Xbox 360 Chatpad Keypad and Headset Combo – Full Review

Today I’m going to show you the Xbox 360 Chatpad
and headset combo pack. This is an official Microsoft product and as you can see here
it comes with a gaming headset and an alpha-numeric keypad that slips onto your Xbox controller.
The Chatpad doesn’t use any batteries but I think it does take a little bit of power
from the Xbox controller’s batteries. If we look inside the box you’ll see that there
are several instruction manuals written in various languages. And right here we’ve got
the Chatpad. It has a really nice feel to it. And when I play around with the buttons
they have a good have a good confirmation click when you press them. On the bottom is
the 2.5mm jack where the headset will plug in. If I flip this around to the top, you’ll
see the connectors for the Xbox controller. Now let’s get the headset out of the package
and here you see the microphone on a flexible arm. Here you’ll see the ear pad, it’s got
a foam cup on it. And it has the Xbox 360 logo on the top of the headset. There’s also
a volume dial and you can mute the microphone with this switch. Connecting the Chatpad to
the controller can be a little difficult for young kids. It mounts to the bottom of the
controller and it actually feels like it’s supposed to be there when it’s mounted. All
you have to do is line up the pins on the Chatpad with the matching openings on the
controller. You’ll have to apply quite a bit of pressure to snap them together. But I’ve
found most of the time, it doesn’t completely snap tight. See on this side, the Chatpad
is slightly off. If this happens, just apply a little more pressure on the loose side and
you’ll hear it click into place. Here’s what my controller looks like with the Chatpad.
It adds some weight to the controller but it feels really good in my hands. It feels
like one piece and doesn’t feel out of place. Now just plug the headset and it’s ready to
use! And by the way, you don’t need to have the headset plugged in to use the Chatpad.
The headset can be used on the left or right ear. All you have to do is swivel the microphone
to one side or the other. The microphone is flexible and you can bend it into place. You
can also make the headset larger by extending the ear piece out. After the first time I
used the Chatpad, I was wondering how I got along without it. Here’s the old way of typing
in text on my Xbox. It’s really slow because you have to move the cursor on screen to each
character you want to type. And you can imagine how slow it can be to have a chat session
with someone. Now compare that to the Chatpad and you can clearly see the difference in
speed! The Chatpad also has a handy backlight so you can see what you’re typing in a dark
room. It’s not very bright but it can be helpful. One final note about the headset, because
it uses a standard 2.5mm plug, it’s also compatible with other devices like my 2-way radio and
my cordless phone. I can tell you that playing online games has become much more fun with
the Chatpad and headset. The little keyboard is surprisingly useful and handy the way it’s
designed to be mounted on the controller. Right now I only have one Chatpad and I switch
it around to the different controllers depending on who wants to use it. I bought mine a couple
of weeks after I got Xbox Live Gold and it’s proven to be a worthwhile purchase. So that
was the Xbox 360 Chatpad with headset combo. You should also know that each piece can be
bought separately but I think you’ll save some money if you buy the combo pack. If you
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  • general McNobbets

    ay m8, just wanted to let you know if you have the xbox app you can use your phone as a chatpad, thats what i mostly do

  • Jay Burrell

    Back that kid up from the tv.. shit lol. But great review. Thank you.

  • Accepted Anal

    i might pick this up at the store tomorrow just wondering how much does it cost?

  • king_rat_TTV

    Any one got sold the can gov me if you have aim my gmail is sam223882

  • king_rat_TTV

    type in the code and then and send it to my Gmail account and then tell me your friend like your gamertag

  • Windows 98

    That headset looks like on of those text support scammers headset

  • TheLBall

    imagine the charging cable plugged in as well as the chatpad.

  • Gage Bard

    How could this be difficult for kids?

  • Anthony Levine

    It does not work

  • Sable Drayden

    I think the Chatpad and controller charging dock are the top 2 360 accessories

  • bailey marie

    My xbox keyboard wont backspace unless i go full screen…

  • YRN _TAE_11

    Add me on Xbox
    Superhuman MVP

  • Pseudynom

    I got a controller and the ChatPad used for 8 €.

  • Precious Mae

    can I use it on game?

  • xX_ LongTailKitCat3333 _Xx

    I got a white one without the headset at gamestop

  • D1GS GameboySP

    Can this chatpad work with standard headphone jacks?

  • LRM12o8

    Is the Xbox 360 Chatpad compatible with PC?
    I wanna hook my win 10 pc to my TV in my new flat and this looks much more conveninet (and WAY cheaper) than getting a lapboard. If it's compatible, ofc.


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