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Hello My Dear Friends Welcome to My Youtube Channel Today I Am Creating a new Video tutorial for Jtag/RGH Xbox 360 In this video i will tell you about XeX Menu of Jtag/RGH xbox 360 That how we can download xex menu for Jtag xbox 360 And then How to install xex menu in Jtag Xbox 360 I will explain you through step by step guide about how to download xex menu And then how to install xex menu in your Jtag Xbox 360 Console First of all we need to understand that what is xex menu and what are its advantages in Xbox 360 So friends xex menu is basically A Unique Software which help you access the back files of your Jtag/RGH xbox 360 console When you installed XeX in your Console Then you can not only access your console’s harddrive with single tab But also able to copy/paste complete games into your hard disk with ease In addition with xex menu you also able to download games covers, titles & stuff like that It’s an amazing software but it has specific installation procedure And peoples need to follow that procedure then i qurantee you that you guys will able to install xex menu in your modded xbox 360 And also use it with ease So friends lets see what is the first step to get xex menu for your Jtag xbox 360 console First of all you guys need a USB stick The size of USB won’t matter here Minimum 1GB, 2GB or even lesser would be enough for xex menu After plugging in your USB Stick into you console Press the Big Centre button from your controller Then go to your console’s system settings Then Here you see a Storage Option Go to storage option and press A button from your controller Then you see all of your connected drives are showing up here In my case my USB stick names as USB Storage Device When you guys connect your USB stick then it show up same as its showing here Just go to your plugged in USB stick and Press A from your controller and see all of mine USB stick data is showing here Now you guys need to format your USB stick through your Xbox 360 Console When you format you USB within Xbox 360 it catches the required xbox 360 format Which is Fat32 And then whatever data / material you puts into your USB it shows up and become readable in xbox 360 Now move towards your USB Stick and Press Y from your controller then move to format and Press A from controller then move to Yes and Press A from your controller Now our USB Starts Formatting wait a sec so it finished See friends now our USB successfully formatted through xbox 360 console Now our USB is 100% ready now we need to Unplug our USB from Xbox 360 & heads back to our PC or laptop Lets go to pc Ok friends now we are on PC Now we need to download the most updated version of XeX menu Which is xex menu 1.2 You guys will get the link of XeX menu in the description of this video You can either left click on link or copy / paste the link in search bar of your preferred web browser So you guys simply need to download the xex menu through my provided link Wait so that link opens up and downloading starts then i tell you what to do next Sorry for slow internet Ok friends so finally link opens up now you guys need to just left click on download tab Ok and then if you installed megasync app in your pc then simply click on Ok otherwise it downloads conventionally through your browser Now guys it’s downloading will begins in a sec Wait so it finished downloading then i tell you next steps to do I thoroughly explained in my previous video about megasync That how you guys download softwares and games for Jtag Xbox 360 through megasync In that tutorial i also explain about how to create your megasync account I think that tutorial will also helps you alot Ok friends we finished downloading and you guys will see a Zip Folder shows up on desktop Names as XeX Menu 1.2 Next you guys need to unzip it you can either right click on your xex menu Zip folder or simply click on open I right clicks on it and then click on open and here is how the material of the folder shows up Then you need to drag and drop it in your desktop It’s extraction begins like that After extracting it to your desktop it shows up like that Ok friends now you can double clicks on it and you can see files of xex menu present in it Then you need to create a new folder on your desktop and then you need to rename that newly created folder to 16 zeros like that 0000000000000000 Just right click the newly created folder and rename it to 16 zeros like that 0000000000000000 then finally drag and drop your xex menu folder to newly created 16 zeros folder Now you xex menu is ready and will perfectly run in you Jtag/RGH xbox 360 console Next we need to transfer it to our USB Stick which we formats initially in xbox 360 console Now plug in your USB stick to your pc Now its that USB stick which we formats through Jtag Xbox 360 console When that USB opens in PC these two folders shows up If such folders not show up in your pc then what you need to do in windows 10 