Will the TOY MASTER Help Us Escape?

(scribbling) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy – Quick, quick! Come on girls, quick! Downstairs, downstairs! Quick, quick, quick, quick! (door slamming) (dramatic music) Okay girls, we knew
this moment was coming. The CTIA is after us because they think I’m the Toy Master. – And the Toy Master keeps
playing crazy escape games on us. – Exactly, it’s not safe to
be in our own home right now. And, I think it’s best that we split up. – Split up? – With so many people after me right now, I don’t want you two to be in any danger. I have two different hotels
booked under different aliases. Here, you girls take these fake I.D.’s, and go to the address on this paper. I’ll be at a different hotel. I’m not going to tell you where it is because I think it’s best that
you don’t know the details. – But, when will we see you again, Mom? – Shh, I hear footsteps. (heavy footsteps) (dramatic music) Okay girls, we’ll
reunite in a couple days, just stay in your hotel room. I’ll come to you when it’s safe. – Okay Mom, be careful though. – I will, you girls, good luck! I’ll see you soon! – Mom can be in some serious danger. – I know what you mean. We should do something
to help her, not hiding. – I think I’m gonna stay in the house, I’ll stay hidden though. If the CTIA is trying
to get into our house, I wanna be there to
see what they’re doing. – Okay, you work on the CTIA,
I’ll work on the Toy Master. – How so? Where would you go? – Well, the last time we spoke
with him was at Toy School. – Oh yeah, when he did
that escape room challenge. – Exactly, I’m gonna hide out there, and see if he comes back. – Good idea. If you can somehow capture him, that would prove that
Mom’s not the Toy Master. – We’re toy spies, Addy, we could do this! – You’re right. Good luck. (mysterious music) Okay, where did that CTIA agent go? Oh, there he is! (clicking) (thudding) Stay out of my house, mister. (keys jingling) (door unlocking) What? How does he have a key to our house? (mysterious music) (upbeat music) – Okay, I’m here and I’m
ready for you, Toy Master. I wonder if he’ll again. Hmm, I might as well play
with some toys while I wait. Slime’s always fun! Mm, smells just like icing! And, there’s sprinkles inside! (ringing) Here goes nothing. (ringing) Hello? – [Toy Master] Hello Maya. – Hello, Toy Master. – [Toy Master] I understand
that your mom is in a little bit of a pickle. – Thanks to you, you framed her. Now the CTIA thinks that
my mom is the Toy Master! – [Toy Master] Oh, that is quite unfortunate for her, isn’t it? – So, what do you want? Why are you even bothering us? – [Toy Master] Bothering you? Why, I’m actually calling
to offer a helping hand. – Yeah, I’m sure. – [Toy Master] I do want
to help you, and your mom, but you have to help me first. – How so? – [Toy Master] I want the items in Miss Lucy’s Toy School safe. But, I’m having a little
trouble cracking the code. You get the safe open,
and hand over the items, and I’ll help out you and your mom. – I can’t do that. What’s ever in Miss Lucy’s safe belongs to Miss Lucy, not you. – [Toy Master] Very well then. When your mom is arrested by the CTIA, you just let her know that
you had the opportunity to clear her name, but you chose not to. – Well, tell me more then. What’s in the safe, and what
are you gonna do to help us? – [Toy Master] That’s for me to know, and for you to find out. You’ll just have to trust me. – I can’t do that. Why would I ever trust you? – [Toy Master] Because, you
really don’t have a choice, now do you? – I suppose not. So, where is the safe? – [Toy Master] It’s in the
cupboard by the activity table. I’d work quickly if I were you. Your mom doesn’t have a lot of time. – Oh boy. (upbeat music) – What is he looking for,
