WWE 2K16 Gameplay Notion – Super Street Rules – PC/PS4/XB1 (Custom)

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to the channel! Welcome back to ElementGames! today we are working on another wwe 2k16 notion video however todays video has a bit of a twist! because we have decided to add some gameplay as requested by you guys, i have added in some wwe 2k15 modded gameplay in the style of how i predict wwe 2k16 will look (with updated led board ring apron etc) We select first blood match and cesaro vs dean ambrose the first blood match was removed from wwe 2k15 so it would be a welcome addition to wwe 2k16! Ambrose wins the match after busting cesaro open! Thanks for watching people! for more WWE 2K15 notions, don’t forget to subscribe!


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