let’s just push man don’t let him get to me probably more from if he goes we’re gonna kill Katarina am Renekton here just be ready to knock up if he tries to stun me let’s go go go go [Music] going this guy Ken arenas coming we have to be fast diantha kill that’s how we do it final step that’s what my name is funnel SEM [Music] well she does level Oh daddy that’s what you get Lee for trying to take my red why would you come back in like he’s fucking out of range twitch bleep does like nothing and he’s like let me run back in [Music] I like how they always ping me like I’m clueless or something made him we push it we all right lost our tower huh first brick what fucking country says first brick is that an OCD thing that sounds like an OCD thing I’m sorry first brick let’s see if it does like weird stuff like bubbler for a fountain or something get ready to fight him okay let’s get out of here forgot [Music] oh the lead kick did oh that was close all right I’m summoning we’re just gonna push to the Nexus if they come we kill them all get a Penta no problem [Music] it’s ready but you got that girl you just took my pen – bro I’m salty I’m salty I have salty gotta fight you get that [Music] what’s our team doing I even want to know I don’t think I do Halla from the fountain she’s like now it’s over I’m coming I’m coming I think we can win I’ll get you into stacks I’m coming I’m coming I got him I got him all I got them all wait that a share though oh you think you can run from the Yi with the Terek did he just kill – what a pussy you want to dive him thumbs up for yes nothing for now oh my god bro I’m taking that as a No down down down down down down down down No I have all yeah I see my pen so as long as Israel doesn’t take it my boy Ezreal I’m coming I’m coming [Music] all right boys Baron and we let our team push yeah thanks Lauren [Music] come on Orin kill it I believe in you dude okay here it is ladies and gentlemen I just went ten oh and my placements while playing funnel with Tareq of course you can’t lose a game you can’t lose the game of Terry can literally go to know and I got silver 299 LP from going ten Oh fresh count and I’m playing against Platts the system sucks patience patience [Music] see all that was fucking sad plus he has written all I’ve ever seen in my life [Music] that killed her geez I’m a beast now fights so powerful just because he needs to know items to do well and then what he does have items he does wrong delusions star dead if I want to believe I didn’t want him to be dead there’s a fight [Music] that was yummy now it is yummy mmm into the surrender Allen how is yummy I was an alpha what the fuck but a stopwatch makes the game unplayable for me because once I go in they fucking stop watch and I die and it’s so fucking unfun like the whole the whole way that you used to play ye is wrong now like you used to go in deep kill everybody and you you’ll die you’ll die that’s how you do it you kill like three people and you die now you go in you die you don’t kill anybody you just die [Music] and in advance everybody has it and like this idiot he gets caught out in the most stupid way posit doesn’t matter he has stopwatch it doesn’t matter he has stopwatch Maya zhonya’s probably but yeah you know what I mean stopwatch stopwatch stopwatch zhonya’s oh what a fair and balanced item everybody has one [Music] you


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