You can get Blue Yoshii!!? | Toad Rally First Time – Super Mario Run free mobile game

Azalea 22 back at it again in Super
Mario run the main objective is getting my blue Yoshi wasn’t aware at the time
playing this but totally is how you get your blue Yoshi ah I coat it I’ll judge
who the winner is based on coins and cheering toads the more stylish you
remove some more totes that was here not sure what I have to do to be stylish
so I’m competing against other players but we need to win over the toads my
stylish enough free toads whoo I got a small crowd of toads going the very
first level and totally here it looks exactly like the stage I already played
in World Tour so nothing special really just need to get these toads to cheer
for me yikes what’s the verdict
let’s take a look at how you both did 800 we’re ahead we’re ahead
oh the toads are really long at me the toads are just loving the barrio the
toads that we’re cheering have decided to join your kingdom oh really how do
they all address each other wouldn’t that get confusing if they all go by the
same name toad the house where blue Yoshi lives place this and oh oh oh
place this and blue Yoshi will join oh my gosh shaggy Bellucci I love blue
Yoshi let’s just do this your castle is levelled up awesome it looks the same
you can use the coins you’ve collected to get a building let’s get a bonus game
house okay I like blue Yoshi the Zabu Yoshi the better me blue Yoshi
well that’s I don’t know if that’s Yoshi man it’s the blue Yoshi it’s not red so
you want to place it in your kingdom right now place it next to the toad over
here is looks lonely start by collecting 50 red toes and 50 blue toes and you can
build Yoshi I have to collect 50 red toads I’m 50
blue toads to build blue Yoshi’s house gold toad statute that’s all nice and
lovely but I want a blue Yoshi you can be happy now toad got some flowers maybe
there are zillions those kind of look a little tint of red don’t they go against
you let’s see who the true person is it’s Mario
against Mario who’s the real Mario it’s me he’s just a fake Mario he’s a Goomba
maybe uh gotten hit by one single piranha Blanc want plant weird all the
toads go maybe they’re convinced I’m the imposter now oh there they are again let’s see how I did and I’m just I am
just butchering this person you didn’t know no coins wow that’s quite a
difference there then I need to get blue Yoshi’s to get my blue oh yeah how do I
get blue Yoshi’s ban do I’m not even gonna get my ocean go against yes
because I do get my Yoshi well I win against you yes what’s the
answer you tell me the answer is yes yes yes is the winner you change your name
to no now I’m sad you take away my toads from me Oh oooh let’s get this and see
what that’s all about will Yoshi pop out probably not see what
happens when we touch this question Blanca give me something good
please pretty pretty please give me something good is this a joke I just
spent 100 coins to be refunded back one 100 coins weirdo block it shows some red
and blue totes ah maybe I finally get some blue toads run going against
Princess Peach man that princess piece can run maybe she should be the star of
this game why doesn’t she use these speedy skills to evade Bowser maybe she
wouldn’t get cooked so much done oh wow thankfully I didn’t jump any sooner what
would have been bye-bye Mario well that’s looking pretty close
goodness I wonder what happens when there’s the tie yes come on
I need my blue Tahoe she’s bad well I guess I’m going to go against the
highest score here hopefully I can do it wish me luck I want to get that blue
Yoshi oh goodness I’m going against mega men
Mario verse Megaman who will win the ultimate showdown go back to your dog
rush let Mario have hit hob Yoshi so Mega Man is disguised as Mario here
maybe he’s trying to get some apprentice pizzas delicious cakes it seems to be a
big hit these days especially with Bowser yeah you cannot defeat the coin
master yeah I need Luigi pestles leveled up and actually starting to look like a
castle now I’m very close the blue toads I need this is it everyone will the blue
toes love manna and will Mario win against his true love the Princess Peach
and hey isn’t she supposed to be kidnapped by Bowser what is she doing
here competing against Mario follow the coins follow the coins nope
nope nope I’m gonna get more coins than you peach oh it’s over I don’t know if I
did that ah another close one eye only have blue Yoshi’s house unlocked can I
be blue Yoshi no oh my god mm-hmm a very special building is in
stock thank God I have enough money for it oh my god blue Yoshi it I’m going to
have blue Yoshi you know what this means means so much absolutely I want to place
that right now I want my blue Yoshi now I’ve been waiting for this listen hear
us I could play as blue Yoshi now I’m happy very happy about that awesome blue
Yoshi this is awesome well I got blue Yoshi so let’s play as blue Yoshi all
this time to try to get my blue Yoshi man oh he has no fear of spikes really I’m
just so happy to have blue Yoshi man awesome so awesome
Yoshi just look at how adorable yes oh I don’t even care I do I just so happy I
have my blue yoshi blue yoshi egg no I’m not gonna be able to save you princess
peach not yet but I got my blue Yoshi so I feel like a winner
anyway as you all can tell I have a fondness for blue Yoshi and that loves
started in Super Mario World thank you for watching and putting up with my
Yoshi craze I really appreciate it and don’t forget to press that subscribe
button and the like and share button as well and I will see you in the next
video guys Mario let’s go


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