What if Mario were in street fighter?That’s it? I…It’s usually bigger-a I was just nervousWhat if mario were in an episode of girls?I-a hate everyone who loves me! What if Mario were Lance Armstrong? It is-a with a heavy heart-a that I return this-a medal. I used performance-enhancing drugs! I am a fraud!What if Mario were an actual plumber? Oh! Ah! Why can’t I-a fit in this-a pipe?AHHH holy frickin crap-a What if Mario were your ex-boyfriend? Peach! I am-a here to save you. For the last time Mario we’re broken up! I’m with bowser now. Why would I want to be with a short, hairy, annoying plumber?!? Awwwooooo Yo who was that anyway? No don’t worry about it. Okay What if mario were your uber driver? Oh hell no! Did you just cut me off??? Jesus Mario I’m tryin to get there in one piece man. Eat-a s***-a a**hole! Holy s***! There were kids in there!What if Mario were a stripper? Here we go! What if Mario were a dog walker?Alright, Mario listen. Um…You’re fired. What-a why? You jumped on and squished three dogs this week! I’m-a sorry! I’ll do better next week. I’ll-a squish seven dogs! Get out!I’m trying to take a pipe but it didn’t work…I.. There’s no pipe here. What if Mario were in debt to the mob? Mario. I’ve given you plenty of time. Where’s my money? I been trying to get it to you. But every time I touch-a money It disapeers-a. Look-a.Gunman Get in here and shoot this fake Italian piece of s*** Oh mamma mia! What if Mario were in World War two? Woohoohooo God d*** it Mario!!! Thanks so much for watching. If you want to watch the big what if Star Wars, click the box to the left. And if you want to watch we’re in Super Mario Maker, click the box to the right.


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