Zagrajmy w GTA: Vice City odc. 3

hey you know what I want we send someone down and cut ourselves a
nice Liberty now you work for Meena one day save your hands and you probably
wanna kiss me come in and pluck yourself on the hide
son hell my daddy is to say never look a gift horse in the mouth and by golly he
never did would you like a drop of the old Kentucky no thanks a clean thinker I
like that now the property business is all about
highfalutin paper-pushing it’s about dirt and the will to clean that dirt you
with me son oh yeah well I need some Tanisha’s
bastard to let go of some dirt and you look to me like the kind of guy to
persuade him persuasions my forte yeah he’ll be down at the Country Club
down on the golf course they don’t allow guns so his body guys won’t be packing
lawgivers go beat 8 tons of crap out of him here now I got you a membership and
boy you’re gonna need more appropriate quote this guy’s my new friend
I never had a friend with her way before hanpei Mucha musica después de los
commercial hi I’m PJ Smith career at the top of pro football I will
some serious-ass he got paid for they didn’t call me Destin tight pants for
nothing we had such a rewarding career mate is
this me you know sighs baby in training methods I perfected is going
to work for use with PJs fit for football
watch those pounds fall off I’m down to 300 pounds using Zack to win the game of football or life you
have it’s this guy boy come on daddy needs to sink this one oh my god now look here son
I got a problem and I reckon you could help me with you I’m no builder no I was
thinking more of your demolition skills now this here this is the development as
planned and this this is the property Polski that we’re looking at you’re trying to
say this new office block is kind of in the way you get you on quick now I’m
gonna head out of town for a while and if that office development would have
faced sudden and insurmountable structural problems then I was a civil
minded individual you feel obliged to step in and save the rejuvenation of an
important area of the city where can I get more guys like you Polski what what was that hey I gotta lay off the pills I’m seeing you want me to drill you Roskilde mouch for table 105 you got at the law firm of
the Leyland Dirac’s we understand that sometimes life throws
you a curve ball we help our blue chip clients get their lives back after
circumstances have conspired against just listen they wasn’t unfortunate
accident what happened to my wife on that back area cliff delay aware fjords
can’t bring my turning we torch the kwik-e-mart when my
medication ran out Delian Buicks helped me in the community by ensuring a
healthy settlement from the pharmaceutical companies at dillio and
Dirac’s we understand the tradition system and will ensure the truth is
heard no matter how improbable we’re not cheap but what price can you put on
truth calls allele and pure acts today at eight six six nine seven four two no
money not funny bunny honey mr. vercetti colonel thank you for
coming please sit lobster no thanks
I am ashamed to admit that one of the causes of our mutual problem appears to
have been the loose tongue of a man I used to trust I’ve been carrying guns
allas for years but now his incompetence reaches new heights it’s only right that
you kill Gonzalez did he do it it’s the money that’s important to me
well this kindness reward you and then we will find your money together it will
be at these penthouses have drunk probably it’s pleasure fam great is to have great these words we knew clubbing or sticking
her head warning to the limit let’s Izzy spritz its hair for the
future not past when you have
here people know euro crazy people I’m gonna shut that big mouth of yours
it’s got a blade stop running your fat slime ball boy for me you cheap bastard for me
come join me this looks delicious sir crappy-ass no no no no no thanks Tommy
you were like a pompous breeze that has freed me from the stench of corruption
although I must appear to mourn his passing and carry on with business as
usual this isn’t getting me any closer to my money Tommy my friend you are not
in Liberty now yeah we do things differently I will continue with my
enquiries but in the meantime I have a valuable divorce paper for friend Cortez
you’re a good friend Tommy I knew you would not let me down I need you to meet
a courier was obtained some valuable technology for me Thomas and away depo me Randall so
period Pororo and Osaka rows of Rwanda zaganos
simplemente La Silla Loreena she say what this time of the
year what ah come on look Cortez sent me just give me the damn
chips oh girl please imperialist American bigger that is populated by
Google more for say and it over your American Idiot they follow you here you
better but 100% okay Tomas I appreciate your coming forgive
me for getting straight to business VSS asked me to oversee and Minot
Business transits hope it goes better than last time which is why I thought
the view of my friend I’ve dropped some protection at the multi-story car park
pick it up then go and watch over the SS man at the drop off gracias amigo the
asthma apparently that angry midget runs this madhouse let’s see what that creep
has to do with things hogging all the action I see look you
want to do something other than just shadowing me everywhere why don’t you
come along and show me if you’re any use I might just do that
the names Lance by the way I never said he let’s go you must be called ëthis new gun until
more gainful opportunities arise they’ll be here any minute we both better get a
good vantage point okay I’ll take the balcony you get the roof across the yard no man there’s not a problem I need some help here yeah mana getting cut down don’t despair they pricks chased a
Haitian thicket down Florida does not want you please die somewhere else
what’s wrong with Nevada and we want a river
we need a river now freedom River and what about the other crimes it see no money no bunny bunny honey the less
you have and that’s kind of what I’m all about their satisfaction in spending all
day weaving a basket rather than just buying one at the store at one point in
Uganda I saw a great lake of sand the massive speaking dog it was a dog of
love not I live dickheads and it’s all down to you what is your name Tommy I
see you soon amigo I think shit was that guy Lance what is your meal because oh dear I want to thank you for
looking out for me my man I had that freak instead if there is a real deal my
friend we’re not come see me I need a guy like
you all I have now is everywhere


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