What In The Wild Card Game (5 Games in 1 Deck)

So the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
has produced an all new card game called, “What in the Wild.” And I thought what better place to unbox this
card game, than, you know… out in the wild. So let’s see what my disembodied hands discover
as we take a look at this card game. Let’s go ahead and take off the cellophane
here. Safely secure this because we don’t want to
litter out in nature. Inside the box it looks like we have two bags
of cards. Set those there for just a second. As you can see we’ve got a full color booklet
here. Again this is produced by the Michigan Department
of Natural Resources. Let’s take a look at the cards. This first set of cards we have card types
of shelter. Looks like we have some actual species. We’ve got some different animals… muskrat,
black bear, little brown bat. All kinds of different critters. Oh, and some plants as well like sugar maple,
a showy tick-trefoil. More red squirrel, raccoon. We have sunlight as a food source. River as a water source. Rain as a water source. Marsh as a water source. Lake as a water source. Dew as a water source. We have different space sizes here. We’ve got tiny, small, medium spaces, big
spaces and huge. More shelter areas. We’ve got wetland shelter. Some of these we saw earlier and some more
species. Put these back in the plastic so they stay
nice. Take a look at what’s in the other bag. Same thing. We’ve got some more species cards here, and
pretty much what we saw in the other bag, just more of them and some different species. So there you have it. The name of the game is, “What in the Wild,”
produced by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and you can pick that up at thegamecrafter.com.


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