is Left Click on files tab then left click on folders and search options Then new menu opens up then left click on view tab then simply check the show hidden files and folders option and then click on apply tab and finally click on Ok tab. Then you guys will defiantly see these hidden folders next open this content folder and drag and drop your 16 zeros folder which is actually xex menu into this content folder Ok friends now your xex menu is moving into your USB stick wait a sec Ok friends now our xex menu is successfully added into our USB stick Now eject your USB Stick from PC Friends now we need to move towards Jtag Xbox 360 let’s go to Xbox 360 Ok friends now we are on Jtag Xbox 360 console and i plugged in my USB stick which has latest xex menu Let’s see guys what i do next home page is showing now just move towards end and go to system and just press A from your controller and then you go down to storage tab and press A from your Controller then go to your inserted USB stick in my case it shows as USB storage device after highlighting your USB Stick simply press A from your Controller and then you will see that in front of Demos 204 MB in showing in written form. This is because it has XeX menu in it now simply highlight the demos tab and press A from Controller and you see xexmenu 1.2 shows up Now again Press A from your Controller and go to Move tab and Press A again from your Controller and then console asks you where you want to install your xex menu you simply need to select your main HardDrive then simply highlight your main harddrive and press A from Controller Ok cause i already install it before thats why it ask me to replace item but in your case xex menu will move to your hardrive smoothly Congrats guys now our xex menu is successfully installed in our Jtag xbox 360 console In order to check that xex menu installed properly we need to go back from here then we need to go to my games tab and Press A from Controller to open it and you see xex menu 1.2 is showing here Now head over to xex menu 1.2 and simply Press A from your Controller You see now we successfully launch our xex menu Now it has numerous advantages you guys copy paste games, software & lot more to your jtag xbox 360 with single click After opening xex menu press right bumper from your jtag xbox 360 controller and you see it opens up your main hard drive then if you press x from controller it shows your different other drives which are currently attach to your console You can easily open which ever drive you want let suppose we go to USB 1 and Press A from controller and then it shows us all the material present in that drive if we go to HDD1 and press A from controller it show us files / folders of HDD1 drive. Ok friends in this way you can download, install and use xex menu in your xbox 360 console let suppose we go to USB 1 and we want to copy content folder we simply highlight the content folder and press Y from our controller and all option such as copy cut paste and more show up in order to copy we highlight the copy and press A from controller then we press x and go to our HDD 1 in HDD1 we need to press Y and highlight paste and then click on A button from controller in this way we successfully copy our folder from one drive to another It’s the best software for jtag/rgh xbox 360 especially for managing jtag/rgh xbox 360 drives I hope guys you like my tutorial and now you also learn how to download and install xex menu to your jtag xbox 360 hard drive If like my effort and video then don’t forget to like If you are new to my channel then also subscribe it so that you access to my future videos easily Thanks for Watching my Video Friends, have a nice day, Good Bye


  • Rusty Cheats

    Is this the moat updated version of xexmenu?

  • Deivis Chavez

    Do you need to JTAG it

  • Raul Trombin

    Hi Atech,
    I take a xbox360 slim and repaired the power supply.
    i seens to have an RGH installed, if its powered off and press dvd button, it opens a bluescreen with xexmenu.

    I can do a factory reset? The console keep asking to update the live, should I?
    How i know what is my unlocking/put games in a external hd etc…thankyou

  • Bod man

    I have one problem with xex or god iso games they work only on flash drive but if i tried to move or copy games to the internal x box hard drive they stuck while transferring no matter what , I dont get it why the game is working but dont want to be transferred between drivers !!!! Is there any fix for this problem is the x box hard drive the problem ?

  • Mohamed Uvais

    It can work without modify plz reply

  • Eric zero

    How can the slim use it

  • Stva Agag

    Sir ap mujhe nex2god send kar skhta ha

  • Stay Young

    Wait so you can read the english on an xbox 360 but cant speak it🤔

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    please send me aome of the 360 games


    Link kaha hai


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