Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Review

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a fun game with
excellent graphics and does a lot right for a hack and slash looter. I found myself getting into the game, trying
to get my perfect build. In a vacuum that would be fantastic but there
are other games. So how does it stand up against its competition? Let’s find out. Well, the premise and story are confusing. I find it difficult to explain. The gist is that your part of an elite team
that finds magic users and destroys them. You’re revered for it, but during the opening
battle, you turn into something, and now you can use magic. Yikes! It’s going to be a problem trying to get back
into the army with your dad. But after using magic once you’re addicted,
so why not keep going. Can’t sin anymore, right? Why, if they’re all so against magic, does
the main character keep using it? Then to keep a low profile, the main character
joins an enemy army and helps them immensely. Saving their whole city. This is the exact opposite of staying on the
down-low. Good thing, the mechanics are better than
the story. Also, I should mention here that the dialogue
is silly. Maybe a translation issue? They say some bizarre things. This isn’t important to me, but it is for
some, so I needed to mention it. Now the areas you fight in are varied between
hubs and dungeons. Hubs are developer crafted areas that are
always the same, and dungeons are randomly generated. I enjoy how both areas have encounters to
find. It’s like a mini side area with a bounty. For example, kill all the enemies or kill
one mini-boss. Then you’re showered with loot and your choice
of a piece of strong gear. It made me explore all the areas I could because
killing bosses is fun, and more equipment is always excellent. Side note, the game is generous about fast
travel. You can cast the town portal spell whenever
you want, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how often. Also, you can fast travel by clicking on the
map, which won’t leave a portal behind. Anyway, the combat is fun if you pick the
melee class. I accidentally picked the lamest class to
start, the ranged one, and I was getting bored. Decided to switch it up and wow! It was a huge difference. The melee class kicks serious ass. They hit so hard, and when enemies explode
in a mist of blood, it feels pretty good. You don’t get the same hard-hitting action
from the ranged class. The enemies fall quick but not in a pile of
bloody guts. The combat with the melee is so much more
dynamic. You need to jump in and out of range with
the dodge roll. Seeing the enormous critical numbers with
a huge ax is satisfying. It’s interesting the willpower or mana bar,
and the rage bar is shared. So the more physical attacking, the faster
your rage bar goes up and then willpower bar goes down. I’ve never seen anything like it, and if you’re
a full melee build, there’s no way you’ll be casting any spells. The biggest claim Wolcen makes is that you’re
free to customize your character any way you want. There’s truth to that, but it’s limited. Especially when you look at the active skills
which are locked to melee, or magic, and or dagger ranged characters. Still, the skills are all a lot of fun to
use, and the active ability I had on the ranger was great. The game has a lot more skills than I expected. The developers were adding new ones all the
time during development. They dish them out as you progress in the
game, so I’m excited to see ones from the late game. So while they don’t let you customize which
skills you can choose, you can assign points as the skills level up. So you do have some customization where you
want to spend the points. Maybe you want to make the spear jump happen
faster or hit harder? Useful, but the upgrades are expected. Even though the idea of increasing the shock
wave on the spear jump sounds appealing, it isn’t altering the skill significantly. The spaghetti passive skill tree is going
to look very familiar if you’ve played Path of Exile, there’s no way around it. However, there’s a twist! You’re able to rotate the different levels