and what is he taking? Those are my mom’s things. – Okay, onto the next room. – Oh, no! – Hmm, Tic Tac Toy. They’re the one’s that created the original Toy School Series. Hmm, Plush Craft. That doesn’t seem to be important. Shopkins, hmm? (doors shutting) – Oh no, he’s gonna find me. (ringing) – Agent McCallister speaking. Yes sir, I did a quick
walk through of the house, and I did not find anyone. Yes sir, I’m gathering
items for evidence now. Is there anything in particular that I should be looking for? Alright, I’m on it, boss. – Okay, I think this hotel
room is far enough out of town, that I should be okay here. I better shut the blinds
though, just in case. Okay, it’s time to get to work. If I cannot find a way to prove
that I’m not the Toy Master, I’m gonna be in some serious trouble. Time to get the spy gadgets out. Battery powered flashlight, check. Walkie-talkies, good to go. Motion detector, could
come in handy for sure. Ooh, dart blaster. Hope I don’t need this. A couple options for night vision goggles. These should do just fine. Compass, phone of course. Fingerprint powder? This might come in handy. And, of course, my laptop. (knocking) Was that a knock at the door? No one knows I’m here. Who could be knocking
at my hotel room door? (knocking) Unbelievable, it’s the CTIA. What do I do? – [Agent Sasslefrass] Open the door! – Oh no! – Okay, it’s definitely locked. Where would Miss Lucy
keep the combination? Maybe on the toy shelf? No, probably not. The white board? That seems unlikely. Maybe in her lesson book. That seems like a good place. (upbeat music) Hm, please, please, be in here. OMG, this has to be it! Combination: One, number, Twisty Petz. Two, number, Radz. Three, number, Scooby Doo. Four, number, Tama what? Okay, the safe combination
must be four numbers. And the first number, is the number of Twisty Petz in the room. Twisty Petz are one of my favorite toys, and I know where Miss Lucy keeps those. This is Gumdrops Elephant,
and Wiggles Mouse. So, there’s two Twisty
Petz on Miss Lucy’s shelf. But, wait a minute, I
have some more on my desk that are already opened. Yep, right here. I got my unicorn, my
zebra, and my cheetah. So, is two the first
number of her combination, or is it five? Maybe I’ll write them both on
the board, so I don’t forget. Two, or five. Not sure which one. On to the second number. Two, number of Radz. Radz, what are Radz? I’m gonna have to scan the toy shelf. (upbeat music) Radz, Radz, I don’t see anything. Where are you? Oh yeah, Radz candy dispensers. And these are Smushy, Mushy, Besties. Let’s see how many there are. One, two, three, four, five, six. Six has to be the second
number in the combination. Half way there. (upbeat music) – Hmm, Magic Putty. I don’t see any fingerprints on this. This looks like a good fingerprint here. I’ll collect this one. Oh yeah, this is a good one right here. Perfect fingerprint specimen. This just might help us
catch the Toy Master. Hmm. (knocking) What’s up here? I should investigate this next. (gasping) – Oh no, I gotta get him out of here. – What in the world was that? (upbeat music) Now, this is odd. I’d better keep this for evidence. – Uh, that was a close one. I was almost caught. (knocking) – Open up this door,
or I’ll knock it down. – Oh, I’m so sorry, dear. I thought I heard some commotion out here, but I’m just a little bit
slower to get around nowadays. You know what I mean? – Oh, no worries ma’am. I’m Agent Sasslefrass, with the CTIA. – The CT what, dear? – The CTIA, Central Toy
Intelligence Agency. I’m looking for this woman, right here. Have you seen her? – Let me see with my spectacles here. Well ain’t she a beauty? But, nope, I haven’t seen anyone
this striking around here. – Okay, well thank you
for your time, ma’am. – Mind if I keep this flyer,
just in case, ya know? – Not at all. Good day ma’am. – Goodbye young whippersnapper. (door shutting) This is so not cool. “Wanted, Lucy Miller?” “Lucy Miller is wanted
for questioning in regard to millions of toy theft
