moment, suspend disbelief for the sake of having fun overthinking a
video game and let’s break these down. Let’s start with gameplay Mario… As in, crazy, insane, speedrunner Mario. If you’ve watched TerminalMontage’s animation
about Super Mario 64, you probably know where this is going. From a player perspective, pretty much almost
anything is possible for Mario to achieve. While Mario’s insane speed isn’t going
to break him through an in-active painting, it will clip him through walls and doors in
the castle’s lobby. By backwards long jumping against certain
pieces of geometry, Mario’s in-game speed starts to skyrocket through the quick successions
of jumps. Once he’s built it up enough, he can pretty
much launch himself through lots of objects. So even though Whomp’s Fortress is locked,
for example, Mario can clip through the door without needing the star he’d normally use
to open it. He then, in turn, could clear the stage and
get enough stars to fight Bowser… Or, he can simply use that same door skipping
method to go straight to Bowser with zero stars. In fact, by doing this in every area, Mario
can just go straight to every Bowser without even needing any stars. Building up speed on this wall and staircase
in the basement propels Mario through Dire Dire Docks straight into the fire sea, as
can the same BLJ mechanics bring Mario up the repeating staircase without any stars. So Mario could actually beat the game with
zero stars just like Todd Rogers normally does. But most of you probably already know this… So let’s swing on over to the more interesting
angle to this concept: How the story would progress if Mario couldn’t go insane and
warp through walls. So where were we? Oh right! Mario just bonked his head on the painting… And now he has no idea what to do. From a story perspective, Mario would probably
head out and try to open all the doors in the area only to be blocked each and every
time. He’d wander into the basement and into the
court yard hoping to find a way to progress, but he wouldn’t find anything. At this point he’d go outside and search
around the perimeter of the castle. Now this is where things get interesting… After looking around, Mario would certainly
turn his attention to the water in the area at some point. Despite the cannon being locked, Mario would
realize getting on top of the castle wouldn’t do him any good since there are no entry points
up top. Given what we know from the interior of the
castle, nothing that looks like a window actually leads inside – since there are no windows
inside the castle at all. So with his attention fixed on the water,
he’d attempt to utilize the under water door, which of course wouldn’t open. Now if you disagree and think Mario should
be able to open this door from a story-perspective, despite gameplay saying otherwise, that’s
okay – hold onto that thought because we’ll be addressing it again soon. Let’s check off a few other things first. Vanish Cap’s gate is closed until the water
is drained, so entering this stage is futile. Even if Mario attempted to enter this stage
through the exit, technically the exit should be located in the black void below the stage. Mario utilizes this exit after he falls down
below, and only if he falls down below. Exiting the stage after grabbing the star
takes you through the main gate, as does dying. So Vanish Cap is a bust… And so is trying to enter Dire Dire Docks
through its exit. Technically the bowser gate underwater exits
into the small lake, but the door is closed until we progress in the stage. Wing Mario Over the Rainbow’s exit from
a story perspective probably couldn’t be accessed without use of the cannon since we
fall out of the sky… And Wing Cap can’t be entered through its
magic warp without having the correct number of stars. Same with Big Boo’s Haunt without Bowser’s
key. But there is technically one hope… And that’s the Metal Cap stage. Within Hazy Maze Cave, there is a waterfall
area that holds the metal cap switch. If Mario gets whisked away in the water’s
flowing current, he’ll get expelled from the waterfall outside of the castle. Since we can see the actual waterfall from
within Hazy Maze Cave, that means this area is actually right beyond the wall outside
the castle that the waterfall flows from. This is the only entrance Mario can utilize
to get into the castle area, so with a well-placed long jump from ontop of the castle – which
Mario can get to without the use of the cannon, from a story point-of-view, Mario would rightfully
be able to enter this area and stand on the brink of the waterfall. This is only assuming he knew there was a
cave behind here. I imagine Peach would have hopefully had Mario
at the castle in the past, so perhaps this would be common knowledge. Truthfully though, he might be able to see
through the waterfall anyways. Oh yes – we’re going to just overthink this
whole thing to death. Welcome to a SwankyBox video. So with Mario standing at the edge of the
waterfall, which is walkable in terms of being a straight line, he can’t swim into the
actual cave at all. The current is too strong and it pushes him
outside again. However, he could technically long jump into
a walk kick to then land on top of the floating block. With another well-placed long jump off this
block, he could then reach the land in the cave without even having to swim. And at this point he has two options. He can either wall kick back up the inky pit
into Hazy Maze Cave and collect a star, or he can get the metal cap and collect all the
red coins in this area. Once he gets that star though, things become
a bit more normal… Well, not quite, but soon. Grabbing a star of any kind within the cave
spits out Mario into the basement. At this point he can certainly clear any of
the stages down here he wants, but he won’t be able to go back upstairs. Technically the basement door is locked and
needs a key to be opened. While the game never intended Mario to be
down here without a key, meaning the door can open one way and not the other, I still
feel we should play by the rules that the door is locked – and since it has keyholes
on both sides, it’s locked on both sides. But honestly, this doesn’t really stop Mario
at this point. Because now he can simply drain the moat for
the castle and then exit back into the front yard. If for some reason you wanted to argue that
the door should have opened from a story perspective before, back when it was underwater, we basically
end up reaching the same conclusion. With a star now in Mario’s hand, he’s
free to open Whomp’s fortress up and proceed through the game as normal. Even with Bob-omb battlefield off limits until
later in the game, Mario can still collect all the stars needed to progress, and his
quest is back on its path. So one painting throws Mario into quite a
conundrum, but with some careful exploring of his surroundings, he can still proceed
through the game to save Peach. Or, you know, he could just blast through
some walls with the force of a cannonball and clear the game with zero stars. Your choice Mario… your choice. And with that… Thanks for tuning in to this alternative Mario
timeline! If you want to check out my first experience
with Hob, I just released a video about it on my second channel. You can find it on screen now. Anyways, thanks for watching guys and gals,
and until my next video – cheers!


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