of the tree. The only catch is the levels need to connect
for the skills to be active. There’s potential for having two different
builds at a time. The game lets you get to the second level
quickly enough. But, it would take away from spending more
points on a stronger single build. Where it’s interesting how you can line up
the rows, so you’re not forced to go down a path you don’t want for other skills. I had to rotate it for my warrior to select
the tree that would be more damage focuses rather than shields. This is where you have the most significant
control over your character. I’m sure the experiments will yield some wild
results. For the rest of us, there are a couple apparent
paths that are neatly named. Like Soldier or Warmonger or Child of Fury
for a warrior. Here you can see the character creator and
that you can choose between a male and female character. With many different facial options. Eye colors, left and right eyes which is interesting. You can have different color hair, different
styles. It’s not like it’s incredibly vast but it’s
nice that there’s this many options. And that beard is really ridiculous looking. It’s the same deal for the female characters. Enough options you can make an interesting
looking character but not a million which would be too much work and effort for such
a small team. One thing to note here is that if you’re not
careful and select a whole bunch of different things or do a male character first then after
the fact your lady character can have a beard! Now she has a beard! Which I think very funny, my character has
a beard now. Wolcen does a great job with the loot and
enough drops that you are continually evaluating new gear. That’s the point of the game as far as I’m
concerned. The constant rise of power and the fact that
you take on bigger and badder enemies. Also, the better gear has slots for gems. There are three types of slots with three
different levels. So, for example, a ring will have a support
slot three, and that will correspond to the gem. You need to read carefully since all the gems
can fit into any slot. You’ll see a long list of what the gem does
in each of the nine slot types. This is interesting since that means all the
gems are valuable. You’re not going to find a useless gem, you
only need to find the correct gear for it. Look, I struggle to recommend Wolcen to everyone. I ended up finding it fun once I switched
to a warrior. The skill tree sucks me in. But, my biggest issue with Wolcen is that
it’s generic. I struggle to find meaning in the story, and
the main character is bland. There are no significant wow factors. For example, the first skill with the melee
character swings a hammer down. It’s fun at first, but it’s getting a little
stale. I don’t finish the fight, amazed at how crazy
it looked. Especially when compared to other games in
the genre. Also, I can’t see how Wolcen can compare to
Path of Exile. I don’t mean to crap in Wolcen, but I find
Path of Exile to be an excellent game that’s free to play. Very difficult to compete against. If I have to compare them, then Path of Exile
wins, but I could see Wolcen winning for some people. So that’s what you have to wrestle with. Are you finished with Path of Exile and want
more? Then Wolcen should be the game for you. For the sake of history, let’s talk about
what the game was supposed to be. The original Kickstarter video spoke about
an open world and some crafting. Which isn’t in this game, development was
troubled, and I’m not going to speculate. I respect how much they did get into the game
with a character creator and dyes so you actually can create something unique. It’s crazy to imagine how much hard work must
have gone into Wolcen. But, I’m not one of the backers. Still, the developer worked their butt off
to deliver a game, and that’s difficult to deny. Overall, Wolcen a well-made game that looks
great and I’ve had fun. It hits all the right spots for a hacky, slashy
looty action game. If you’re bored of the other offerings right
now then you should absolutely consider Wolcen. As long as the story issues don’t bother you.