cases around the world.” “Large reward?” This is more serious than I thought. I need to get a game plan together, to prove my innocence, now. – Number three, Scooby Doo? Miss Lucy has a giant Scooby Doo van over by the white board. I wonder if that’s what it means. The Mystery Machine. Wait a minute, does this open up? It does! And it’s stuffed with Scooby Doo toys! Velma and Snow Ghost. So, spooky. Scooby Doo and Funland Robot? Daphne and Mr. Hyde? What else is in here? Scooby’s Ocean Boat? Shaggy and Hot Dog Cart? Awesome. Oh, this one’s big. It’s a Transforming Mystery Machine. Oh, there’s one last big thing in here. Haunted Ghost Town? This is a ton of Scooby Doo toys. I better count them and
see how many there is. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. So, seven must be the next
number in the combination. Seven, one number to go. Okay, number four. Tamagotchi? This is a stumper. Better scan the toy shelves again. Ah-ha, Tamagotchi! Original Reality Pet. These sound super cool and I’m gonna have to
check these out later. It looks like there’s two of them, so I better add that to the board. Okay, the combination is
either two, six, seven, two, or, five, six, seven, two. Time to try them out. Two, six, seven, two. (beeping) Uh, that didn’t work. I sure hope the other one does. Five, six, seven, two. – Alright, time to check the attic. (upbeat music) – Oh good, he’s going up to the attic. I know the Toy Master was up there. So, maybe he left some fingerprints that the agent will uncover. Hmm, the Toy Master was also
in that space in Maya’s closet. Maybe he left some
fingerprints in that too. (upbeat music) There has to be fingerprints on here. If I can find some, I’ll
run the fingerprints myself. Is that one? No. (upbeat music) (slamming) (dialing) (ringing) – Yes, did you say that
there was another door, that led to the attic, or the crawlspace that you wanted me to investigate? Mm-hm, through the bedroom? I’m on it. (beeping) (squeaking) (screaming) (beeping) – It worked, it worked! I opened the safe, now please help my mom! (ringing) The phone. I did it, I opened the
safe, now help my mom! – [Toy Master] Not so fast. You should have found several
Harry Potter vinyl figures. I need Rita Skeeter to
complete my collection. If you find her, I’ll help you out. – That’s not fair, I
opened the safe for you. – [Toy Master] I don’t care about fair. And I’d work quickly if I were you. It looks like your sister
may have gotten herself into a little trouble. – Oh, no! – Okay, I’ve got to revisit that footage of the Toy Master’s hideaway in the woods. Maybe I missed something last time. (typing) (bleeping) I’m picking up the CTIA’s
wave on my walkie-talkie? – [Agent McCallister]
Agent McCallister speaking. I’m at the house, and
I’ve detained a suspect. – My house? Who’s he talking about? – [Agent McCallister] She
says her name is Addy. – Oh, no! I’ve gotta get home! – Okay, this one is the one I need. (tearing) Not it. On to the next one. No, not it either. Nope, but this guy is scary. Nope. You again? I need to find this girl, fast. Nope. I found it, Rita Skeeter! I did it, I found the one
you wanted, Toy Master, I found it! – Yes sir. – It’ll be okay, Addy,
we’ll get this figured out. – Okay sir, very well then. (beeping) – Well ladies, it appears
there’s been a mistake. – You bet there’s been a mistake! – The Toy Master has
been spotted elsewhere, and you are officially
relieved from all suspicion. – Well, it’s about time! – Yeah! – I apologize, ladies,
for any inconvenience this may have caused you. – Mom, Addy, are you okay? – Oh, Maya! Yes, we’re okay, hun. – Agent Maya, I’m not
exactly sure what happened, or what role you played in it all, but you’re all three officially reinstated as official toy spies of the CTIA. – It’s about time, mister. – What should we do now? – Hmm, how about go hunt
down that Toy Master? – Oh, yeah. – Come on, girls! (upbeat music)

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