Where to buy PC Parts in India(Cheap and Reliable)

Hey Guys , Welcome to Gamer’s Depot. Today
we will be continuing on to our previous topic “Where to buy PC Parts From”.Only this time
we will be focussing on Indian customer. Because I am an Indian by nationality and India is
the second most viewing country for my videos,I had to include an Indian version.As I told
you I will be doing an UK version , some of you did request fore it , if you want it quick
do like this video and tell me in the comments. Now back to the topic , we were going to discuss
stores available for buying PC Parts for Indian customers.I will discuss 3 kinds of stores
.One being all general stores most Indians will be aware of , secondly certain only PC
Hardware stores and as a bonus at the end of the video a secret where you can get parts
cheap as hell and whole lot of prices comparable to US markets. So lets begin, first as I prefer
it over most stores I would like to tell you about Amazon.in. Amazon as you all know originally
a US based online store , it provides the most reliable products in all over India.
Amazon.in gives you a reliable Amazon guarantee over a warranty given to you by the brand
, so you won’t regret getting a part from amazon ever. Next I would like to mention
two stores that every Indian thinks as a possibly good store for buying PC Parts .The first
one is Flipkart , cause you can get almost everything from Flipkart most Indians expect
Flipkart to be the best in PC Parts but let me tell you there are much better and more
reliable options for PC Parts. Other on for which you might have the same believe can
be Snapdeal .Yes it is also a good general store but not so for PC Parts.So I don’t recommend
getting your new custom PC from Flipkart or Snapdeal. Now I would like to introduce you
to some online stores exclusively for PC Parts and accessories. One of the stores I found
to be cheaper than the others is called PrimeABGB .This is a fairly unknown store but trust
me its a good store , it gives Parts cheaper than the others while not compromising much
of the reliability part.It is not as reliable as Amazon but still reliable enough.Next store
I would like to discuss is The ITDepot , this is also as the name suggests an exclusive
PC Hardware store , this is kind of the TigerDirect of Indian market , so that it doesn’t have
cheap products always but sometimes during sales you can get good and cheap products.Next
I would like you people to know about another fairly unknown but good online PC Parts store,
this one is called Hardwire.in.You should check out this site , this site is most famous
for being upto date on most recent Parts.When the 6700k and the 6600k were released and
were available nowhere in India I found it on Hardwire.in.So check these stores out from
the links in the description. Next store I am gonna talk about is a really debated store
, its eBay. When I mentioned eBay in my last video you people had varied comments on it
, some supported getting cheap products while compromising reliability but some chose to
stick to reliable Parts.Still eBay is also one of the options you can look at while on
your search for retailers for your new custom PC.Thanks for sticking with us till the very
end just for the determination you had or your love towards my video , I would like
to let you know there is a offline market called Nehru Place in Delhi.It is called the
IT hub of Asia.If you live near Delhi or you can come here you should look forward to this
option.Here you can get products at prices comparable to that in US markets.So what your
choice let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe and share the video amongst
your friends who need it.Keep the discussion going in the comments.Will see you in the
next video.


  • Varun Bansal

    Still I think eBay is worth a try cause I got nothing of a bad experience while shopping at ebay

  • dishant velani

    why it is not above 360p

  • Asha Singh

    ebay is good

  • Asha Singh

    how to save money
    I really have a lot of trouble for money
    make a video

  • DeroxGames

    nice content bro keep up 🙂
    try to upload good quality like 1080p  at least 720p
    surly the amazon is way better then other
    and the most useful thing is that full flied
    and we can get all the latest items fast as possible
    compare to others online site's

  • Utkarsh

    Good going brother……..

  • Walker

    quite a good video. it helped me a lot

  • Walker

    does Nehru place sell counterfeit products.


    witch cpu and gpu I take for New upcoming pc games for good fps.


    my budget is 35,000 to 40,000 thousand.


    I used this pc for gaming and editing.


    Thanks. but how much cpu and gpu i take for play games in ultra setting.


    u forgot mdcomputers u can find parts cheapest than it depot there

  • Aditya Devadiga

    How is this build please suggest any upgrade if required for gaming
    Processor :- AMD A8-7600
    Motherboard:- Asus A58M-K FM2+ Socket 
    Ram:-Kingston FURY Memory – 8GB 1866
    Hdd:-WD 1TB Blue Desktop Internal Hard Drive
    Power Supply :- Corsair VS Series VS450 – 450 Watt SMPS
    Please reply if any incompatible problem or any upgrade

  • ankit jangid

    Bro good advice Thanx


    hey dude wanna have a joint channel

  • God Emperor

    also try golchait and itwares

  • God level Gaming

    Bhi offline ke koi shop bata do Jo PC ke parts sell kar ta ho

  • ZeeTriX

    Hey, i needed help to find NZXT's Kraken x52 in india, its just not readily available anywhere i check. Would love it if you could help me in some way.

  • 3d tech

    As in the case of the zotac GTX 1050ti I want to buy all the unpopular sites you suggested are having almost the same price as Amazon except hardwire where it is overpriced

  • Shardul Shinde

    I think mdcomputer is the bestest of them , mdcomputer will give you each of necessary components in reasonable price and free shipping almost all over India


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