  • Pepp's indie reviews

    I needed a few extra days to make sure I played the final version. It is improved from before releasing and they slowed the leveling a lot.

  • deklore

    Whats with the slideshow at the start? Is that the game slowing down?

  • Tri Truong

    thanks for the review, others seems to have tons of positive things about this game, but i really need both sides of it, and you delivered them to us, thank you. I hope your channel will get more attentions.

  • Christian Rolls

    Finally, someone that doesn't think this game is perfect. I refunded since I didn't enjoy the combat, it was to slow for me. I also felt the skill tree was really confusing (and i play poe lol). Good review keep it up 🙂

  • Luke Grim

    The thing that immediately stands out to me is the reasonable speed of the character. That's my biggest complaint about PoE… If you're not playing super sweaty going a million miles per hour and clearing maps in 1-2 minutes you're at a big disadvantage in the market

  • Ace Hardy


  • Roy Engelen

    Might i suggest u actually LISTEN to the story if u care for it? couse i found your explanation sound exstremely shallow, and if u can't enjoy the jokes in it, thats on u.
    U also have obvious never played past act 1, so i strongly suggest u put more time into it till u reach endgame.

    On another note, try to juggle the willpower and rage more, thats when it becomes really fun and u really see the build diversity shine.

  • Taurgar

    Wolcen is total crap. Only thing they created is story, but its a copy of D3 and PoE, you can see it in UI, bosses, skill tree, its just sad.
    Go and try Wolcen, servers work like a 1/10 of time (at this point offline for more like a 50h), offline saves randomly deleted and when you get to play its just bad game.

    Its overhyped, they rushed 1–2 year of work in a couple of months, even if they fix initial problems, it will still be bug infested game with extremly slow devs. It wil ltake months for them to fix anything if they are not immediately forced to do.

    Play Wolcen or play something better? Grim Dawn, Median XL, PoE, D3, D2, PoD, Torchlight
    , Last Epoch, Titan Quest.

    Give a Wolcen try in a year, maybe at that point they finally fixed it.

  • Wojciech Kapko

    wow an non sponsored wolcen review, insane!

  • Geo Vall

    For me wolcen was really fast and easy with ranged character and her crazy melting boss dmg. This game needs A LOT of improvement.
    Path of exile is the best arpg at this time but it lacks quality cinematics and story .

  • Blochinzo

    Fakenews. You played ranged class for what? 5min? don't review sh*t if you didn't try it. And your comments to the story are just laughable and would bet you just skipped like 70% of the cutscenes. The story makes perfect sense and is a lot better than d3. I have tried all 3 specs and all are fun. dislike

  • NOUM

    Is there an option to move your character with the keyboard like in the Diablo series instead of pointing and clicking with the mouse?

  • Nick

    I’ve played all the ARPG’s. I’ve put countless hours into All the Diablo games and POE. For what ever reason this game has really hooked me. I’ve always been into Warhammer and this game feels a lot like that. The cut scenes and armor in the game look a lot like Warhammer. The combat feels awesome and has a lot of weight to it. You have to get your character level to the mid 20’s before you really start to see the true potential and power of your character. I started with a ranged character and loved it. The ranged skills are awesome and that’s where you start to see enemies exploding. I’m not trying to hate but I question how much you actually played this game.

    I don’t agree with a lot of things in this review. I’m a huge fan of ARPG’s. I have played them all and Wolcen is probably now my favorite because it’s core gameplay and build diversity is that good.

  • Hydra Dejfff

    ill be honest with u game on coop is unplayable a lot of game breaking bugs endgame is a bit boring last boss suck theres no balance only nice thing is act 2 boss it was amaizing but beside that its not worth buying in curent state just weit for some updates if there will be any we all know how games end up in early acces nowadays

  • learning_loop

    exactly, that "you're a tool" was so bad, i want to roll my eyes 360.. however, i find some people that are completely sold just by that line! i'm like.. what?!

  • Uriah Light

    Grim Dawn is also a huge competitor here. In my humble opinion, Grim Dawn is better than Path of Exile (again, just personal opinion). Wolcen looks really nice visually, but it's not very well balanced once you reach mid-game onwards (it's a nightmare of things that need boosted or nerfed).

  • Olowo kandi

    I don't understand the dislikes, this is a great review

  • HCShuffle

    fun game? online mode doesnt work, in offline i could just walk past every enemy. Now my offline character is stuck on the map. great end product. waiting for a refund.

  • Aymeric Dury

    As usual POE fans can't accept the fact POE is actual shit and many ARPG are trying their thing and getting attacked by the toxic POE community.

    This must stop. POE is not a good game to many people.

  • Aymeric Dury

    pick the melee class.

    Clearly a noob ou don't know what the fuck you're talking about and you really do not did justice with concrete facts.

    Disliked and not sub.

  • chris bobobo

    diablo3 is wank
    but it beats this shit game

  • no one in particular

    The character deletion bug was in early access. It's nothing the devs didnt know about and they didnt fix it

  • Sov

    the review seems fine but im sure the dislikes come from the lack of structure. theres no real structure in the review. It feels like some random thoughts about the game thrown together.

  • Chris Brandenburg

    If wolcen continues with good content and they put the same effort as POE wolcen will surpass them easy!

  • Borgarden

    ugh that weird infomercial voice you do ruined the review for me. just talk normally dude


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